News about Woodford and Industrial Heat

  • It is a VC company investing in LENR research and IP with the long-term aim of achieving (and having some IP interest in) commercial LENR. This aim is largely charitable, from the view that alternate power generation methods are badly needed to maintain a high energy civilisation whilst preventing global warming, and that LENR, if it fulfils its promise, fits this bill as nothing else.

    Newest prediction sea level rising up to 230cm in the next 60 years if the speed-up of antarctic drain continues. Thus it's anyway the wrong discussion...and if London is more ore less under water then the Brexit happens quite naturally...

  • Charity may not be the best to solve real humanity problems.

    Tell me which charity have saved 3 billion people from hunger.

    Tell me who killed dozens of million people by hunger.

    Google did more to bring me information that the library-protection laws in france.

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