Russian transmutations

  • Russia has a tradition of transmutation experiments for decades


    Balakirev et al 2017

    Impact of powerful nanosecond electromagnetic impulses (NEMI) on fusions containing lead and bismuth is considered.

    The main controlled property is chemical composition.

    Specialpulse generators are used for influence. They produce pulses of the positive polarity with duration

    of 1 nanosecond on a half-height, with amplitude of 6-10 kV and repetition frequency of 1 kHz.

    Processing of NEMI is carried out directly in a crucible into which the copper tube or a core is inserted.

    Outputs of the generator connect with a crucible and a tube. Time of processing is tens of minutes.

    The level of α-radiation and β-radiation of solid metal is measured before and after processing.

    There are given the results of 4 experiments in which the reduction of amount of bismuth by 8-10% and the same in size increase of amount of lead is noted.

    For one of experiments the analysis of the chemical composition is carried out on three devices, various on type.

    The theory of electronic capture under the influence of NEMI and change of isotope structure without change of mass of a kernel are offered as theoretical base.

    Results which describe transformation of tens of grams of bismuth into the same amount of lead are absent in available literature.…Vaw2WW1GjmqIknxDX6sv0GO_9

  • A 2003 book available(Russian) from since 2017

    Interconversion of chemical elements - V.F. Balakirev, V.V. Krymsky, B.V. Bolotov

    Ekaterinburg: UB RAS, 2003.
    The book deals with the transformation of some chemical elements into others under electromagnetic effects.

    There are five methods of exposure that give qualitatively similar results.

    The processes of transformation are accompanied by the release of energy.

    The general nature of the effects of different methods is associated with large impulse currents and impulse fields.

    Basically there are two types of media that are exposed to: molten metals and aquatic environments.

    The results of numerous experimental studies and theoretical hypotheses of the authors, explaining the data obtained are presented.

    The considered works allow to make a conclusion about the existence of the phenomenon of low-temperature low-energy transmutation of chemical elements with energy release .

    Including production of metals de novo from water…v-v-krymskij-b-v-bolotov/


    Gennady V. Mishinsky

    Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna 141980, Moscow Region, Russian Federation [email protected]

    Abstract. The exchange Coulomb energy of two charged particles paired in orthoboson (S =↑↑, 1,2, ...) has the character of attraction

    and it completely compensates, in the first order of perturbation theory,

    the energy of their Coulomb repulsion.

    For strongly interacting identical particles, including atomic nuclei,

    this fact leads to the launch of nuclear reactions without Coulomb barrier.

    This explains the feasibility of low energy nuclear reactions. Consequently, there is a stellar energy source as an alternative to thermonuclear fusion,

    and there is a process of nucleosynthesis as an alternative to the explosion of supernovae.

    Unlike Wyttenbach there seems to be no 4D space in theory???

    Mishinsky cites R.Mills results..

    UV spectroscopy of helium-hydrogen plasma [17], new emission lines with an energy higher than 27.2 eV

  • Abstract. The exchange Coulomb energy of two charged particles paired in orthoboson (S =↑↑, 1,2, ...) has the character of attraction

    and it completely compensates, in the first order of perturbation theory,

    This is usually called spin-pairing. But unluckily an electron can only share his spin with one other electron and the energy released is usually small. In fact Mills exactly calculates the spin pairing energy for Helium using classical math. QM is not suitable as it cannot properly handle relativistic effects.

    Summary: Interesting experiments most of them not LENR & lot of "fantastic math.." with no concrete conclusive calculations.

  • not LENR & lot of "fantastic math

    The experiments might be MENR or HENR ?

    ( Agreed Standard definition of the energy range for LENR in EV?)

    Expts do challenge the assumption of the immutability of stable isotopes on Earth

    The Cs137 eating bacteria might do LENR.

    V &K did not attempt any fantastic maths..

    but admitted a worthy "Ich weiss nichts".

