Fake&Succeed strategy in R&D. What about CF?

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    You'd need to discuss in detail why the methods used there do not in your opinion work - no doubt you could publish any contribution to state of art.

    My best compliments THH. Your last posts on QxD have just provided a remarkable example of the reasons why mainstream science has not been able in 30 years to demonstrate the unsoundness of the CF claims.

    Skeptics like you are precious to believers.

  • Your last posts on QxD have just provided a remarkable example of the reasons why mainstream science

    Why mainstream physics is lost in funk...

    quantum funk pervades cosmology condensed matter physics from Princeton to Wuppertal


    This is further complicated by the “sea” of quark–antiquark pairs that is also believed to reside within heavy particles. These pairs bubble up from the gluons — massless particles that mediate the strong force — and must be included in any credible calculation.

    To overcome these problems, physicists have come up with clever ways of doing approximate QCD calculations using supercomputers. But despite the development of sophisticated numerical techniques and ever faster computers, physicists have struggled to make a reasonable prediction of the mass of the humble proton — a quantity that is known experimentally to great precision. "


  • Please Ascoli65 enlighten the forum about this quote from fusionfredda by Ascoli65


    So the basic problem - completely theoretical, I realize - of a transition to a sustainable society is to return to the per capita energy consumption levels at the beginning of the nineteenth century”

    The obvious lack of seriousness of these initiatives, combined with the protectionist reaction of the environments in which they were carried out, inevitably caused my confidence to collapse in all the rest of the research conducted in those environments, including hot fusion. I am very sorry for those, and they will certainly be many, who apply you with competence and scruple, but unfortunately there is something wrong with the base. It is perceived that a large part of scientific-technological research has lost contact with external reality, namely with the material and temporal constraints of the planet. The institutes that lead it increasingly resemble factories of dreams hanging on colorful balloons or colorful balloons, to be passed off as public opinion.

    Is this the same Ascoli65 from Italy as the one purportedly on this forum?

  • The only question is: is that Ascoli65 from fusionfredda the same as the Ascoli65 on this forum?

    Yes or No ? Da or Nyet?

    Has that Ascoli65 been hijacked ?

    The only answer is that this shor lived thread has been hijacked by quanto-maniacs, who have not understood the topic under discussion, as well as the real nature of CF/LENR.

  • as well as the real nature of CF/LENR.

    and the false promise of unlimited energy

    we need

    "to return to the per capita energy consumption levels at the beginning of the nineteenth century

    Quoting more of Ascoli65 on fusionfredda

    "All right, we all think, it's not complicated to understand. In practice we agree on everything except nuclear fission. {Camillo)

    This difference is fundamental. Excluding nuclear power means excluding the only area from which a hypothetical technological miracle

    capable of sustaining our lifestyle for billions of people can come.

    It means becoming aware of the fact that there is no "7th cavalry" behind the hill and that we must equip ourselves to resist with what we have at home or at hand. The American electorate realized this and elected who promised to make them an island.

    The English, who have always been on an island, have preferred to focus on Anglo-Saxon solidarity,

    rather than on that of Europe, which has very little to share. We Italians also need to look around and

    start taking stock of the little we have under our feet and above our heads, before they even take that away from us. "

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