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    Three people with Nobel laureates in physics who mentioned it, or endorsed it, got in huge trouble. Granted, they are scientists and Gates is software mogul, so it was directly in their line of work. Still, he would come under attack by Nature, the Scientific American, the Washington Post, the DoE, the APS and many others if he were to say anything at all, even slightly positive. They would not look at his data. They would treat him as if he endorsed the Flat Earth society, or the anti-vaccination movement. They would say he is a lunatic and a fraud. Perhaps that would not bother him. I don't know the guy, and I cannot judge how thick his skin is, or how concerned he is about his reputation. But I am sure he would never again be quoted in the mass media, invited to the White House, or consulted on important issues. He would be a pariah unless and until the public realizes that cold fusion is real, and the DoE is wrong.

    I don't think Gates would give a fart in a storm if he thought he had good evidence for robust, soon-to-be-useful LENR and various organizations and publications poopoo'd it. He has such extensive resources that he would simply develop it until the demos of it and scientific evidence were overpowering. And it probably would not take long.

  • Alan Smith I'm sure you know that, bright as they are, chimpanzees are very strong, temperamental and dangerous animals. A woman was so badly injured a few years ago by her friend's pet chimp that she required one of the few face transplants that has been performed.

    The story of the chimp in question, highly trained and very accustomed to humans and yet... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Travis_(chimpanzee)


  • Their 1992 paper is wrong, because both of its conclusions are in contrast to what can be seen in the boil-off videos and these videos were produced by F&P themselves.

    For the last time, your theory is nonsense. Among many other things, you have not explained why the foam only happens with palladium and heavy water electrolysis, and not ordinary water, or platinum, or resistance heating. You have not addressed any of the issues raised by me or anyone else. You are fantasizing that you somehow know better than Fleischmann. This is nothing more than an ego trip.