Breakthrough in Physics

  • On a happier note - and more in keeping with the topic of this thread.

    The way in which the equations of GR (and hence the structure of spacetime, and of course the operation of gravity) can be generated by quantum entanglement is currently at the frontier of physics research. It has been in journals for a while and now increasingly as popularisations. Here is a readable but not dumbed down account from Swingle:…-conmatphys-033117-054219

    Like any developing new idea, it does not yet solve all the problems, but many have hope.

    It makes sense that entanglement - all about interactions that define identity, should generate spacetime. But, if you take this view, quantum weirdness becomes the thing from which all else is constructed, not some unpleasant unphysical idea to try and get round with semi-classical jiggery pokery.

    You can see from 2019 citations that it is getting quite some traction:…04624195569908096&scipsc=

    Exciting days.

  • More important: J should show us a concept how he can preserve Newton mechanics without using mass...

    Sure. And even that concept isn't any self-defined-never-heard-mambo-jambo which one could mostly expect..

    Froude's law.

    Here is also good discussion about this;


    Especially the answer of the "Isopycnal Oscillation".

    Basically the Fr=1 is neutral, in FR<1 there is acceleration and Fr>1 there is deceleration

    Notice that Fr= ak= s

    where a is the wave amplitude and k is the wavenumber and as wavenumber~frequency (f)

    therefore Fr = af so you can think about plancks constant with that.

    Further wave energy is basically ~ E= a^2

    and Power is ~P = a^2*f

    Which proposes that planck constant is a squared value of the very basical stuff. This is would make the Kitzlings constant also a plain ratio.

    ...this is ofcourse short chat answer, but I hope it helps forward those who are interested.

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