Orbital magnetic moments of phonons

  • Calculations of phonon energy as magnetic moment.

    No calculations for Palladium hydride but cesium hydride has a THz frequency

    in the same region that Nagel/Letts observed to give good LENR.

    and a high?? magnetic moment..perhaps PdH2 similarly...

    maybe a Thz resonant frequency might help to align or twist atoms

    Orbital magnetic moments of phonons

    Dominik M. Juraschek1 and Nicola A. Spaldin1 1Materials Theory, ETH Zurich, CH-8093 Zu¨rich, Switzerland (Dated: December 14, 2018)

    In ionic materials, circularly polarized phonons carry orbital magnetic moments that arise from circular motions of the ions, and which interact with other magnetic moments or fields. Here, we calculate the orbital magnetic moments of phonons in 35 different materials using density functional theory, and we identify the factors that lead to, and materials that show, large responses. We compute the resulting macroscopic orbital magnetic moments that can be induced by the excitation of coherent phonons using mid-infrared laser pulses, and we evaluate the magnitudes of the phonon Zeeman effect in a strong magnetic field. Finally, we apply our formalism to chiral phonons, in which the motions of the ions are intrinsically circular. The zoology presented here may serve as a guide to finding materials for phonon and spin-phonon driven phenomena