Norront Fusion Energy AS


    I do not know how we missed this company, but they are solid, well funded, and have some of the most respected names in LENR behind them. Call it what you will...Muon Catalyzed, UDD, is all in the LENR family as far as I am concerned. And when they have names like Holmlid, Olaffson, and Gunderson ( who Mizuno recently gifted a reactor to) backing it, they have to be taken seriously. Not much on the internet about them, but here is one translated article about them:

    GU Ventures company UltraFusion Nuclear Power is merged with Norrønt Fusion Energy

    Press Release • May 08, 2018 14:51 CEST

    GU Venture Incubator Company UltraFusion Nuclear Power AB, founded with Professor Leif Holmlid at Gothenburg University, has collaborated with Norrønt Fusion Energy AS. The purpose is to combine companies' results, to resource efficiency and speed up product development of the new merger reactor.

    UltraFusion Nuclear Power AB ("UltraFusion") is based on fusion research by Leif Holmlid, Professor Emeritus at Gothenburg University, and is owned by him and GU Ventures. UltraFusion managed to experiment experimentally with a new, functional small-scale fusion process that works and gives energy over break-even, which means that more energy comes out of the system than it is supplied. It's a unique result that has been very difficult to show earlier. It was published in a scientific journal (AIP Advances 5, 2015) and was attracted to press internationally. After that, work has continued and several new results have been achieved and patented.

    Norrønt Fusion Energi AS ("Norrønt") has in parallel built up its own prototype and demonstrator, partly differently designed but based on the same research. It shows the same unique results. For more than three years, Ultra¬Fusion and Norrønt have had cooperation, which has now led to the merger of companies. The main reason for the merger is that resources should be used in a more efficient manner and that the next version of the fusion reactor can be obtained faster.

    "Leif Holmlid has gone a different way from the major international merger projects with regard to what is called cold merger. Thanks to his choice to do that, it has produced extremely interesting results. Now we want to show that it also works on a larger scale. Together with Norrønt, we will reach the target faster, "says Roger Cederberg, chairman of UltraFusion.

    Dr. Dag H. Zeiner-Gundersen and PhD student Sindre Zeiner-Gundersen lead the research and commercialization in Norrønt in Norway.

    "The Nordic Alliance with Norrønt is now conducting extensive research and commercialization efforts to produce clean and efficient energy from ultra-low deuterium, a form of hydrogen. We are now working on optimizing and scaling up technology for a number of industrial applications, Dr. Day H. Zeiner-Gunder.

    Fusion is an energy source that potentially can make a major contribution to the host's energy and replace coal and oil.

  • Looks like a good business model where an inventor (Leif Holmlid) teams up with a well established existing company (Norront AS) with appropriate technical skills and access to resources. The new company (Norront Fusion Energy) seems well placed to progress the technology towards practical systems.

    Interestingly the mechanism behind the proposed ultra-dense H states and their fusion remains speculative.

    This is a link to Sindre's excellent presentation at ICCF-21: