News about Woodford and Industrial Heat

  • Today Link took an axe to the Woodford Patient Capital Trust’s stake in Industrial Heat for the second time in three months. The value was written down by 83% to less than £10 million due to a “delay in operational progress”.

    In August Link wrote down the value from £88 million to £58 million.

    The idea behind IH was good. But the folks running the company do behave like goods full of goodness and you finally sell them your soul for two bites of manna...

    But that's the mind dress code of upperclass folks that still believe their money works.. and rules the world. Even if that might be true - this story will have only one possible end. This money world will soon pass by as really brilliant people never will talk seriously to such mental underdogs.

    When, 35 years ago, my engineer fellows looked for a job they had two choices : 1) making money in mentally boring job, or 2) working like a slave in a interesting and demanding position. But today only fools choose the 2) !

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    What i do know is that Andrea Rossi, in hindsight, handled the law suit with IH even smarter than we could imagine back then.

    Yes. Sometimes, simple and direct extortion results in a payout. That's the nature of courts and juries of one's peers, unfortunately. The jury trial system is not great but it is probably the best system possible.

  • You may need to register to view the article but below is most of it (large type is my emphasis). I bet Brad Pitt and the other notable investors must be royally pissed off to lose most of their investments.…fusion-stock-woes-deepen/