The late Professor Norman Cook's Book.

  • Christy Frazier, general manager at Infinite Energy responded to a request made by Francesco CELANI and myself for details about the publication of the 3rd edition of 'Models of the Atomic Nucleus' - details below.

    Christy wrote:-

    Norman prepared the third edition of his book over the past year. The book should be available by about August 12. I have signed off on the proof and they estimate 30 business days after that time I will receive the books
    The hardcover book will cost $60. On our website memorial page for Norman, we have a donate link where people can donate $50 USD or more and receive a copy of the book when it is released.

    The book should be added to our online catalog in early August, at which time people can buy it directly. It will be available on Amazon as well, but there will be a little more delay on that availability most likely. I have not added it to our Amazon catalog yet. We hardly make any profit on Amazon sales, so would prefer direct sales - initially anyway.