Frisone: Tunneling Effect Enhanced by Pd Screening as Main LENR Mechanism: A Brief Theoretical Impression

  • A new peer reviewed paper by Frisone Fulvio in the Journal of Energy and Power Engineering has been published:

    Abstract: In this paper the main features of tunneling travelling are illustrated between two deuterons within a lattice. Considering

    the screening effect due to lattice electrons we compared the d-d fusion rate evaluated from different authors assuming different
    screening efficiency and different d-d potentials. Then, we proposed an effective potential which describes very well the attractive
    contribution due to plasmon exchange between two deuterons and by means of it we will compute the d-d fusion rates for different
    energy values

    doi: 10.17265/1934-8975/2019.02.002…tribute/5cac411790708.pdf