LENR and Exobiology

  • I've published an article on ResearchGate with the title: Do the comets produce water from silicate rocks?

    Abstract: It is shown there that a bio-nuclear machine, consisting to couple an exothermic nuclear reaction with an endothermic one, is able to synthesize water from magnesium silicate matters in comets. These machines would be proteins molecules. The typical reactional system is an association of Mg+C→Ar reaction with the target Si→C+O. All the energy levels has been computerized in a spreadsheet, according to all the isotopic possible combinations, and by applying basic rules. It shows all the main characteristics discovered in comets water and in chondrites, while many of them are not well understood today or identified as anomalous. These characteristics are: an excess of deuterium in the cometary water, for chondrites the richness for oxygen-16 and the excess of oxygen-17 versus oxygen-18 which defines the CCAM line, the excess of magnesium-26 and magnesium-25, the excess of nitrogen-15, the argon and the calcium anomalous fractionations. Even better, these results lead to understand chondrules and CAIs as resulting from this bio-nuclear activity. The regularly excess of the comets temperatures also find an explanation with this present theory.


    There are two others articles, the first is useful to this present one


  • I am looking for contradiction on the theory that I propose. It concerns LENR, comets, Earth formation and evolution, nanobacteria and the way they proceed to nuclear reactions. The files has been updated and upgraded, there are three important files; the third one is about the hydrogen and oxygen isotopy in cometary water.


  • The right time and the right place Jean. ty

    The memory of water principal is still derailed,a bit hopefully its time.

    the helices attachments I think are next in line.

    good for you ..sneaky way to get this out without getting hammered lol.

  • Jean: One small thing ... I think you should write

    H/D=72 instead of D/H=72.

    As Dng intimated ... Darwinian Evolution ..is sacred.

    I would not even mention LENR ..it is not sacred.

    Please show more homage to DE by giving more evolutionary consistent mechanism for how your bacteria evolved.

    Anything plausible.

    Best of luck with your submission. There might be need for a paper on how LENR in the mantle/crust affects D/H ratios on earth...later on.

    This 2013 article might be relevant to your discussion

    Revealing water’s secrets: deuterium depleted water

    Vladyslav V Goncharuk,1 Alina A Kavitskaya,1 Iryna Yu Romanyukina,1 and Oleksandr A Lobodacorresponding author1

  • https://www.nbcnews.com/mach/s…-across-galaxy-ncna924916

    Comets and asteroids may be spreading life across the galaxy

    The role of LENR in comets and asteroids may not be so much related to transmutation as a source of water but could be more rightly associated with keeping water liquid as has been detected in subterranean liquid seas. There is evidence that there is a subterranean sea producing salt water carrying complex life centric chemical compounds as observed on asteroid Ceries as well as the moons of Jupiter and Saturn.


    Life’s Building Blocks Found On Dwarf Planet Ceres

    The real shocker will be finding a liquid body of water in the the Kuiper Belt object dubbed 2014 MU69 when the New Horizons passes close to it this upcoming new year.


    There is something to keep an eye out for. If 2014 MU69 is covered in a rich red organic chemistry cocktail like Pluto, then the crap will hit the fan. At billions of miles distant from the Sun and any planet, the heat to produce such chemistry could have only come from an internal LENR heat source.


    Seeing Red: Pluto Probe's Next Target Has a Bloody Hue


  • Please don't ask to me to explain how life appeared, I don't know. If you do, you are a champion. In my opinion the alternates of ice and fire could constitute a thermodynamic engine which would be the energetic foundation of the phenomena of life. It is just a suggestion, and about God, it is bigger than you and me and any other entity in this world.

    All the links you indicate go to error pages. (thank you for your remark about D/H)

  • Below in the first link I think, the comet is like proposed by Willey, the "dirty snowball" cometary hypothesis. When approaching Halley the Vega spacecrafts shew the scientists a very dark object, they were surprised. Anyway you can consider there is not a thick layer of water ice at the surface but inside it. In both cases you don't justify why the comet is warmer than predicted by the simulation, neither why the activity on 67P is at the location the less exposed to the Sun, in the neck. You neither explain the presence of molecular oxygen O2.

    About Ceres, it is a very interesting object. And Ryugu too, samples will arrive on end of 2020 if well remember. Ceres is warmer that it would be according to the calculations. I didn't proceed to calculations myself, but it is clear by reading the literature that it is not normal that this little object, in a nowhere space, has a warming activity, the ocean below the surface is supposed to be liquid ...

