Rossi E-Cat SK Demo Discussion

  • Go to YouTube and search for Ecat Sk demonstration and you will find a video of them practicing for the presentation. It's hilarious and I don't know how long it will stay up.

    Rossi says things like, "Here is the first board of calculations, all BS. Just like the folks at LENR Forum say all the time. Here is the second board, more BS."

    Was that for real?!? (It just got removed)... "Rossi" sounded like a jewish guy who smokes too much... a bit like Triumph the Insult Dog. "More Booolshit"

    But it certainly was hilarious.

  • "Very good please show me the the calculations boards. Okay. Now, as you can see, here we have a lot of bullsh*t and the equations are all wrong so, it is completely useless that you look at them because it is just the demonstration that Andrea Rossi is an ass hole."

    "I don't know if we should be rehearsing that."

    As correctly the guys on LENR Forum have always said. You know it is time that you now go to the second board. No, yes, let me show. Down. Down. Bullshit. Bullshit. Down Down. Okay now let's go to the second page of the second page can only be the continuation of the bullshit of the first page. Let me see. Down. Go down. Go down. Very well. Very well. Now please show me the particular of this spectrometry. Okay and this is blah blah blah blah. Very good because at the end of all this now my friend Frank Acland will now it is time for the discussions but and I pass for this to you my friend Frank Acland that will direct the the discussion."

  • It is on vimeo too, so embedding works here:

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  • If you look at the final summary of all the latest ICCF-21 meeting the consensus COP maximum after all that hard work and effort worldwide was a factor of 2, and Brillouin Energy have boosted this recently to 2.2. So all AR needs to show/prove is that the SK can at least do this, nothing more, nothing less. That's the bottom line, so his customers get 20% and Leonardo make on the rest (80%) so isn't everybody happy? LENR becomes a proven commercial reality, a pity it can only produce a small amount of energy, but if that energy is produced cleanly and consistently over the whole planet - its a technology along with renewables that will potentially save the planet when all the fossil fuels run out. Mainstream physicists will have to accept this new tech works - its nothing spectacular but it 'does what it says on the tin' why not give AR the benefit of the doubt - we all know about his chequered history - be more positive and look forward to the day his E-cat SK is independently verified/replicated. I mean with mass production what would be the price? In materials, maybe $50? Not bad for a cheap heater that kicks out twice what you input electrically so on the domestic level maybe Dyson could make it? The utility companies will not be interested though until all the cheap oil, coal and gas has run out

  • In my opinion Rossi's new tactic of "seeking customers" offers a PERFECT opportunity for a philanthropist, like Bill Gates or any of many. many others to move past our current world of wonderment and hope, How much would it cost to contract with Rossi for heat in an operation somewhere and MAKE THE ONGOING RESULTS PUBLIC. If Rossi insists on "non-disclosure" agreements I think that is adequate proof he is a fraud. If he is seeking customers, what better way than to show the ongoing success of an installation? Otherwise, for what would amount to a very minimal risk it would be possible to validate at least that Rossi can sell hot water more cheaply than anyone else can, and unless he wants to burn the money he has made a career out of defrauding, the truth will soon appear. I wish I had a plant in need of a lot of heat, I'd do it!

  • This show is way worse than expected - it is not even a DPS anymore...would be interesting to see and hear Frank Acklands and Mats Lewans comments...||<X

    He didn't even learn until today how to correctly calculate Kelvin and Celsius :D

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