Huw Price: Icebergs In The Room? Cold Fusion At Thirty

  • Perhaps I overstated the case a bit but Dr. Price was highly enthusiastic about Rossi in 2015:

    Rossi, however, has been going from strength to strength. While it is fair to say that the jury is still out, there has been a lot of good news for my hopes of a free dinner in the past couple of years. There were two reports (in 2013 and 2014) on tests of Rossi’s device by teams of Swedish and Italian physicists whose scientific credentials are not in doubt, and who had access to one of his devices for extended periods (a month for the second test). Both reports claimed levels of excess heat far beyond anything explicable in chemical terms, in the testers’ view. (The second report also claimed isotopic shifts in the composition of the fuel.) Since then, there have been several reports of duplications by experimenters in Russia and China, guided by details in the 2014 report...

    ... There are credible reports that a 1MW version of his device, producing many times the energy that it consumes, has been on trial in an industrial plant in North Carolina for months, with good results so far. And Rossi’s US backer and licensee, Tom Darden – who has a long track record of investment in pollution-reducing industries – has been increasingly willing to speak out in support of the LENR technology field. (Another investor, the UK-based Woodford Funds, reports that it conducted ‘a rigorous due-diligence process that has taken two and half years’.)

    Yes, he does say the proverbial "jury is still out" but then he waxes enthusiastic as if Rossi's main problem was his "reputation trap." The entire report reflects serious lack of understanding about what was done, how and by who. It also ignores Rossi's long record of cheating and lying while accomplishing nothing provable of any worth ever.…ossibility-of-cold-fusion

    And of course, Price's Rossi probability is now at 50% whereas it should hover near zero. Rossi is about as likely to come through for believers as is Madoff. And hopefully, someday he will end up in the same place.

    Price goes on:

    But if the potential news is this big, why haven’t most of you heard about Rossi, or Godes, or any of the other people who have been working in the area (for many years, in some cases)? This is where, from a philosopher of science’s point of view, things get interesting.

    But the reason the average person has not heard of Rossi or Brillouin is not particularly interesting or controversial as Price implies. It's simply because the evidence for the veracity of these folks has not risen anywhere near the criteria required to attract mainline science, reporters and entrepreneurs. And Rossi's reputation isn't some sort of arbitrary "trap." He's genuinely and incontrovertibly been proven a crook and the author of several scams and one major environmental disaster. I am calling out Price's amazing ability to overlook all of this evidence when he still ascribes a 50% probability to the truth of Rossi's claim. Sorry, but that is simply ignorant!

  • If /.when they call Rossi's ... would it open or Slam the Door closed? Seems something more is gearing up, adding his name to everything.

  • Essentially everything Price ever wrote about Rossi is wrong. What he writes currently is still wrong. I have no idea what the other points people are trying to make are about. Price's writing speaks for itself. My credibility, nationality, accuracy, etc. isn't the issue except for purposes of diversion.

  • Here's Mats' take on this -reposted from Quark3 comments section. If anybody wishes to respond directly, it would be more polite (and effective) if they were to do it there:-…old-fusion-at-thirty.html

    'Thanks Huw for an excellent overview and an important discussion, honouring the 30th anniversary of Fleischmann and Pons' presentation in 1989.

    As for ongoing efforts and the bets you got involved in, I agree with your view on Godes' Brillouin Energy, and also on your observation that Andrea Rossi has not yet provided convincing and undisputed evidence for the validity of his E-Cat technology.

    However, I don't agree in your description of evidence for Rossi being dishonest, having followed the lawsuit between him and his former licensee IH, which in turn never provided any convincing evidence for the E-Cat plant of 1MW not being effective.

    And I find it interesting to note his recent commercial offering of energy sale from his E-Cat SK to industrial customers in the US, Sweden, and Japan, allegedly not involving any economic risk for the customers who essentially only pay for the energy delivered at least at 20 percent below market price, thus making it essentially impossible for Rossi to use fake technology without losing economically.

    As I note in my blogpost My take on the E-Cat SK presentation—Rossi now takes orders, we cannot know anything for sure until one or a few of his customers step out and talk publicly. Personally, however, from what I have observed and from what I have learned through testimonials from people working with Rossi, I find the fraud hypothesis very hard to make credible.

    Time will tell.' (Mats Lewan)

  • Sure. I don't know what unusual things are happening, not being psychic, or omnipotent. However that was not what I referred to. The unusual things that are over-rated by somone involved with existential threats who would see the promise of LENR as perhaps the only way out of one of them are nuclear reactions without commensurate (or indeed any, in most claimed positive results) high energy reaction products.

    I'm not being unusual in noting that this is the key unusual issue for LENR, not shared by, for example, "heat from the interstices of the cosmos" or "ATER".

  • for example, "heat from the interstices of the cosmos" or "ATER".

    Can Dr THHuxleynew explain the hundreds of transmutation evidences in LENR with "interstices of the cosmos".

    Dr Wolf tried with cosmic rays and WIMPS in 1993, but failed

    Unfortunately, Dr. Wolf could not imagine that these astonishing results—in which he believed fully, but could not thereafter reproduce—had anything to do with "cold fusion"! That’s right, he is said to believe to this day that these radioactive isotopes were not due to anything fundamentally connected with "cold fusion." He thinks the results may me due to the effects of cosmic ray impacts in the earth’s atmosphere—which just happened to be detected in his "cold fusion" experiment. He is said to believe that hypothetical Weakly Interacting Massive Particles (WIMPS) may have caused these transmutations. Pun intended: we respectfully suggest that Dr. Wolf has wimped out on his own, solid data.…Vaw37F3b53MQpTN7XxpBFSmyK