Another LENR "old guard", Michael Melich passes away.

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    As McKubre said in his recent reply to the Nature (Team Google) article; LENR needs some new blood, and perhaps Google came to the rescue:

    4. Youth involvement. I have saved the best for last. This single point elevates the designers and creators of the program behind the Perspective article to “heroic” level in the CMNS community. Our field is dying. Our average age increases nearly one year per year. I was 40 when we started in 1989, and near the peak of my career. Now I am 70 and retired. The problem is not just age and inactivity, it is unwillingness and inability to learn or change. We need fresh new ideas and perspectives and to incorporate technically modern concepts. We need to attract young people into our field!

    Google has done that, deliberately, by program design. Not only is the student involvement large, the engaged academics are young—most not yet anywhere near the peak of

    their career capability. They will all be with us working for along time. These academics were hand-picked to be able,agile and good teachers. This project has trained and motivated a new set of minds and hands to teach, lead and nurture the next generation, and the next.

  • I have just read with great sadness the death of our friend Michael Melich. I send my sincere condolences to Marianne Macy.

    I am very grateful to Michael Melich for introducing me to Charlie Entenmann, who was funding LENR research in Sarasota. Their work on fusion diodes gave rise to a patent.

    I was translating in French his article "Transport In Water" about interfaces in biology and physics. I wanted to send him an issue of EFFERVESCIENCES with his article. (EFFERVESCIENCES is a diary of the kind of INFINITE ENERGY, but more focused on biology and medicine, but in which I often reported on our work in Cold Fusion.)

    Michael will miss us.

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    We will remember Michael Melich

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