Solar-Terrestrial radioactive decay link

  • The words "armchair speculation" are not appropriate when used to describe hypothesis formation and testing against evidence. My point was that you should not derate this process: and, yes, it is identical to the (speculative) suggestions that solar neutrino flux affected decay rates.

    Those suggestions were a typical example if an apparent experimental anomaly that proved on inspection to be something else. That is the way science works. No shame in suggesting way out mechanisms, no surprise in discovering a more mundane solution.

    Recent replication of annual decay rate variation measurement (with much better eqpt) finds nothing:

    A whole load of historic papers relating to this, some claimimg (with less bomb-proof methodology) that annual rate variation has been found.

    This idea never looked likely - which did not prevent its very thorough exploration. With arguments for and against significance of the early data. Note how the better more recent experiments tend to have null results.

  • I found this comment interesting

    To the surprise of Rutherford, the exponential-decay law seemed valid only when measuring in a closed system,

    since 'the movement of the air caused by the opening or closing of a door at the end of the room opposite to where the apparatus is placed,

    is often sufficient to considerably diminish the rate of discharge'1900

    and the diurnal Israeli variation.

    but I need to get off my armchair now...:)

  • On the claim of modulations in radon decay and their association with solar rotation"

    The sun definitely has a high influence on "natural" radioactivity. Daily geiger rates are following the sun. This could also be one reason that solar radiation induces decay's inside the measurement instruments. Thus the only reliable way to do such research is by using a gamma spectrometer what finally certifies the origin of the count(s).

    Shielding can reduce some effects but also can increase it (muons..).

    For me just using a gamma counter is bachelor science.



    The maximal values of amplitude are observed at the moments when the projections of the installation Earth location velocity vectors toward the source of possible variation achieve its maximal magnitudes.

    This indicates a possible Doppler shift effect as a mechanism for inducing maximal decay rates.

    Analysis of Radon-Chain Decay Measurements: Evidence of Solar Influences and Inferences

    Concerning Solar Internal Structure and the Role of Neutrinos