SAFIRE, SUNCELL, E-CAT SK: Three reactors, three theories, one common unifying mechanism - the EVO (Exotic Vacuum Object). [Brown's Gas Joins the Club!]

  • I just listened to Bob Greenyer's and Mat Lewan's report from the Global BEM conference. Bob asked a question similar to, "How do you utilize this technology to produce heat without destroying the device?" I believe he knows the answer, but I feel a need to post it here.

    First, I want to give some background. A macro-EVO or plasma ball with double layers self organizes automatically during the negative resistance regime of a plasma discharge. To maintain the macro-EVO or "complex space charge configuration" you need to prevent the current from climbing to the point that the negative resistance regime is passed and a true arc discharge with positive resistance is achieved.

    Secondly, in a configurations with only two electrodes, a cathode and an anode, the macro-EVO can appear on the surface of either electrode depending on the properties of the circuit or if either electrode is "biased." What The Safire Project has done in their system is to have two cathodes and an anode between them. The EVO wraps around the spherical anode and creates several shells of double layers.

    Thirdly, the problem with keeping the EVO in contact with or wrapped around an electrode is that it will overtime damage the surface! EVOs are DAMAGING. One problem that both Alexander Chernetsky (with his Self Generating Discharge Tube) and Paulo Correa (with his Pulsed Abnormal Glow Discharge device) had was that the sharp tips that developed on the electrodes would eventually be damaged, especially when these systems were pulsed. Ken Shoulders also demonstrated this in his systems.

    The answer is to keep the EVO decoupled and away from the structure of the reactor. To accomplish this, one must make sure the circuit attached to the device can be TUNED INTO RESONANCE. It's spelled out in the literature how as one slowly tunes such a system into resonance that the "fireball" or "firerod" will be created on the surface of either the cathode or anode. Then as it's further tuned into resonance the plasma ball will detach and only be connected to the electrode via a tether. Finally, if you continue tuning the system into resonance the internal self organization of the plasma ball will increase until it fully detaches and becomes a "free floating fireball."

    That's the key here: a well designed circuit that allows for RESONANCE. If you don't want your system to self destruct, you must keep the EVO away from the structure of your reactor! Andrea Rossi may already be doing this with the E-Cat SK. For example, Frank Acland saw a small plasma ball floating between the electrodes of the E-Cat QX. However, until The Safire Project and Brilliant Light Power re-design their systems to eliminate contact of the plasma ball with interior surfaces, they will continue to have failures! Are you listening Randell Mills?! Are you listening Montgomery Childs?! Don't follow the footsteps of Alexander Chernetsky and Paulo Correa and others: optimize your systems so they can be fine tuned into resonance which will make the macro-EVO detach from the electrode. If you want to add metal as fuel, you do not need to allow the plasma ball to touch the electrodes. Instead, design a port from which metal nano particles can be added.

    Moreover, listen to what Bob Greenyer stated in his video. Once you have optimized your system so that it can be tuned into resonance, consider adding materials with a high thermal neutron cross section such as lithium, boron, gadolinium, and others! The Strange Radiation particles which mimic neutrons will interact with these elements and maximize your output!

    So to build a high powered reactor, here are the steps:

    1) Design a highly tunable circuit and power supply.

    2) Connect it to a reactor with TWO electrodes (not three).

    3) Add your fuel elements which should include a combination of lighter and heavier elements including some materials with high neutron cross sections.

    4) Start it up and enter the negative resistance regime which can be detected both by the formation of the macro-EVO and the detection of ION ACOUSTIC OSCILLATIONS ON YOUR OSCILLOSCOPE.

    5) Tune the system into resonance so the macro-EVO detaches from the cathode or anode and becomes FREE FLOATING.

    6) Take all your measurements.

    7) Report all your results OPENLY.

    It's that freaking simple.

    This is NOT hyper complex. All you need are a few people who can fabricate parts in a machine shop and one or more really top notch engineers that can design a tunable power supply and circuit.

    Remember, all these systems are utilizing the same fundamental mechanism. We need to LEARN from what has been done before and combine the knowledge to produce an absolutely stunning powerful system that won't destroy itself!

    And you know what? If anyone seeks to classify this technology they are out of their minds! The fundamentals are extremely simple and are already published. There's no putting this back into the bottle, especially since it's been slowly oozing out every since the time of Nikola Tesla, then more so with Thomas Henry Moray, even more with Alexander Chernetsky, covering the kitchen floor with Paulo Correa, etc. All someone has to do is look at the HISTORY of this technology and all the critical pieces come together.

  • Totally agreed! If only Mills would incorporate the SAPHIRE reactor into the Suncell design I'm sure we'd have working LENR reactors by the end of next year - but as usual nobody is listening due to their own vested interests.:)

  • Totally agreed! If only Mills would incorporate the SAPHIRE reactor into the Suncell design I'm sure we'd have working LENR reactors by the end of next year - but as usual nobody is listening due to their own vested interests.:)

    If GUT merging into SO(4) is remotely true and coming out of a measurable tangible gate would the explanation change at all? I have no emotional investment in theories, just a product and it's practicality. I'm noticing in the past month or two that maybe quantum mechanics as a theory of everything is overflowing it's container of usefulness? Separating the organizing plasma, or plasmoid/dense matter construct depending the the device, from parts of the machine you want to keep running is important I agree @Director . Thing is all the needed tech probably already existed yesterday. What's weak plasma containment for hot fusion will be perfect for a lower power plasma based generator.

