Japan LENR Updates

  • And it never happened so they didn't need to tell the press. I know you are familiar with Japan, but so am I - and with a different circle of people who are into law and politics rather than science.

  • And it never happened so they didn't need to tell the press.

    You never need to tell the press anything in Japan. They find out on their own. The conversations of politicians might as well be bugged. Also, their bedrooms. When they get drunk and say something stupid it is top news within hours. Years ago one of them got drunk in a museum in Rome and was seen fondling the butts of marble statues, which I thought was pretty funny. The public did not think it was funny. He was thrown out of office within weeks.

    But it is not clear to me what "never happened." The conversations, or the law? Obviously the law never happened. I doubt the conversations happened. It would be out of character for politicians to discuss regulating experiments that every major scientist in Japan would tell them are pathological nonsense. It is a minor miracle the NEDO funded them. NEDO is a semi-private organization so they got away with it.

    I know you are familiar with Japan, but so am I - and with a different circle of people who are into law and politics rather than science.

    I don't know much about politics in any country, and I don't know any politicians anywhere. Some Japanese cold fusion researchers do know them, and they have told me about them. They are not impressed by the politicians' technical knowledge. I don't have the kind of inside connections you do, but I do have a man-on-the-street perspective. I read the Japanese media and I watch the evening National News broadcast. * I did 5 years as an undergraduate with courses in Japanese literature, history, anthropology and political science, in English and Japanese. I wrote columns in Japanese for a local newspaper. So, with all due respect, unless you speak Japanese, I probably know more mundane details about national events and Parliamentary maneuvering and screw-ups than you do.

    * Whereas I haven't watched U.S. news broadcasts since Walter Cronkite retired, so if you watch U.S. TV, you know more about the mass media take on things than I do.

  • Feynman was confused by the polite Japanese view of you and I

    "Three or four different words for one idea,

    because when I'm doing it, it's miserable; when you're doing it, it's elegant.

    I was learning Japanese mainly for technical things, so I decided to check if this same problem existed among the scientists.

    At the institute the next day, I said to the guys in the office, "How would I say in Japanese, 'I solve the Dirac Equation'?"

    They said such-and-so.

    "OK. Now I want to say, 'Would you solve the Dirac Equation?' — how do I say that?"

    "Well, you have to use a different word for 'solve,' " they say.

    "Why?" I protested. "When I solve it, I do the same damn thing as when you solve it!"

    "Well, yes, but it's a different word — it's more polite."

    I gave up. I decided that wasn't the language for me, and stopped learning Japanese.

  • Oyama patent.. Thanks to G. Verhoefen for the link.


    In the above structure, the metal heating element may be formed by dissolving lithium in an atomic ratio of 0.0005% to 1% in a portion or the whole portion to which the ion beam is supplied.

    Further, in the above-described configuration, in the metal heating element, a part in which the lithium is solid-solved faces the deuterium gas, and even if a substance that radiates the ion beam is mixed in the deuterium gas Good. As the gas that emits the ion beam, for example, a gas having low reactivity emitting α-rays can be mentioned, and more specifically, radon gas can be exemplified.

    This is pretty close to Lipinski/Unified Gravity technology and maybe even Quark-X reactor of Andrea Rossi. Otherwise, I dunno what I should think of radone gas. Probably typo of translator.

  • Probably typo of translator.

    A bigger context

    "As the gas that emits the ion beam, for example, a gas having low reactivity emitting α-rays can be mentioned, and more specifically, radon gas can be exemplified. Since Radon gas is contained in the atmosphere and new buildings, it is not necessary to consciously mix Radon gas into deuterium gas, for example, making a large furnace is "to emit an ion beam to deuterium gas Containing substances ""

    Its not a typo... perhaps Ooyama was using radon to initiate the LENR.

    In the January embodiment he may have found another way... we might know soon.

  • From Paper: When a D ion beam of about 120keV or more is irradiated, the formed binary ion beam captures the D nucleus of interstitial atoms, and a triple nucleus fusion occurs.

