L-F Poll: Best LENR science news of 2018

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    What is the best LENR science news of 2018? You have 3 votes ! 31

    1. Atom Ecology Ecalox - gammas/excess heat (16) 52%
    2. Brillouin Energy Corp (BEC) - Hydrogen Hot Tube (HHT) replicated by Stanford Research Institute (Tanzella's team) (13) 42%
    3. A. Takahashi lead (Technova/Nissan & Tohoku/Kobe/Kyushu/Nagoya Universities) NEDO funded, collaborative study -Significant level excess-heat evolution data were obtained for PNZ-type, CNZ-type CNS-type samples at 200-400℃ (12) 39%
    4. Safire - finds transmutations, and architectural changes in their Languir Tungsten probe (9) 29%
    5. Brilliant Light Power (BLP) - Thermal Suncell 10 minute continuous ignition (8) 26%
    6. Beiting (Aerospace One) - replicates Arata (5) 16%
    7. Global Energy Corp (GEC)/NASA - partnership to develop 10kW LENR/fission Hybrid space generator (4) 13%
    8. Staker (Loyola University) - replicates FP's and has 2 run aways (3) 10%
    9. Industrial Heat (Letts/Cravens) - regularly get 5W's XH in their high temperature Seebeck calorimeter (3) 10%


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    Wow, I am back again!

    I have voted this time for Brillouin, BLP, and Takahashi, who is really representing the multiple groups in Japan that are not only making heat regularly, but doing brilliant work in transmutations, too.

    Replications, using the same samples divided and distributed and then getting similar profiles - all this makes LENR look just like normal science! LENR is sneaking in, still undetected by the mainstream.

    I skipped the GEC/NASA story because that is "going to be" a future project, and not actual science yet. That might have been one of the good news "stories" of 2018 (referring to the last poll).

    I had no trouble choosing three buttons.

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    Takahashi&al sure is best for me.

    Brillouin is very different style of news, but breatest on the biz axis.

    For me Staker is minor as a result, but his analysis based on metallurgy, SAV/Fukai phase, is maybe a theoretical breakthrough.

    Not enough votes for other experumental works, from Beiting to Ecalox...

    I would need more synthetic data on GEC, Ecalox/AE, Safire, as it was spread over many posts... something like the Takahashi report. (easy to ask, har to implement), sorry.

  • After following this for a few years now my original expectations of LENR as a science story that just awaited some significant publications in the scientific journals is clearly rubbish.

    In fact it is as largely about business and money and chicanery.

    My expectations now are based on noise and money;

    1. Those who make the most noise likely have the least. Those who make the least noise likely have something to hide. Of course there are outliers such as Atom Ecology who have been very open but at some point they may want/need to partner with an organization, at which point things may go very quiet.

    2. Smart money vs silly money.

    When IH invested in Rossi that looked like smart money. At the end of the story it became obvious it was silly money, they got nothing.

    When individuals buy into bitcoin investments for Russian LENR that looks to me like silly money. These are average Joes investing in something they have no proven information on.

    If Bill Gates has invested in Seashore then I would presume he is a man to do his homework and therefore class that as smart money till we know more.

    It does look like Rossi is correct in one thing, it may be the market rather than science that decides on the veracity of LENR.


    Of course there are no easy ways to judge this. Scientific veracity is still important.

    There may yet be a scientific breakthrough/paper from out of Japan.

    BEC work with SRI does give them some credibility.

    Hopefully 2019 will bring clarity to this whole thing.

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    There have been 70 members log-in recently, yet in 24 hours we have only had 19 cast their votes on this all important poll! Hopefully, you are giving it some consideration, and not ignoring?

    Think of it this way: with a click of the finger, you can do your small part to help save the planet. Yes, sounds dramatic, but for those doing the LENR research that will hopefully save the planet one day, your opinion matters.

  • I'm deliberately not voting. The best LENR science news would be a simple experiment that produced clear results and wouldn't require months/years to be reproduced, hocus pocus mystic stuff, or being bound to under-the-table IP NDA BS agreements.

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    Shane D.

    I tried to provide an explanation as for why I might have not voted. I have not ignored the poll. My vote is "no vote": you could think it as a protest vote.


    I am confused, but if that is what you feel is best for LENR, then so be it. You have some standing within the community, and all I can do is hope no others follow your lead.

    Honestly, I do not see what it accomplishes.

  • To clarify, I'm not asking you to agree with my choice, nor asking others to follow my lead. I should have probably left those thoughts personal, but I guess in the end this will have at least served as a reminder that people might have more reasons for not voting than laziness, and that such reasons might not necessarily be pleasant to read.

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    The best LENR science news would be a simple experiment that produced clear results and wouldn't require months/years to be reproduced, hocus pocus mystic stuff, or being bound to under-the-table IP NDA BS agreements.

    Do you think that is realistic? When I look at the photos of BEC and BLP's HHT/Suncell, Norronts apparatus, or read IH's (Letts) patent applications, Takahasi's NEDO funded report, I see this LENR stuff is not so simple as the criteria you lay out for you to vote would suggest.

    And were it so easy; to then take what elegantly simple device you have, and turn it into a marketable product, with all the expensive, time consuming, engineering and regulatory hurdles...well, that takes money. And to get money you need investors. Investors will first need an NDA. No NDA=no money, no money= no LENR product gets to market, = another secret taken to the grave.