• Daniel_G: I estimate the volume of reactant in your proposed reactor is approximately 3 L. Is that correct?

    Experiments by Roulette and Pons produced 300 W/cm^3. At that power density, you would need only 200 cm^3 of reactant to produce 60 kW thermal. However, you would have to spread it out in something like thin plates, or the fuel rods in a fission reactor, or a fire-tube boiler. If the entire 200 cm^3 of material was lumped together, it would melt.

    I predict that when the technology matures, decades after it begins, a 60 kW cold fusion reactor the size of a truck battery should cost very roughly as much as a truck battery. I say that because the materials will not be rare (I hope!), the mass of materials will be roughly the same as a battery, and the degree of precision, purity and cleanliness in manufacturing should also be about the same. Both batteries and cold fusion cells should be sealed units. The cold fusion cell should have enough fuel in it to last for the life of the machine. I suppose the life of a machine will be 15 years for most ordinary applications such as home generators or automobile engines. Maybe 30 years for remote application thermoelectric gadgets, for things like railroad crossing gates in the middle of nowhere in Alaska. In other words, the cell will be permanently sealed. It will not have to be opened up or refueled. I think that makes it cheaper, simpler and more reliable.

  • What is wrong with alpha detector at the outlet of vacuum pump?

    I recommend to ask first before judging.

    Please don’t take it personal, this is a technical focused forum and you will be asked a lot of technical questions if you make a claim. Be as clear as possible and you will avoid misunderstandings as much as possible.

    Also, and again, please don’t take it personal, bear in mind you have made several claims in the past that ended in controversy, so you should not be surprised to find retiscence among the people that knows about those prior controversial episodes.

    I certainly Hope to see LENR helping humans to blossom, and I'm here to help it happen.

  • Well, i highlighted the similarities between your last release and the work from Simon Brink.

    You talked to take care avoiding deep hydrogen loading inside your respective substrat.

    Maybe in this way, only a thin layer should play too, did you tried ?

    In the case of Simon Brink, he used electrolysis way load for his SS plates, i expect not hydrogen beyond superficial layers.

    Apparently it remains a key point in both cases.

    In your case, did you do too some comparisons with a simple plate substrat vs mesh ?

    Did you tried also D2 ? Sorry , yes, but you wrote both deuterium then only hydrogen in your report :/

    In this way, did you do some comparisons between D2 vs H2 about xsh involvement ?

    You talked about radiations, what kind of that it was ? neutrons, gammas ?

    Btw, apparently that is only the IRs sollicitation which triggers XSH ?

    What is about your heating system, did he generate a kind of magnetic field ?

    Most of people, often, expected the magnetic field need however it could be the reverse ? Also in your case if you used a distant heater or a DC way ?

    What is wrong with alpha detector at the outlet of vacuum pump?

    I recommend to ask first before judging.

  • you tried also D2 ?

    Tomas wrote..attached to the first post this week


    What was achieved?
    COP 2 at 40W input power – internal temperature around 400°C
    COP 2+ at higher temperatures – to be determined
    Deuterium 99,8% from LindeGas was used
    Results were repeatedly replicated
    What we can offer?
    Sending unlimited amount of fully processed meshes for evaluation, worldwide.

    Ing. Tomáš Jędrzejek
    Spirit Energetics, CEO

  • From ECW re Me356

    Me356 Reports Successful and Repeatable Mizuno-system LENR Replications. –

    Bob Greenyer • a day ago

    Tomáš has intimated that since there has been a major change in circumstances in our part of the world that is threatening global stability, he will be more open about what he may or may not have. That includes sharing prepared materials with credible evaluation bodies.

    I can confirm that Tomáš Jędrzejek is his true name and as he published the document, it is de-facto his will that he now be public. I can say that he is a man that prefers to be private and so I would request that people do not attempt to publicly dox him, though, everyone that does attempt to track him down will be able to verify that everything we said in the past about the approximate nature of his location is true.

    I can also confirm that MFMP volunteer Alan Goldwater, who worked hard on "Project AURA" has agreed to run his fully instrumented R20 replication and we are in the process of arranging treated and raw meshes to be sent to him. We now have an X123 and process gas mass analyser, so we may be able to provide some evidence of potential 4He or T synthesis.

  • Well thanks robert bryant

    Now, if possible, i would like to know, if they tested also simple H2 vs D2 ?

    Also, the main question since a whiiiile, why they went to the mesh solution rather than a plate ?

    Only xsh they found by the mesh way ?

    Now, Alan Smith considered 4He or T synthesis as possible explanation ?

    Why simply a neutron removal from D2 ( removal up to nickel indeed here) is never well considered by experts here ?

  • If MFMP can get me356's mesh to work, it will go a long way towards forgetting what happened in the past. Hopefully magicsound tells us when the mesh arrives. That would be a good omen if so. We have been here before, but crossing fingers this time is different.

  • Hello,

    meshes will work, if not then they will with my help.

    Mizuno prepared very nice experiment with very strong and usable results that one can do at home basically. It is already covered by IP, is safe and very easy in comparison to other.

    In our laboratory we are working on a very different kind of reactors with very different fuel and LENR mechanism for many years. This technology was working already in 2015 and is same that was tested in AURA by MFMP.

    It seems that even years after there is big misunderstanding what AURA was, while I was waiting for details that will be published.

    It was very well conducted experiment with a proper equipment, the only issue was that MFMP arrived to me without asking if everything is prepared and finished from me. Right before the crew started their jorney I was strongly insisting the reactor was not ready and it will require at least days until it will be prepared for testing. I even dont know if all members were clearly informed ahead, because I was talking mainly with Bob. But flights were already prepared and I was just amazed. And so the result was very uncertain from the beginning. However we spent nice time and all was very professional. From then I had no need or intention to continue in a public testing. And all was and is perfect :)

    Now I really dont care about if you believe or not. If you are interested, I recommend to continue with Mizuno replication.

    I really dont need your money. So it is up to you.

    We can ship you also over 1000 clear (in-stock), unprepared meshes if needed for replication purposes. Parameters are exactly as per Mizuno protocol. But with our prepared meshes it should be plug and play.

    I recommend to stick with this experiment. I have to send many thanks again for such gift from Mizuno.

    I am sure that Alan will make it work. I really appreciate people that are skilled in the art. I mean not by talking about it, but if you really know how to hold stuff and do the experiments in reality. I really appreciate how carefully he is doing the experiments.

  • Personally , i prefer dialogues to monologues..

  • Don't take it personal. I am sure you understand why we are a bit leery. But that was before, and this is now. You provided an explanation about the Aura mess, and that will keep the wolves at bay until your latest is vetted. If it works, you will be our hero.

    May I ask when Alan G. should get his mesh?

    That said; if members buy something, remember the forum is not responsible should things not work out. We always recommend a thorough due diligence first.

  • MFMP will receive two packages with 4 prepared meshes total, possibly more later if needed, completely for free.

    Plus some unprepared for calibration or other purposes.

    Shipping will be likely on friday next week. Not longer than 2 weeks. Shipping, including customs to the USA will take 3 days or so.

  • Happens at CERN..but there is group-think and group- see.

    never among the unherded cool cats

    but thanks for alerting 'the 'community' to the possibility of 3-He

    the good thing is that there $ for a gas analyser to help save Europe and the planet..

    small money compared to the LHC...

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