Review-informal of transmutations

  • Interviews from Infinity Energy with a wide range of transmuters/transmutations…42/TransmutationIE142.pdf

    The article is several months old but the transmutations happened a while ago

    Of course transmutations are not desirable

    for long term heat production

    as they corrupt the NAE engine."

    ""Because the NAE should remain stable, we strongly urge you to use only D-D fusion, that decays magnetically

    and you should also avoid secondary D-A and A1-A2 fusion, because of kinetic/ destructive outputs!

    A direct corollary of this is: Try to stay in medium temperature ranges" Wyttenbach…context=ProjectUpdatesLog

    Edward Esko

    Q rabbit. Zpalladium

    Zn+S--> Pd

    Yasuhiro Iwamura

    Tohuku Uni

    Cs ->Pr

    Xing-Zhong Li

    Tsinghua Uni emeritus


    Tadahiko Mizuno

    Hokkaido Uni, Hydrogen Eng

    Pd+D-> iron based isotopes

    Vladimir Vysotskii

    Kiev National Uni

    Cs137->Ba138 via bacteria

    Jean Paul Biberian

    Marseille Luminy Uni emeritus