Thermite hematite Reactor test bed

  • I have all the needed ingredients to give this a try.

    a left and right turning orbit for hematite magnetism ect.

    A center section to simulate orbits to strip electron protons ect

    Starting with a right hand orbit just to get it out of the way.

    Seems my magnesium ribbon was as cheap as cheap can be an a torch just as wimpy.

    15 attempts to light the outer fuel steel wool casement hematite with no luck. the magnesium ribbon would not stay lit.

    The hematite mix- cut up steel wool mixed with hematite and the slandered 3-1 thermite with 1 more parts volcanic-glass dust., but also would not start. 4 ribbons at a time but would not stay lit.

    start the unit with the lid in place so it will fall down after the ribbon is burned away but as you see it would not pass the lid lit.

    Dry runs without the water, To see if the glass will help keep the paths within the case from melting by coating them.

    Not much to report yet.


  • DnG,

    Under your old avatar, you explained what it is you are trying to accomplish. Maybe you could tell us again what that is, and how it is you are going about it? Maybe even more important, is how what you are doing relates to LENR. Thank you.

  • Absolutely,

    The design is a multi stage chemical reaction sequence using thermite heat and propellant.

    The outer spiral is used to push hematite magnetite magnetic rotation to hold a vortex on a zero line to the event horizon.

    The expanding chemical reaction mixing volcanic glass to a vapor state continues over a number of woodwind type hole. The hole lead to supply area of aluminum and gallium

    The expanding chemical reaction also feeds to a sea water tank under the unit to create water vapor / steam that forces up.through the same event horizon. exit hole.

    The idea is to strip the electron configuration from the hematite as it rotates to the event area.

    The aluminum gallium for the needed hydrogen mixed with magnetite hematite and many other isotopes within the mixing of chemicals at the exit.

    As the entire process exits at the same point, the volcanic glass I hope will trap the formula in a type of glass sphere.

    I would like to keep speculating on the outcome but I hope you all will do it before I start this crazy thing.

    Ps ,There are a lot of ingredients not mention like the magnesium ect to other ingredients in the reactive state, its just to much and may be irrelevant at this stage.

    if it produces a discharge from the broken glass starting with every element I can get in it.~attempting to use the process of elimination will likely be an easier way to do it.


  • Thanks DnG. When you finish "speculating on the outcome", "before you start this crazy thing", please keep us informed as to what it is. You come across to me as an artist, standing in front of his easel, deciding on what will be painted on the blank canvas in front of him. We love genius here in all it's forms.

    Take care.

  • DnG,

    Under your old avatar, you explained what it is you are trying to accomplish. Maybe you could tell us again what that is, and how it is you are going about it? Maybe even more important, is how what you are doing relates to LENR. Thank you.

    It seems with the new q reactor front and center stage on the forum again now years later, my first attempt "avatar" the forum was in the same shape as it is again now. I bailed out of that avatar knowing it was pointless with all the traffic and changed topics. The next was a part of this design, A two step magnetron needed to collapse a glass sphere and another to absorb the energy in line. before that was creating the nano plating to prepare a raw stage for fuel preparing. As the now newer qx runs its course I'm hopping pure boredom sometime if the future that some may tinker with all this if I stay and nudge, I'm a patient person.

    I've read the biblical stuff grass on fire trees exploding nukes over Israel as from the "arrival" signs.. and its not a good plan. Sorry God.

    I wasn't sure how many years you dug back.

    David and Goliath~

  • Filling in some missing info.

    The soup mix also has mercury, liquid aluminum gallium and several dissimilar metals to a galvanic corrosion electrochemical

    This reaction will allow the mix to creep along the open vain to the exit point.

    A non-conductive tube is the exit reaching down to the bottom of the seawater tank which is grounded to allow a spark discharge when the soup hits the top of the water.

    I am looking at it as a process of run time based on the available aluminum mercury reaction.

    The thermite hematite volcanic glass mix should be run when the unit is completely empty completing 2 or 3 reloads to have adequate material in the lower flute hole trap area before adding the "soup" at the other end of the snake cavity area.

    The last box I thought was my mercury was not, I'm still waiting.

  • Can't resist, but DnG's artistic creations remind me of the famous Richard Dreyfus trying to mimic the Devils Tower in Close Encounters of the Third Kind... :-)

    In the end it was a kind of I hope DnG will also find what he is looking for.

  • If none have noticed the similarities of Paradise California fires to this tech, Its something to look at.If you can see the blue tint in the area its best not to test this devise just yet.They have magnesium sprayed everywhere.

    Edit 12 22 18

    by now you know not to add anything but the liquids and powered to the A-B case. The case is just an arena for the two metals of dissimilar's to have their fight.

    Even as I consider this design "the new one" mine.. feel free to use it. The 6 point going to the center of the flower are for the mercury as it gets knocked lose from the dust mix as to not go to the center focus point.the mercury has a passage within the case to fall down into a holding area around the exit.

    All the mixing of metals is done away from the case.

    I have not attempted to start any of the casings with the mixing I have played with. its just not my thing..

    I will add though, the needed reaction to keep the aluminum and gallium agitated with shavings of steal to keep it a liquid would be better told by someone after doing a lot of different mixes and testing...Again, not my thing~

    I don't think I can help with this past this point without something going wrong. I know when to quit.

    And by now you know cracked Obsidian Volcanic Glass is the secret.