Rossi E-Cat SK Demo Discussion

  • Hard to make sense of this.

    Fails as a science demo.

    Fails as a marketing presentation.

    I seriously think this may be an example of what I pointed to earlier, from the social science paper "Why Do Nigerian Scammers Say They are From Nigeria?" To summarize again, scammers want to target extremely gullible and ignorant people, so they deliberately make themselves look like scammers. Their presentations shout out "I am a scammer!" People with common sense ignore them. Only the most gullible people respond. This eliminates "false positive targets;" that is, people who respond at first but later realize they are dealing with a scammer.…apers/Herley_WEIS2012.pdf

    Rossi knows that anyone who looks him up on the internet will discover the I.H. lawsuit and see that he bragged about scamming his previous customers, and he is an extravagant liar. He needs to make a presentation so over-the-top, so unbelievable, that only the most gullible people will believe it. The kinds of people who would not bother to read the lawsuit files, or if they did read them, they would dismiss the evidence as fake or as a conspiracy against Rossi. We have a few such people here. There must be thousands out in wider world. More than enough to fall victim to Rossi's next round of fraud.

    Decades ago, before the Internet, scammers could fade into the crowd, start a new company, move to another country, and execute the same basic scam again with a new crowd of marks. Nowadays anyone can look them up. Their past follows them. So they have to adapt new methods better suited to the Internet. This Nigerian scammer technique has emerged to fit the internet era. It seems contradictory that the more outrageous and unbelievable the presentation is, and the more obviously it is a scam, that actually enhances the likelihood it will succeed. That is how the numbers work when you reach a mass audience with the Internet.

    But he is certainly not making too much effort!

    It is almost as if Rossi is amusing himself by seeing just how much crud his fans will take.

    Judging by ECW the answer is "more please".

    As you see, he is actually making an effort, and he is doing it in 21st century internet style. He is not "amusing himself." He is deliberately piling up the crud so high and so deep that only his most dedicated fans will take it. Everyone else leaves, and the people left behind who still believe him are ripe for the picking. As I said, this would not have worked in the pre-internet era. Rossi has kept pace with the times and changing communications technology, despite his age. We must admit, he is good at what he does.

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    Improved Version with better sound direct from the EcatSK Youtube channel, I like it, it is funny ;)

  • This is much more interesting if you try to think of a magic act that could produce a similar output from similar inputs.

    First, get a 400W power supply that can be set to limit at 20V and 19A.

    Connect the power supply output directly to the gas discharge tube.

    Wire a resistor in series with a piezo barbeque grill lighter (with a big red button) and also connect that across the discharge tube.

    Connect the scope across the resistor.

    Here is a link that shows how the discharge tube would operate:

    and this is a figure from this link

    Before hitting the button, the 20V is too low to cause current to flow. Hit the button and the high voltage from the piezo discharges, driving the high voltage through the resistor to the tube. As the voltage rises, it follows the top curve through the Townsend discharge, Plateau, Glow discharge and into the Arc discharge region.

    At that point, the voltage drops as the current rises. The power supply (which does not interfere with the high voltage due to a diode driving the output) does nothing until the voltage drops below 20V. When that happens due to the arcing, the supply starts driving current to maintain the arc. The current rises to 19A which just about right to keep it at 20V with all 380W being delivered to the arc (just like an arc welder). The graph above shows points around the 20V/19A point. Watch the fireworks through welder glasses.

    But what about the scope? Just set it to AC coupled, then all you see is random noise around 1/4 V max with about equal positive and negative pulses as shown in the video.

  • I'm only about 60 seconds into the video and already this is the worst product launch I have ever seen! Its hilarious. Everything from the wonky curtain, the 2001 Space Odesy theme music and the camera angle that cuts off Rossi's head while he's talking is just priceless.

    To top it all, before it started, YouTube served me an advert that began... ""Do you need a new boiler...." was an advertisement for Worcester Bosch gas boilers!

  • This is much more interesting if you try to think of a magic act that could produce a similar output from similar inputs
    First, get a 400W power supply that can be set to limit at 20V and 19A.
    Connect the power supply output directly to the gas discharge tube.

    Wire a resistor in series with a piezo barbeque grill lighter (with a big red button) and also connect that across the discharge tube.

    Connect the scope across the resistor.

    Great idea Robert, let's do it.

    I have an Agilent 6553 power supply that might work. Can you supply a suitable discharge tube?

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    I don't really feel like watching it again, but would be nice to have a list of coherent nonsense phrases from Dottore.

    For instance, this one: the lifespan of sk will be 10-20 years. The car can last 10, 20 years so why don't sk last as long no problemo

    It would be nice for someone to make a transcript. Listening takes almost 3 hours, reading would take 20 minutes. Only reading the non-repetitive, important parts, might take you 10 minutes.

  • Abd described some of the things Rossi said in the video:


    Someone asked if Rossi would allow an installation in a university if the institution agreed to pay for the heat. Rossi said No, immediately. Then it was explained that the university would of course agree to not opening the device, would agree to not do anything Rossi wouldn't allow. Rossi's answer was a sarcastic "Scout's Honor?"

    My response:

    Not allowing inspections would violate many state and federal laws and regulations. All boilers must be fully documented, and fully open to inspection. See:…tWEBEffective04102016.pdf

    "Internal Inspections: The boiler firesides and watersides must opened, cool, and the boiler tagged out/locked out. Inspection openings such as handholes/manholes/electric elements/ etc. must be removed to view the boilers internal surfaces. The low water cutout(s) must be disassembled for inspection." p. 5.


    However, the devices are announced as being in constant communication with Rossi's control center, and with self-destruct if they are opened.

    Booby trapping it to self-destruct would violate many other laws and regulations.

    Anyone who believes Rossi can do this sort thing is delusional.

  • Shane D.

    I took some notes of some (most?) of the questions starting from about 2:00:00 but I didn't feel like transcribing everything.

    I also found what he said at [3:04:35] interesting so I transcribed the short exchange entirely:

    * * * * *

    [3:04:35] [Acland] LENR - Is this an accurate description of your technology?

    [Rossi] Yes, I think that among all the definitions that have been proposed so far, I think that LENR is the proper definition.

    [Acland] Now, the word 'nuclear' is in there.

    [Rossi] Yes, the word 'nuclear' is in there, but it is necessary because otherwise everybody tells you that you go against the first principle of thermodynamics. Because, you know: the problem is that chemical energy, it is not. If it is not chemical, it is nuclear. But nuclear is a universe. So when you say 'nucleus', you talk of a universe. So, nuclear does not mean that it is plutonium or something like that. Nuclear can also be a... as I have written in my paper I cited before that has been... well, I strongly suggest to go to read that paper of mine where I have put a lot of information to the limit of the confidentiality, where I have put theoretical knowledge where there are described [...] things that can happen (and that are not chemical between electrons and protons) that do not produce high, strong force radiations. And it's very important that enlargement [??] that I asked for, and go to paragraphs 3 and 4 of my paper where you will understand well why that is very important, because that is the 'kick' that starts the effect.

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    As always, thank you for the effort. As to:

    "2:43:40 will profs endorse the tech? No, they are not salesmen"

    From what I know, Rossi cut them out of the loop at least 6 months ago. That led to some frustration among the group. Odd he would do that to them IMO, considering they are largely responsible for what little credibility he has left.

    Just another example of how he treats those loyal to him. Reminds me of his lying to Kullander about the used fuel sample he gave him, and admitted after his death the sample was salted.

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