  • All the links you indicate

    Revealing water’s secrets: deuterium depleted water


    The LENR isotope results reveal little about O16-18 ratios..they only mention O.

    Perhaps LENR would tend to deplete D in the Earth's crust.

    The presence of O in the atmosphere would negate the high H or D concentrations needed to make LENR happen.

    Maybe you could try the journal Icarus

    Francis Crick published his panspermia 1973


  • Thank you for your remarks Axil, B.Bryant and DnG

    I know a little bit about water, Benveniste water memory, Schauberger, Steiner-Pfeifer approaches and so on. Emoto is not a scientist, as he declares himself, he only has conviction in his snow crystals, perhaps he's right but he doesn't publish serious study on it. So we just can believe him.

    About ice in comets : it's probably right there is a lot of water ice in the comet. When Halley passed in 1985 the comet lost more than 10 tons of water per second, but the comet is 1000x bigger than the water accumulated mass during a tour around the Sun. As I estimate, but it is compatible to some comments in the article.


    In some calculations I made (in H and O isotopy) I forgot what I said in the main (.. water from silicates rocks). I proposed that the water produced by the LENR activity would be a second rank phenomena. I have to review this. It doesn't change the mains points.

    To resume :

    • I propose a bio-nuclear machine working on the principle of reaction coupling, like it was proposed by the chemist P.Baranger. This principle is comparable to coupling of oxydo-reactions with reduction-reactions. It permits to amortize the energetic burst, or/and to supply a split of an element. This machine would be a protein like it is explained in "About the existence ..".
    • Some nanobacteria would embed these proteins, some researches from NASA claim we can see fossils in Allende carbonaceous chondrite. When a reaction couple is activated (exo->endo), it would provoke a flash heating, what would be the cause searched for the chondrules formation and not clearly discovered until today. Here the heating burst occurs inside the matrix, the chondrules doesn't come from outside, they are not like rounded gravels merged in sediments.
    • The regular excesses of temperatures in comets are explained by this bio-nuclear activity, the life (a kind of) needs liquid water. An research would have to be conducted about the light emissions from the active regions of the comet.
    • The molecular oxygen presence is also justified with this theory
    • The mechanisms (Exoreaction ---> Split Si) has been simulated. It develops major characteristics or trends of comets water and chondrites. The oxygen is very rich for O-16, what is the right trend, but the most important point is the cross-over on 17O and 18O. It is a very specific characteristic, not dependent with mass, and not explained until today I think. Or let me know please.
    • The second so amazing fact is the 25Mg and 26Mg excesses. I obtained these results by the simulation and I was very awkward to see it predicted an excess for 25Mg, while the subject in scientific papers is always about 26Mg which would be the daughter of an extincted radioisotope 26Al. But in fact, in the study of Allende, the excesses are on the both. So the simulation is right to predict that.
    • All other trends are compatible with observations; the deuterium is abundant, it is not in my articles but there is a trend to enrich carbon for 13C. The nitrogen is enriched for 15N, but it could come from another reaction, anyway it has the good trend.
    • Not all fits perfectly, espacially on the exothermic side. Some isotopes appears and justify observed excesses, but some other are predicted and not observed in excess. A more deeper analysis could give good results, it is a huge work for a non-specialist. Several exo-reactions could be played, I count a total of 8, Mg+C is the prototype. The splits would be the one of silicon, but magnesium could be also broken. The split of Mg gives lot of carbon, but the neon22 appears in quantity too. It's like a game, it seems you win each time you play.

    It's a little bit strange to obtain all this positive points with a simple combination model of two nuclear reactions, and by applying common sens rules on it. By using only additions, multiplication, percentages and if> if< conditional jumps.

  • The second so amazing fact is the 25Mg and 26Mg excesses.

    Yeah...if you google "magnesium isotope anomaly" there's plenty.

    The emergent Wyttenbach theory suggests metastable isotopes operate in LENR

    there are no metastable for Si, but Al26 is interesting ...it decays by B+ to Mg26

    Not much Al 26 left now,,, but who knows,,, in the beginning..?

  • ... The 26Mg/26Al is a complex question that I avow I have some difficulties to understand just now while opening some documents. I have to review, thanks for your contribution.

