4D optics lasers

  • https://www.quantamagazine.org…superconductors-20181119/

    Universal Quantum Phenomenon Found in Strange Metals

    As they study the behavior of scrambled electrons using the holographic duality and other methods, researchers are gaining a sense of progress and partial insight. Some feel that the field is on a cusp of a conceptual breakthrough. Hartnoll said of the Planckian dissipation phenomenon, “I think it may be understood soon.”

    There seems to be another connection between black holes ans superconductivity and it is holographic duality

  • Not sure which dimension to post this in

    Latest NPP update. from Jurg Wyttenbach.. my first reaction


    For decades people have accepted and were taught that electrons do orbit nuclei and may acquire relativistic speed,


    eg Gold has color due to lightspeed electrons

    So Scientists Say….

    What is a contradiction with the fact that most electron mass already is at light speed.

    News to me..

    I need to read a lot ..GUTCP?

    Again!    OMG another Millsian headache for me

    Unluckily nobody tried to understand experimental data, which shows a net excess mass of 4.884eV in the 4-He case.

    Who cares about a mere 4.88

    Im not Germanic !

    it leaves 4.884eV that cannot be explained by relativistic mass gain and is not measured or seen to be dissipated!

    Who cares about a 4.884 ?

    Out of 3,727,379,294. 111 ?

    5e out of 4 billion euros ?

    Maybe God is Germanic??

    NIST [3] definitely, after 2010, started to use theory based fudge factors to correct the “wrong” 4-He mass

    Politics in Physics.. ??


    2010 mass 4-He being 4002603.2497 +-0.001 mamu's suddenly changed to 4002603.25413

    Aha!! Online converter. (Mamu->eV)    Im so clever!!


    -3.728,399,373,954 = 4.127 eV

    So there IS a ~4eV political difference!!!!!

    The big surprise is the fact that classic mechanics works fine and explains that the electron sub-orbit of (SU(2) x SU(2)) x SU(2) couples as expected in 2D and takes the exact amount of of the spin-spin pairing potential given by the rigid mass formula of the torus

    This is where I stop..

    I feel a 4d/6d headache..

    Need some timeout…..

    BTW... Oded Zilberberg et al have proved 4D exists in early 2018.

    Zurich.??. where's that 6D proof ..due sometime 2019.

    Note Axil.. there r no Einstein 3D+T dimensions in this.


  • My 4D/5D headache has abated somewhat.

    Now I know what neutron excess energy is...

    ..the mc2 equivalent of the neutron mass excess (NMX)

    (neutron mass = electron mass + proton mass + xs energy)

    Measured as 782,332.874 eV

    With his 4D Swiss knife, Wyttenbach whittled his (NMX) model

    down from ~300 ev to 0.4 ev accuracy... now accuracy = 0.047ev .


    This challenges the accuracy that Prof Andre asserted in Nov,2018

    n fact, accurate standard model predictions of the proton

    and neutron mass

    have existed for a decade."


    These accurate standard model predictions 2008?

    show proton mass = neutron = 936 ± 25 MEV!!!

    Are supercomputers really needed to estimate

    neutron subtract proton

    (NMX) = zero.... accuracy = ±50 MEV (50,000,000 eV)?

    Fyodor et al are using a supercomputer blow drier.. not a Swiss knife!!!