Adm. Thomas Wilson Document Leaks Revealing UFO Special Access Project

  • In 1997, Dr. Steven Greer briefed Adm. Thomas Wilson of the Intelligence Directorate of the Joint Chiefs of Staff on the reality of Unacknowledged Special Access Projects working on reverse engineering of extraterrestrial technology. At the briefing, Dr. Greer provided Adm. Wilson with a NRO document that included a list of project code names. Adm. Wilson used certain code names on the list to start searching for the Special Access Projects. Here is that document which has been posted online for several years.…loads/2012/12/NRO-Doc.pdf

    Recently, a document has leaked from Astronaut Edger Mitchell's personal archives that contains the very detailed notes of a meeting between Eric W. Davis (who was then an employee of Robert Bigalow's National Institute for Discovery Science and now Harold Puthoff's Chief Scientist at Earthtech) and Adm. Thomas Wilson. This meeting took place in Adm. Wilson's staff car in the back of the EG&G parking lot in Las Vegas. In the document, Adm. Wilson explains how he asked individuals such as Secretary of Defense Perry for help locating these rogue SAPs. He eventually found them in a separate, segregated directory. He contacted these SAPs, flew out to their headquarters, demanded access, was denied, told he didn't have the need to know, and after a huge amount of debate he was finally told that they were a reverse engineering project working on a craft, NOT MADE BY HUMAN HANDS!

    Afterwards, he went back the pentagon and attempted to get access to the SAP. Instead, he was threatened with a reduction in rank, the loss of his pension, and the loss of his promotion to director of the D.I.A.

    Please read this document! It's the most important document in the history of UFO research.

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    After years of being neutral on this, I have to admit the more recent events have caught my attention. These are not your run of the mill UFO sightings with paper mache mock-ups, but hard evidence by credible military personnel, who have nothing to gain by coming forward as witnesses.

    Problem with talking about it here though, is that if we do it will give LENR skeptics another reason to reject everything that comes from the research. Not that they need anymore excuses, but it may make the difference in their taking notice of something like the Mizuno/AE/NEDO/GEC research, if those efforts continue to get good results.

  • Another document I have not posted a link to was leaked by the same individual and came from Edger Mitchell's files as well. It discussed the Alien Autopsy film (which we now know was a hoax but based on small segments of highly damaged film from 1947) and how Kit Green - a very high level CIA officer who has been involved with various types of exotic research - was given THREE BRIEFINGS about the UFO subject by the govt. In the second briefing, many years BEFORE the Alien Autopsy hoaxed film was made, he was shown pictures and autopsy reports (during a meeting in the Pentagon) of an extraterrestrial that was a DEAD RINGER for the Alien Autopsy film alien. In fact, for a long time, until it was admitted the Alien Autopsy film was a hoax, he thought that it was the exact same autopsy!

    So here is a confirmation from Eric Davis of the reality of the Alien Autopsy document that has leaked out. By Eric Davis confirming this he is virtually confirming that the reality of the Adm. Wilson document.

    One additional note. When you read the Adm. Wilson document, don't believe the LIE that the SAPs told Adm. Wilson that they've had no success on reverse engineering ET technology. Lockheed was able to build the Fluxliner Alien Reproduction Vehicle in the fifties to early sixties.

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