    I present this theory because if life can proceed to LENR, so probably it is an intrinsic capability of life, from bacteria to animals and us, in some different scales and specificities. I apply it to the comet, where the water could be formed by the way I indicate. Comets has always been suspected to bring the life like some papers linked there claim about. It could be organic compounds and amino acids but it seems there are nanobacteria in chondrites, and in Earth too (from surface to ~1km depth), linked to some LENR questions like the limestone dolomite formation and the one of kidney stones in medicine. What are the alpha-helices in proteins ? I am an electronics engineer, it looks like a coil.

    Generally the designer is not the one who test the concept, another person do that, so thank you. The enthusiasm is the enemy of the researcher, and its fuel too.

    Sometime this quest looks like a cinema, a set of mirages. But we have the Vysotskii results and some others leading to think the bio-LENR exist. So ... research. In conclusion ... I have to review some important points. If you have something about the CCAM line and the δ17O/δ18O shift ...

  • Not dead yet, in https://www.researchgate.net/p…water_from_silicate_rocks :


    Here is a rectification about this theory on comets. If life is in comets, and if life is able to deal with nuclear reactions called “biological transmutations”, then the phenomena has to be detected in the cometary activity. As cometary activity mainly consists to produce water, then the bio-nuclear activity probably consists to produce water too, or to help to produce it, and to produce a warming effect in a way to obtain liquid water. This is the underlying logic which led me to investigate this possibility.

    In a way to investigate, I propose a model as described is a previous paper1, and I simulate it as described in this present paper. Some very significant characteristics appear on oxygen isotopy. An oxygen rich for oxygen-16 appears and a crossover on oxygen-17 and oxygen-18 which could explain the CCAM line tendency, a very important parameter. Some other positive tendencies are observed on deuterium, nitrogen-15, an interesting synthesis of aluminium, but the most important other key characteristic is the magnesium fractionation.

    The model in simulation generates magnesium-25 and magnesium-26, both, while the usual reported excess is only on magnesium-26, a daughter of extincted 26Al, in chondrules; “We report the discovery of a large anomaly in the isotopic composition of Mg in a Ca-AI rich chondrule from the Allende meteorite. This anomaly is manifest independently of instrumental fractionation and is due to an enrichment of about 1.3 percent in 26Mg while the abundance of 24Mg and 25Mg are terrestrial in value19.

    But in some inclusions it seems to be different, the both heavy isotopes are in excess; “Mg in two Allende Ca-AI rich inclusions shows large isotopic, mass-dependent fractionation which enriched the heavier isotopes. After normalization, Mg in these inclusions shows negative δ26Mg which appears to require the presence of nuclear effects in Mg distinct from 16AI decay30.

    So the magnesium question remains opened. A mistake has also been written about the rapid cooling causing the specific crystallization in chondrules. The heating is a flash, but the cooling is slow as generally accepted; “chondrules cooled very slowly”31. The cooling would rapid in the case of barred olivine chondrule textures. Whatever the cooling is rapid or not, the main issue is on the heating flash origin.

    The bio-nuclear activity, if exists, has to be conceived as a second of third order phenomena. The cometary water is mainly the result of ices sublimation, ices we never see but which is probably the main matter in comets and the main source of water components. But why 67P comet is active in its neck region? Is there any explanation for what seems to be luminous effects? Why some molecular oxygen is detected in the coma?

  • Who knows Emilio del Giudice ?

    He "was an Italian theoretical physicist who worked in the field of condensed matter. Pioneer of string theory in the early 1970s" ... "e per essere stato un sostenitore della fusione fredda". Wikipedia en/it.

    He published many papers ; he published in 1981"Solitons in Biological Systems at Low Temperature". This monograph is not in free access, if someone can get it and give to me ... In a paper from other authors :

    "... a Soviet solid-state physicist proposed a dynamic answer that was totally novel to the world of biology. Exploiting the regularity in the structure of a-helices proteins, he showed that simplified models of these proteins could self-focus, or trap, energy in stable, pulse-like waves known as solitons. If self-focusing is indeed a biological reality, it may account for many aspects of protein behavior, including the efficient transport of energy". https://permalink.lanl.gov/obj…po/lareport/LA-UR-84-5064

    The magnetic monopole in my model ("About the existence of nuclear reactions in biological systems") is a soliton. And the model I propose implicates the Alpha helices as functional elements, guides for energy transmission from a reaction to another.


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