David French: Noted LENR patent attorney and tireless advocate dies unexpectedly.

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    Thanks to Jed Rothwell for reporting this sad news. David French was certainly a friend of LENR, and will be sorely missed. Unfortunately, he did not live to see the day LENR becomes recognized as a legitimate science.

    We have many members (and guests) here who know, or are acquainted with David. If you would like to add your personal observations, his contributions to the field, or dedication to advancing the science, please feel free to do so.

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    His papers were very didactic, and he was kind in exchanges.

    He visibly tried to help the domain as much as he could, using his long experience as patent expert.


  • This is very sad news indeed. When somebody dies so suddenly, the shock is most heavy for those nearest to him, my sincerest condolences to them!

    People that are engaged in the LENR field are usually aged. I do not know about David French’s age, but I hope his place in the LENR community will soon be taken by somebody young. We need new promoters of LENR!

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    I had the pleasure of meeting David French at the Asti conference and (in particular) spending a few hours chatting with him over a very pleasant lunch one day. He was a fount of charm, humor and also had a vast amount of knowledge about the world of patents - and many a good anecdote about the patent game. He was generous with his time and his expertise, even offering to wrote me a patent application 'pro bono' if I ever needed one. I had no idea that he was suffering any health problems at all, he certainly was not one for complaining. I had hoped he would come to the recent Greccio conference as I was lookng forward to renewing my acquaintance with him, but sadly that was not to be.

    My sympathy to all those saddened by the loss of a real gentleman.

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  • David French's family distributed this letter:

    A Life Well Lived

    (message en français à suivre)

    Dear friends and family,

    We regret to announce that our father, David John George French, passed away peacefully on December 2nd at Kingston General Hospital with his children, his sweetheart and a dear friend at his side.

    True to himself, Papa took his leave from this world while having an adventure. He courageously and successfully made a trip to visit his sister Sherry, making sure to include his famed off-the-path pit stops along the way.

    As David practiced his beloved profession to the end and has a great many friends spread across the map, we have concluded that it will be best for our Celebration of his life to be held in the spring. We will be sending out invitations in due course.

    Thank you all for having been part of our father's life and adventures,

    Alexandre & Geneviève French

    NB! If you have any affairs to address in regards to David's Intellectual Property practice, please contact us, the executors, by replying to this email.


    Une vie bien vécue!

    Chers parents et amis,

    Nous avons le regret de vous annoncer que notre père, David John George French, est décédé paisiblement le 2 décembre à l'Hôpital général de Kingston avec ses enfants, sa bien aimée et son cher ami à ses côtés.

    Fidèle à lui-même, papa a pris congé de ce monde en pleine aventure. Il avait courageusement réussi à faire le voyage pour rendre visite à sa sœur Sherry, tout en veillant à inclure sur le chemin ses fameux détours enrichissants.

    Étant donné que David a pratiqué sa profession jusqu'au bout, et qu'il avait de nombreux amis répartis sur toute la carte, nous avons conclu qu'il serait préférable que sa Célébration de vie se déroule au printemps. Nous vous transmetterons l'invitation en temps opportun.

    Un grand merci à tous d'avoir fait partie de la vie et des aventures de David,

    Alexandre et Geneviève French

    NB! Si vous avez des affaires en lien avec la pratique en propriété intellectuelle de David, veuillez s'il vous plaît nous joindre (nous les liquidateurs) en répondant à ce courriel.

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    A nice farewell by Ruby Carat on Cold Fusion Now


    David French leaves legacy of public service to breakthrough energy


    Patent lawyer and Cold Fusion Now! contributor David J. French passed away quietly in his sleep the night of Sunday Dec 2.

    He spent his career at private law firms and also worked with the Canadian government on law reform and international patent issues before retiring to his own law firm Second Counsel in Ottawa, Canada.