News about Woodford and Industrial Heat

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    Any idea how much Leonardo Corp is worth now compared to IH, BLP or BEC?

    Absent any new facts, if you are asking for opinions, I think all three are worth absolutely nothing long term because none of their concepts have been properly proven to work and, IMO, such proof is very improbable for the future. If anyone cares, I still hold some (slight) hope for Alan Smith et al. and Mizuno. Otherwise, LENR is looking bleak. And the more time that passes without a device, proven to work by a credible and main line organization, the bleaker. And no, Brillouin/SAI is not a counter example.

  • How about Norront Fusion/Holmlid's prospects then? They seem to be convinced they are onto something involving meson release from ultra dense H but still have no clear explanation/theory how protons start spontaneously fragmenting on establishing the ultra dense state. This rate of meson release then increases massively on laser stimulation. Three possibilities are 1) background radiation including dense matter absorption of neutrinos 2) a chiral anomaly and 3) the UDH possesses properties of a Bose-Einstein condensate so can stop laser photons or neutrinos which may interact to form weak-force mediating W- or Z-bosons. Whatever the mechanism, their low energy production of -muons allows for a previously unexploited form of muon-catalysed fusion by coupling a -muon generator to a H/D plasma,

  • Expected date, year end. They are expected to liquidate/disperse the WPCT holdings- though that is speculation, not a given.

    Schroders is pleased to confirm we have agreed heads of terms with the Board of Woodford Patient Capital Trust plc to become the Portfolio Manager. Shortly following the appointment, which is expected by the end of 2019, the Trust will be renamed Schroder UK Public Private Trust plc.

    Schroders intends to manage the portfolio in line with the Trust’s existing investment objective and policy. We will bring together our successful and established investment approach across both quoted and unquoted companies to manage the Company for the long-term, in support of positive outcomes for shareholders and British enterprise.

    Schroders has extensive experience across both public and private markets and has the relevant sector expertise, including across healthcare and technology and will operate a team-based approach to manage the Company’s portfolio. Our beliefs are aligned with the Trust’s philosophy of identifying and providing access to investment opportunities irrespective of ownership structure.

    Schroders has been managing investment trusts since 1924. Schroders has a highly specialised global Private Equity capability with 20 years’ experience managing USD $9.8 billion[1] globally, focused on direct investments, co-investments, secondaries, and fund investments. Schroders’ private equity team employs over 100 people globally and manages capital for some of the largest and most highly regarded institutional investors and pension funds.

    In the public market Schroders manages £160 billion[2] in equities and employs over 150 investment professionals. It has a fundamental approach to analysing listed companies making it highly suited to identifying the best of British companies.

    Schroders has an institutional risk framework, with strong governance and risk controls hard-wired into its investment processes.

    Further details will be announced following formal appointment.…olio-manager-appointment/

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    Total exemption full accounts made up to 31 December 2018 [for Industrial Heat]

    Thanks for that. Losses are down from $15 million in 2017 to $5 million in 2018. There are suggestions in the report that the company will not remain a "going concern" without new investments. I wonder if they will get some.

  • Thanks for that. Losses are down from $15 million in 2017 to $5 million in 2018. There are suggestions in the report that the company will not remain a "going concern" without new investments. I wonder if they will get some.

    I read that as a pretty standard risk disclosure. Though it's an old balance sheet, with 27m in cash, and ~5m of cash burn, they seem to be fine for now.

  • Today Link took an axe to the Woodford Patient Capital Trust’s stake in Industrial Heat for the second time in three months. The value was written down by 83% to less than £10 million due to a “delay in operational progress”.

    In August Link wrote down the value from £88 million to £58 million.

    Industrial Heat’s valuation had ballooned to 357% before Woodford’s troubles emerged, triggering concerns over his investments.

    The impact of the writedown was to cut the Patient Capital Trust’s value by 4.3p, taking into account a small write-up of another unnamed stake.

    Shares fell 7% down 2.6p to 35.32p.

    Schroders has been appointed to manage the trust after Woodford resigned as his business imploded. It will be renamed Schroder UK Public Privat