Rossi: The final chapter

  • IHowever, I know that his technology is real and works.

    I do not think Rossi has "inventors syndrome", a relative unconfirmed diagnosis, but perhaps you suffer from

    a much more confirmed "confirmation bias".

    "Confirmation bias is the tendency to search for, interpret, favor, and recall information in a way that confirms one's preexisting beliefs or hypotheses."

    Some here seem to have short memories.

    .. they "know" Rossi's stuff works and is real, but over time, thier statements about how it works changed dramatically. Your current meme is this "negative resistance" meme.

    You and Axil have posited a dozen "I know it is real and how it works" yet none are realized nor fruit bearing.

    Me thinks your desire is clouding you discernment. Rossi is simply a con artist and crook.

    Whatever happened to Adrian Ashfield?

  • Yeah, quite true. But confirmation bias is not a real disease. It is like R.A. Wilson wrote... it is how a typical brain works... whatever one part of Your brain thinks, will be more or less proven by another part of Your brain.

    Me on the otherside, I never believed in Rossi having something real.

    And: Very good question: Where is Adrian ? After this awful "presentation" he suddenly went silent for ever ???

  • It's just an irrational feeling.

    I hope he is not in depression.

    Please come back and call us 'Babblers' :saint:.

    It is quite reasonable to assume a depression.

    Almost fanatic, how strong he supported Rossi (plase do not bann me, but his pro-Rossi-tendency was quite close to a delusion/obsession).

    I am quite sure, he feels ashamed for the fact, that he got the proof: The only babbler was and is he himself.

    It could be true, that he is so upset, that he avoids any discussion, where almost every second reply would exactly state that: "And, who is the babbler now?"

  • Well, there you are. All the things AA told us about his career were true... He was certainly raised in a blue-chip engineering environment.

    His career began at RAE Farnborough, then Decca Research Labs in England where in 1960 he designed the Type 4000 120 inch/second computer tape transport, which still holds the worlds' record for fastest braking system. He also invented the basic idea of a card combining the key and user's identity in February 1962, and was granted UK Patent 959,713 for "Access Controller" assigned to WS Atkins & Partners: the key history of the ATM. He was invited by Anchor Hocking to emigrate to the US in 1978 by way of Canada, where he headed engineering for Domglas from 1969.

    Ashfield Associates consulted in the glass industry and provided surveys and studies for OECD and the World Bank after the fall of the Berlin Wall. He advised in USA and around the world, in Jordan, Russia, Malaysia, Jamaica, Trinidad, Poland, and Czech Republic. In later years, he wrote for technical journals and forums on furnace design, cleaning up Nuclear Waste at Hanford, digital photography, ink-jet printing, and LENR.

    Let us speak kindly of him.

  • I am sorry to hear of this. My condolences to his family. It looks like he lived a long life, hopefully with few regrets.

    This should put the trivial bickering that often occurs here to mind. Sometimes juvenile injection is given and or personal jabs. (I am guilty as was Adrian)

    However, as contrary as he might have been perceived, his passing should remind us that all will pass! Eventually all will pass away and that our opinions, prejudices

    and haughty conversations will fade into oblivion. Perhaps we should be encouraged to be more civil and while we can still have differences of opinion, we have to remember that none of us here "know exactly what is going on" in LENR. I need to remember that when I point a finger, I have four pointing back at me.

    We should not take those ill feelings based upon these intangible unknowns with us.... they will only become chains.

    Does anyone know the situation with Peter Gluck?