Team Google wants your opinion: "What is the highest priority experiment the LENR community wants to see conducted?"

  • You say "we". Do You consider Yourself a proper scientist ?

    That spotlights one of the most interesting aspects of “the LENR community”: it is mostly composed of individuals without scientific training or experience. So when Google solicits input from the community, are they really hoping to hear from people whose expertise consists of whatever information they have gleaned from the Internet, or are they really hoping to hear from actual LENR experts? There are assuredly many crackpots in “the community “, but I doubt many of them are actual LeNR researchers.

  • I just discovered that silver is yet another pseudo-noble gas when it loses one electron. No wonder it's so effective in the Suncell! Noble gases and pseudo noble gases all seem to be particularly catalytic in producing stable EVOs. Mercury has an advantage I believe due to its low melting point and greater mass.…4_2BLUXNcfe1Di2_R6R2tALiQ

    I just discovered something else interesting about silver. The two isotopes found in ordinary silver both have a 1/2 integer spin and a positive magnetic moment that's significantly larger than mercury.

    Except for the higher melting point of silver, it may be a far better metal to use if you can deal with the ultra high temperatures.