H. Zhang: First successful independent Mizuno R20 replication!

  • We exactly know it. As it was simple to suppress it. Of course neutrinos in LENR are nonsense as nobody can suppress them...

    W. I gave you my reasons - a long discussion of the solar neutrino issue - not resolved.

    Now: how about some reasons for your absolute assertion here?

  • JedRothwell

    Do we know how much energy was consumed in the endothermic events

    I’m pretty sure you have considered this but I’m wondering if Hydrogen desorption from one of the metals could account it.

    Or alternatively adiabatic expansion and cooling of the contained gas due to depressurization?

    For example if the original heating effect dies out when all the atomic hydrogen is converted to H2. Does it only readsorb the Hydrogen in the palladium when the temperature/ pressure is right there may then be heat of absorption of H2 in the palladium but could there also be cooling due to adiabatic expansion of the remaining gas?

    Or is the endothermic energy involved larger than we would expect from this?