Anonymous vs Real Name, or members option to decide?

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    What you did is good enough as far as I am concerned. It should satisfy the anti-anons. In the future, when you respond to one of *them* :) ,it might not hurt for you to sign your post as you just did.

    Maybe David Nygren will know a way for you, and others like you to make the transition from anon, to your real name a seamless, and simple process so you will not have to start over? If so, then it is up to you if you want to bother.

  • Shane D. The sad story of Tom is an exception. He should foresee consequences and not post anything on this forum. Sensing a snake around you as an essential skill like multiplication table.

    Sadly, it is not an unusual exception. The internet is full of people who stalk, pester, and otherwise make life difficult for others with different opinions, especially if they feel their beliefs are threatened or being attacked. Some of them think they are fighting The Man, or a secret technology-suppressing cabal, shadow government etc. These people might not even ever post a comment, just read the forum (blog, whatever), then decide to take matters into their own hands. sometimes it is merely a nuisance, other times it becomes very serious.

  • The name change feature being shown has had a positive result. Now if someone can find or implement the means to filter comments by username the forum might be dramatically improved. Being able to have the defaming libelous trolls persistently banned by individual readers would at least eliminate and send a message to those trolls that their comments are going to where the sun doesn't shine.

    As for the claim by those that they need to be anonymous lest they compromise their claimed jobs, that is a vacuous claim made without a shred of evidence. Show us the data! Surely though many employers, in particular employers of public servants, such as employess of academic institutions, rightly hold their employees to more stringent standards of behaviour on and off campus than being masked ...masks are the clear mark of the Klu Klux Klan and their ilk, poster boys for anon behaviour. Why anyone would tolerate and facilitate a masked person in any public place is beyond me, especially the shirty ones. At least there is the possibility of appropriate recourse with identifiable people who mouth off.

  • There have been people before who have tried to influence this site by calling for certain moderators to be removed. Thankfully their suggestions were not listened to.

    Some think it is a place to attack Rossi.

    Others think it is too anti-Rossi.

    Some think LENR Forum should be a site for science based discussion. Which then raises the question of who is qualified to submit an opinion? I am not a scientist, Jed is not a scientist, Shane is not a scientist.

    Now some are pushing for the end of anonymity.

    You are never going to please everyone so I guess LENR Forum will have to make a decision on who to please.

    What is to be gained by using our names?

    It would make life easier for moderators and harder for trolls.

    But (as others have already stated) is the value in the words said or the person that says them?

    I try to be careful on the Internet, there are serious nutters around.

    I have been transparent here, within relevant discussions, on what my interests are, where I live etc.

    But I was alarmed when Sifferkol started making accusations on his website that certain people, including me, were some kind of agents in a conspiracy against Rossi.

    Everyday there are reports of people withdrawing from social media after sustained attacks by trolls and nutters. I would be happy to give my personal details to the mods but not for it to be made public.

    On the other hand I have little to contribute, mainly the odd posting on any investment news from Woodford and IH. So I would just go back to lurking, as I am sure many do anyway.

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    That was well said, and I echo Alan's sentiments. Anons will always be welcome here, and treated no differently than others by us Mods/Admins. I have seen no problem with trolling. We have a well behaved, highly intelligent membership, and how they chose to identify themselves is strictly their decision. We judge only by the quality, and content of each members contribution.

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    I have decided on the option of keeping my avatar as is, and show full name (Shane Daigle) in my updated profile instead. I had a few thousand posts on ECN's as Shane D., a few on ECW in the early days, and known here already. This way I maintain continuity. As mentioned, each to their own so do not feel pressured to conform.

  • Rossi for one might have as a 'money making retirement strategy' the filing of scores of such legal actions as it is perfectly clear he is regularly and routinely liabled with malice on and with the support of this forum and many other forums by named and anon defaming posters and posers.

    I do not think so. All of the accusations against him that I have seen are backed by the lawsuit docket, mainly by statements that Rossi himself made, and by his Penon report. An accusation is not slander when it is true, and the person making the statement can prove it is true. What better proof can there be than Rossi's own words? What he said in his own defense, and the report that he filed to prove his claims, prove beyond doubt that he is a thief and a con man. He bragged about that!

  • Another is to accept that there are those whom do not like arguing with an anonymous poster, so don't start an argument with them. To be honest, in their shoes, after spending a lifetime toiling away doing the work, to then have some nameless poster tell me my conclusions are wrong, or I screwed up...well, that would be irritating. I would tell them to shove off.



    But why should I contribute to an article? I'm no expert.

    That's fine. The Wikipedia philosophy can be summed up thusly: "Experts are scum." For some reason people who spend 40 years learning everything they can about, say, the Peloponnesian War – and indeed, advancing the body of human knowledge – get all pissy when their contributions are edited away by Randy in Boise who heard somewhere that sword-wielding skeletons were involved. And they get downright irate when asked politely to engage in discourse with Randy until the sword-skeleton theory can be incorporated into the article without passing judgment.

  • As for the claim by those that they need to be anonymous lest they compromise their claimed jobs, that is a vacuous claim made without a shred of evidence. Show us the data!

    I do not know anyone who fears being fired for posting here. But if there is such a person, and they showed you the data, it seems likely that would lead to them being fired. Wouldn't it? So this demand is unreasonable. It is as if you were saying: "I will not believe this casserole is spoiled unless you eat it and get food poisoning."

  • A desire to remain anonymous on a forum like this one is a sign of a serious problems with either ones life or mental health.


    Here's my comments from the lunatics-group.

    Everyone here is speaking about "this" forum or relations inside this forum or trust between forum-members. In the present internet world any kind of privacy doesn't exist and the situation is getting worse all the time. So my advice to everyone is keep your anonymity as long as possible even in the case of very neutral forums like cars etc.

    Sounds probably quite paranoid (but hey, i got already a diagnose to be mentally ill..). I also see the situation in that way that in both cases, real name or anonymous, there is some reason for that.

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