Macro-Scale “Exotic Vacuum Object” Self-Oscillating within a High Q Factor Circuit Producing Nuclear Reactions with an Optimized Fuel Mixture

  • I think that is highly unlikely. The total input of the power supply is supposed to be 380 watts and the output is supposed to be 27 kilowatts. I don't think there is anyway that a normal power outlet could supply 27 kilowatts. I also think that if Rossi had ever used a dummy experiment and produced 27 kilowatts of thermal power, he would have noticed. In addition, if that much power was being taken in by the control box, it would burn up. I know PC towers with video cards typically can go as high as a kilowatt and a half of total input power. Even then, major fans are required to prevent the cards from overheating. I think even ten kilowatts of input power going into the power supply would stop it from working.

  • The more I search the more papers on "negative resistance" in regards to complex space charges and the oscillations they can produce. I'm convinced that if someone skilled in electronics wants to replicate, there is far more than enough information online to help them design a power supply. In fact, for the right person, I think the design of the control box and power supply will be very straight forward. I'm not saying that there won't need to be changes made, but if you go online there are already a hundred examples.

    What's very frustrating is that if no one replicates, this demo could very well be the end of the E-Cat saga. I'm hoping that Rossi will surprise us by finally being open about his technology so that he can find a large partner that would have the money and manufacturing infrastructure to mass produce the technology. If he is truly worried about authorities getting involved, then he needs to partner up with a large company that would have dozens of lawyers already on their staff. Continuing to keep how the technology works a secret is only going to result in him gaining a few small clients at best. In ten years, he won't be much closer to building a massive factory than he is now.

    If there are no big surprises that come from the presentation - such as a third party speaking up or Rossi finally opening up about how the technology works - then I'll probably give up on the E-Cat technology all together unless a replication happens. I could honestly care less about any technology that is kept in the shadows. What I want to see is a technology emerge that can be rapidly proliferated to make energy so cheap it is virtually free.

    There's a gazillion threats facing humanity and while Andrea Rossi attempts to quietly market his technology our problems continue to grow. I consider it completely morally disgusting for an inventor with such a revolutionary technology to slow the proliferation down to a crawl because he is too paranoid to share his intellectual property so major companies who might partner with him could replicate. So what if sharing his IP means he might make hundreds of millions of dollars instead of hundreds of billions of dollars. On the route he is going on, I predict he'll make close to nothing and end up with his technology never benefiting the world.

  • I think its because he only ever obtains a COP of up to 2 and doesn't want to admit this as a failure. You've studied plasmas, surely you agree that there is no way he could be generating the SK plasma with just a 380 W power supply? The 'hidden' high frequency stimulation not picked up by his old scope might be the answer generating a RF plasma - so when all's said and done the SK probably does what it should do, generates 100% excess heat - the problem is AR just can't resist fiddling the data when he just doesn't need to bother! Old habits die hard I guess.

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    Did the SK core look as you imagined it might? I didn't see EVOs although, I don't really know what they would look like. Also, the core looked to me as though it is in the glow discharge state of a plasma rather than the arc discharge region that you seemed to suggest was characteristic for EVOs and subsequent LENR phenomena. Any thoughts on this?

  • The video of the SK core was so blurry that I don't think it is possible to know much about it. I'm guessing the two orange lights are the cathode and anode and the blue light is a "fireball" that is either floating slightly away from the cathode or is attached to the cathode. However, we need Rossi to verify the identity of the orange lights and the blue light.

    The large blue light could be a macro-scale EVO and there could also be very small micro to nano scale EVOs in the plasma.

    Remember, an EVO can cover a broad range of sizes.

  • Check out the following document.

    Notice how the plasma balls (fireballs or macro-EVOs) would appear over the sharp tips (formed by repeated high current pulses) on the cathode. Also, notice the marks on the cathode showing that the fireballs can spin and melt the metal.

    I basically think that Rossi's technology is a VERY optimized version of the PAGD using a different geometry of electrodes (probably a hollow cathode with a sharp tip), a far superior fuel mixture (the PAGD only used argon), and a much better control circuit to keep the device in resonance.

    Also, please note, that the PAGD was designed to produce purely electrical output and I'm not sure if thermal output was ever measured.

  • Is it really fair to use the term “Rossi’s Technology”, with due respect to almost any other researcher here and all over the globe, who use well accepted and proper scientific principles and methods, provide data via peer reviewed papers and publications in reputable journals (excluding Rossi’s BS journal of course!)?

    The only conclusion after all these years can be, that Rossi has no “ technology” at all, Rossi and Technology is like fire and water....

  • In a carefully controlled environment with all safety equipment being utilized, I wonder what a combination of 199Hg and hydrogen might produce in such a device as I've described in this article on E-Cat World. Since both hydrogen (not deuterium) and the isotope of mercury 199Hg both have a 1/2 integer nuclear spin and a positive magnetic moment, I suspect they may create a very stable macro-EVO. I would go so far to suggest that they may produce some very interesting anomalies beyond excess energy.