    This looks like a mixture of a LENR and a classical setup! But his modeling is conventional STDM and not conclusive as these folks still dream of an unknown/measured nuclear force...

  • Ooyama has cited much old data in support of his theory...including Rutherford's 1911.

    The formation of Li-6 appears to be significant in his theory.

    He has cited Okamura 1992

    I think he means Okamoto , not Okamura from ICCF3

    Interesting is the Ag107/109 SIMS data ( maybe Pd107/109)? on the cited graph.

    ""A Role of Lithium for the Neutron Emission in Heavy Water Electrolysis""

    Mutuhiro NAKADA,• Takehiro KUSUNOKI, Makoto OKAMOTO and Osamu ODAWARA Tokyo Institute of Technology, Ookayama, Meguro-ku, Tokyo, 152 Jt.PA

    Okamoto and Nakada focussed on Lithium... only on lithium.

    Unfortunately they missed a vital clue... the formation of metastable isomers

    at the palladium surface... This was in 1992!!!

    And Biberian measures the same metastable isomers in 2018, 26 years later, in Fleischmann and Pons electrodes!

  • Thanks to the indefatigable Ruby Carat we have -

    'On the 30th Anniversary of the Discovery of the Cold Fusion Phenomenon. Authored by Hideo Kozima [.pdf] was first published in the Cold Fusion Research Laboratory CFRL News No. 107 (2019. 3. 1) March 23 is the birthday of the cold fusion phenomenon (CFP). '

    View the latest post at https://coldfusionnow.org/on-t…iversary-by-hideo-kozima/

    ETA - also there, a detailed critique of the current position from Hideo's point of view, and details of his 2 books on the CFP.

  • Thanks to ECW for the heads up. Important comments put in bold:


    Miura Co., Ltd., Japan’s leading boiler manufacturer, has subscribed to newly issued shares
    of Clean Planet Inc., in Tokyo, through a third-party allotment of new shares on May 15,
    The Miura Group has developed, manufactured, and marketed a range of products in the
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    environmentally friendly and ways of living that are clean and comfortable through our work
    in the field of the Energy, Water, and Environment”. The Miura Group will now collaborate
    with Clean Planet to implement the clean energy technologies which Clean Planet has
    developed with Tohoku University, toward realizing a decarbonized society.

    Clean Planet’s "New Hydrogen Energy" will benefit
    all aspects of life and industry of the global community

    Clean Planet is a venture company that undertakes R&D into new forms of clean energy
    that are "safe, stable, and low-cost" in order to create novel innovations in the energy
    industry for social infrastructure. Clean Planet’s research lab is located at the "Condensed
    Matter Nuclear Reaction Division" within the Research Center for Electron Photon Science at
    Tohoku University. The research lab was founded jointly with the university in 2015. The
    company is working on the development of "New Hydrogen Energy" which gives enormous
    energy output per hydrogen unit compared with conventional hydrogen energy. The heat
    source developed by Clean Planet has now nearly reached the point of practical use as a
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    The company will continue to work on realizing
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    Miura Co., Ltd. Company Profile
    Representative : Daisuke Miyauchi, President and CEO
    Head Office : 7 Horie, Matsuyama, Ehime, Japan
    Establishment : May 1959
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    Clean Planet Inc. Company Profile
    Representative : Hideki Yoshino, President and CEO
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  • These are the guys I keep pointing to who showed prototypes of 1kW and 10kW "reactors" years ago. Check the next to last slides.

    Where are those and are they working yet?

    They were working years ago. They are working better now. As it happens I spent the last month slogging through the data and writing two papers on this. If ever the ICCF21 proceedings are published you will see one of them. * Here is the presentation about it I made at ICCF21:


    As you see on p. 11, * the reactor produced ~250 W. That's not far from 1 kW. It has done better in subsequent tests. But that makes no difference to you. You will not look at the data. Whatever power level is achieved you will say it is not enough, or you will deny it happened as you just did here.

    * I don't mean you, Seven_of_twenty, will see anything. You will not look, so you will not see. I mean "As can be seen . . ."