News about Woodford and Industrial Heat

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    Maybe that Million would have kept Defkalion going

    and they would have been succeeded with there technlogy.

    Likely story. They were demonstrated to be crooks who falsified their data. sam12 you simply can't be for real. You have to be a leg puller, and a bad one at that.

  • Likely story. They were demonstrated to be crooks who falsified their data. sam12 you simply can't be for real. You have to be a leg puller, and a bad one at that.

    I think you repeat your comments

    to often.

    The origins of the phrase shake a legare murky, though there are claims that the term comes from the American Civil War, when after a battle, stretcher-bearers would violently jostle a leg or arm to see if they could elicit a response from a victim on the field and thereby ascertain if he were alive or dead.

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    Maybe I am a gullible believer but it

    is still more fun than being a whining


    How about non-whining skeptics?

    And really, you'd rather look foolish because you were bamboozled? That's some sort of fun? Bet you thought Bernie Madoff was a gaggle of kittens.


    Besides it’s a free Country.

    True. Also tangential and irrelevant. You could add, the Earth is more or less round and the Sun is about 93 million miles away.

  • Quote Besides it’s a free Country.

    True. Also tangential and irrelevant. You could add, the Earth is more or less round and the Sun is about 93 million miles away.

    This means that the distancebetween Earth and the Sunchanges during a year. At its closest, the Sun is 91.4 million miles (147.1 million km) away from us. At its farthest, the Sun is 94.5 million miles (152.1 million km) away. The Earth is closest to the Sun during winter in the northern hemisphere.
  • Woodford remain suspended for another month (at least).


    .....Further information
    We will keep you updated on progress and will write to investors no later than the next 28 day
    review, being 21 October 2019. As we said in our letter dated 23 August 2019, we will not lift the
    suspension without having given investors advance notice of any steps you need to take and full
    details of the process.

  • A prime case of Rossi believer futililty!

    IH is a very small investment part of Woodford. IH has virtually no impact on Woodford's problems, nor certainly is it not the cause.

    Yet Rossi believers, having no positive facts to support Rossi with, can only try to tarnish others reputations that they see as Rossi's enemies!

    If Woodford was not connected to IH somehow, this entire thread would not be here! It is only here because the Rossi believers have nothing to hang onto from Rossi himself.

    Just as another tarnished a respected researcher by calling him "a little pet", simply because he was doing true, legitimate research with IH. (Which is just the opposite of Rossi's lies, deceits and pony shows!) You call then "clownesque cronies".

    I say you have NO factual basis to stand on with this name calling. Those researchers make Rossi look like the inept fraud he truly is!

    Quite sad indeed!

    Whereas the 10 million dollars that Rossi defrauded, is fine and dandy with the church of Rossi. Rossi can do no wrong in the believers eyes. Note that Rossi dropped the 1MW plant BEFORE the lawsuit was even settled! This was because it was truly worthless and he knew it! He had to invent a new ruse to keep his cult going.

    So, we_cat_global is calling Higgins, Cravens and other TRUE and LEGITIMATE researchers "clownesque cronies " while adoring his beloved Rossi, shows just how little he discerns about the real world and lives in fantasy land.

    So tell us we_cat_global, as I have stated several times before.... a year from now, when Rossi has not revealed any customers, when he has scrapped the latest "Cat" for a new design, with new customers, with new.,.... (same old cycle he does EVERY YEAR) what will your excuse be then? Will you continue to try to find solace in the troubles of others?

    Who will you try to tarnish when Rossi continues to fail the congregation of the Church of Rossi? :/

    It is really annoying that these believers in the fraud Rossi are now insulting honorable and legitimate researchers. I will call them out every time!

  • Thomas Darden and his clowns;

    Uh... we_cat_global.... who performed a PUPPET show at his residential condo for his last "world changing technology" demo? Talk about clowns!

    but also says he still has confidence in

    Yet we_cat_global STILL has CONFIDENCE in a PROVEN liar, fraudster and deceiver!

    While, it is not certain that IH will develop a working LENR reactor.... it IS certain that Rossi will NOT! He is simply a fraud and scammer that his loyal supporters such as we_cat_global have NO factual information that Rossi has any technology, that Rossi disappoints them at every turn. So not having any good news about the eCat, they turn to trying to tarnish others reputations to distract away from the failures of their glorious leader!

    Again, to call the legitimate researchers working with IH "clowns" while bowing before the fraud Rossi, shows a truly lack of discernment ability. <X

  • Hi All,

    Big Woodford investor hopes for the best, but plans for the worst Woodford scenario;…woodford-scenario-reports

    I wonder what will happen with the Industrial Heat Circus Shares when the fund is dissolved. Nasty catch-22;

    When you freeze the fund people will move to the exit, but;

    To pay them you need cash on hand and that is hard to come-by with an illiquid portfolio and freezing the fund will give you more time to sell.

    The fund is probably hastily looking for "bigger suckers" to buy-in at these suppressed levels.




    2016 Rossi is making a big noise.

    Articles are being written about him.

    He has the attention of scientists.

    He is in partnership with Industrial Heat.

    There is $100 million dollars on offer.

    It was one of the Rossi articles that first brought my attention to LENR.

    2019 Rossi has no sign at all of any factory, employees or customers.

    No sign of any partnership with any financial backer.

    Instead he is making puppet shows in his condo.




    2016 Woodford is a legend. He has been a very successful fund manager for decades.

    He has 3 funds under his management including the latest Woodford Patient Capital Trust set up in 2015.

    Personally I invested in WPCT. The upside seemed strong. The downside, I mean the guy had a track record second to none in the UK.

    2019 After three years of non-stop bad news, lamentable stockpicking and questionable management strategies (including excessive gearing) Woodfords largest fund is gated and the other two are worth less than half of their original value.

    I finally ran out of patience and sold the last of my WPCT shares a couple of weeks ago, taking a 50% loss BOO HOO!

    Woodford's reputation is in tatters having lost many millions of pounds of investors cash.




    2016 Darden and Industrial Heat get involved with Rossi and Woodford. A match made in hell.

    2017 After a trip to the divorce courts Darden and Rossi go their separate ways.

    2019 WPCT interim report (out today) gives us the latest update on Industrial Heat. "The company has remained focused on further testing in September and October, with a funding round expected to follow thereafter."

    Well I can't see Woodford finding any spare cash to take part in the next IH funding round.

    So will Darden produce the goods or will he turn out to be the third clown in this three ring circus?


  • Hi ZenoOfElea ,

    I like the clown list.

    Haha..they thought long and hard about that sentence. Most likely the Woodford investment has vaporised. Will the funding round be a winner for Woodford? I guess not.

    Il Dottore is properly positioned. Bootstrapping until he can conquer the world. Might snap-up some IH IP in a bankruptcy along the way. Hoopla.