    "It is evident that tunneling quantum processes can’t provide a great probability of nuclear transmutation.

    We would like to note that ..the probability ..have been obtained on the basis of the stationary Schrodinger equation and therefore,.

    relate only to stationary interaction ..

    although the process .is never stationary.

    The possible mechanism of LENR is connected with formation of

    coherent correlated states nonstationary potential nanowells."

    "Transmutation of Stable and Radioactive Isotopes in Biological Systems,2013)…Vaw3KY8fdZCmWfzVlYDWpbwzZ

    V &K did great pioneering work in biological remediation

    Without experiment my "Ich weiss was Ich weiss was Ich weiss" is just "Ich denke"..

  • what is this, electrostatic pulse-driven fission?

    Balakirev et al sate

    "The theory of electron capture is one of hypotheses for theoretical reasons

    for transmutation of Bi→Pb under the influence of NEMI [3]"

    Cnanosecond electromagnetic impulses)

    Its OK if transmutation is lead... not polonium...

  • But the difference is that Pb implies fission, Po implies fusion. Regardless, a pulse driven transmutation at a high percentage is phenomenal. Such, if verifiable, would have implications for many other transmutations...

  • Yes, extreme caution with Hg vapors. But that does not preclude the possibility of doing those experiments. The main precaution would be a completely enclosed system, and a secondary enclosure around that. Tertiary protection, that is a separate respiration system for any personnel involved, as well as a complete suit to avoid transdermal exposures as well.

    Remember Lavoisier was able to experiment with mercury, and only died because he got on the wrong side of the guiillotine. Likewise, Newton, head of the Royal Mint, physicist of highest rank and co-inventor of the calculus, was retrospectively thought to be intoxicated by mercury from his own experiments with "hydroargyrum = Hg".

    I understand the starting point for many alchemical experiments was mercury in the quest to synthesize gold. Likely at least one of the motivators for both Lavoisier and Newton to mess with the stuff.

    It is but a curious speculation that neurotoxicity might have enabled some "genius" insights.... Nicotine enhances learning, why not a little Hg? (Don't try either one, please!)

  • VACHAEV et al new patent 2018

    The generation of HT plasma in the flow of water .. (below the initial substance) is accomplished by a pulsed electric discharge in the narrowing of the working cavity

    in the zone of maximum intensity of the magnetic field induced and self-amplifying as a result of self-amplification of the electric current between the electrodes of the claimed device.

    When the set parameters and described actions are fulfilled, at least fifteen new elements, which were absent in the initial substance,

    are obtained from at least twelve kinds of the initial substance, including various industrial / domestic wastewater.

    The process .. is continuous, stable in management, not energy-intensive, and there are no harmful emissions and waste, including radioactive ones.

  • Sorry Juerg.. i jumped the gun... time is of the essence.

    "Дорогой Dr Mishinsky.

    Perhaps you have nice weekend with family???

    I did not know about Anri Rukhadze.

    It is good to honour the dead.

    I liked your 2018 paper very much.


    I like especially: you summarised many Russian transmutation isotope data .

    There is a Politburo in the West. It ignores this data.

    In your mathematics , I do not understand how the Electric Coulomb Force is conquered.

    You have used R. Mills data.

    Do you know of Mills GUTCP theories?

    Do you know of Juerg Wyttenbach?

    Wyttenbach has adjusted and improved Mills theory … to make a new theory.

    Like Mills… Wyttenbach checks his own theory with experimental data.

    He has the best precision for helium mass by theoretical calculation.

    Wyttenbach’s theory has 4D magnetic mass. Magnet can conquer Coulombic force.

    His theory is used in November, 2018 in design of new LENR reactor.

    Maybe you can help him in developing his theory.

    He has done much work….pls see attached “NPP…”

    But much more work is necessary. He is busy with many projects.…r-and-particle-physics-20

    Perhaps.. Никитин А. П.??

    God Bless Robert Bryant Sydney Australia