Correction for my cold fusion reactor

  • To the point.

    In past posts, i've shown a electromagnet wire device, iron post illustrations that are wrong. The formula of the fuel mix I'm using has not been verified as a nucular potential, it seems better to keep away from the cold fusion fuel mix that's being used in the eletrco magnetic regions of the reactor until now, not to go down that road but it seems to be a deception if I explain it without scientific proof.

    The fuel mixture ingredents incoperate the magnetic feild properties, installed between the half shells of the Gypsom casing half shells. When each two halfs of the casing are assembled, matching up all the casing layers when the fuel mixture drys will leave a passage of loose hair like material in the center of all the compartment vanes after a couple of months, so when the casing is completly dry, a low voltage spark can be applied and aline the particles for a path of least resistance, increasing the voltage will heat and create magnatic feilds.

    As you increase the voltage certain portions of the fuel mix will flow along the path to a focus point, allowing voltage discharge at the focus point assisted by the reaction of aluminum and mercury creating a push pull movement.

    Not to skip steps but until recently, The fuel mix can and will go through gamanucular reaction if you push it through spark timing and voltage. The need for sheilding is necessary if you have any intentions of following this fuel mixture procedure. Only the focus point of high energy discharge can obtain tempatures high enough to create Gama and assisting voltage through the magnetron allowing the obsitien glass structure to charge the casing,

    The deceptions I am cleaning up right now is the fact that they're no copper wire electro magnetic devices anywhere within this reactor case, everything is incorperated within the fuel, preprepared within the passages. You should be prepared for a nuclear reaction as you create shorter timed and more powerful voltage discharges to the focus point.

    I would recommend using a PI chart (Pulses per second and voltage) similar to this illustration as a reference.

    Edit,, Added the missing step to the flower and the feed location alignment.

    This full design does not need to go to a nuclear level to be effective but it will.