The Trillion Dollar Concept: Negative Differential Resistance

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    is becoming clearer and clearer that the negative resistance regime is how to produce massive excess energy

    Negative resistance is overunity by its very definition. It just means that system generates voltage of opposite sign, when current is passing through it. One could twist the wires and bring it again to input thus increasing the current and so on...;-)

    Differential negative resistance means, that voltage on circuit increases when current decreases, so that it's not necessarily connected with overunity.

  • Here is my understanding of what's happening with these systems that produce excess energy via the negative resistance regime.

    Either by inducing nuclear reactions or tapping into ZPE, they are generating excess heat. The macro-EVO is absorbing the heat and converting it into electrical current to self power itself. This is why Rossi is able to reduce the input power down to almost nothing. Basically, the plasma ball is a thermoelectric converter that produces electrical power to sustain itself and the circuit.