  • LeBob,

    I agree. For example, if the macro-EVO detaches from the electrodes and becomes free floating but is moving around too much, it's possible an ordinary "magnetic mirror configuration" could be used to keep the EVO perfectly positioned in the discharge tube between the electrodes.

  • John O,

    My interests have shifted slightly over the past few months, and I'm not allowed to discuss those interests on this forum. However, I studied the whole range of technologies that utilized the EVO phenomena for some time and accumulated a decent amount of knowledge. If you have ANY questions or if there is anyway that I can be of assistance, please contact me. My two weaknesses are, of course, that I'm not able to perform advanced math and don't have hands on experience with electronics equipment. But I'm very good at two things: absorbing concepts and performing research online.

    I really hope that representatives from Brilliant Light Power and The SAFIRE PROJECT are reading this thread. What we really need is to do is move away from personal theories, look at the history of all these devices, combine all the knowledge, and then move forward with an OPTIMAL DEVICE. Here are a few of the most critical concepts that I believe could make that happen:

    1) Make sure the system can be tuned into resonance! This obviously will require some work and great engineering skills.

    2) Make sure that the macro-EVO detaches from ALL surfaces that you don't want destroyed! Resonance is the top way to do this. The magnetic mirror effect is possibly a second.

    3) Utilize combinations of gases that will optimize the effect. Earlier in this thread I posted a link to a very old patent in which it showed how including combinations of light and heavy elements will enhance the negative resistance regime. The fact that adding small quantities of noble gases will stabilize and enhance the formation of these structures was discovered by William Bostic, Ken Shoulders, and others. For example, hydrogen or deuterium and argon might be a good choice. Obviously, if you are willing to pay more, there are other noble gases that can be used. If you want to use metals as a fuel, then there are several candidates for metal nano-particles you could add: palladium, platinum, nickel, tungsten, iron, etc. Or, if you want to perhaps go for the VERFIEID effects produced by Unified Gravity Corporation (they discovered that lithium and hydrogen can fuse at very low energies) you could use a combination of lithium and hydrogen. However, it might ALWAYS be a good idea to add some element with a high neutron cross section to absorb the strange radiation and convert it into heat.

    Now for a statement that will be unpopular. I believe Rossi already understands most or all of the above. To be honest, I don't think he'll ever allow his technology to see the light of day. He'll keep waiting for the perfect business deal that will never come. However, I think this version of the technology is the most advanced.

  • Here is a statement from Mats Lewan.


    “He [Rossi] says that the technology is now so stable that if you get the instructions on a sheet, the drawings, you will be able to buy all the parts on the internet for a few dollars and make it work in a week if you’ve got a decent level of technological understanding . . . He’s now trying to finalize the self-sustaining mode of it, making it produce electricity to feed its own controller electronics so that you can pull the plug and have infinite COP."

    I believe that what Rossi stated is totally true. If you had a detailed and well written instruction sheet and a group of QUALIFIED people to build such a device, you could build it within a short period of time and get it working. Why? Because utilizing a pure plasma system which produces a macro-EVO eliminates the enormous complexity of systems that use bulk metals. To get a system even like Mizuno's to work requires extensive degasing, hydrogen or deuterium absorption and desorption cycles, prep of the fuel, and much more. You are trying to make the structure of the material perfect so that when the hydrogen or deuterium migrates through the layer of palladium and the nickel lattice that trillions of nano-scale EVOs will form producing excess heat. However, with systems like the E-Cat SK you are skipping all that and producing a single MACRO-EVO. Everyone needs to realize that this self organizing plasma structure is the key to all LENR but especially high powered systems.

    Systems that use the negative resistance regime of a plasma discharge to produce a complex space charge configuration with double layers (a macro-EVO) are simply amazing. They hold countless advantages to systems using bulk fuel. For example, it's far easier to tell what's happening inside of the system: you can tell if you are in the negative resistance regime by looking at the ion acoustic oscillations on your oscilloscope! As you tune the system into resonance, you will be able to see the amplitude and frequency of these ion acoustics oscillations change! Moreover, if you have the cash to buy a spectrometer and other advanced equipment, you can observe elements forming, being consumed, and transmuting in REAL TIME. Do you realize the significance of this?

    Of course there is a need for safety precautions: these systems will produce both traditional EMF radiation, longitudinal waves, and strange radiation. You will need to monitor for all of these. But these should not be considered waste products. They could all be HARNESSED and converted into energy or used to do things like remediate nuclear waste.

    What's emerging now is a MIRACLE. This is what cold fusion and other pioneering energy researchers have been waiting for over the past hundred years. Truly, this is connecting our machinery to the WHEEL WORKS OF NATURE. No one can understate the significance of having THREE COMPANIES, all at least semi-open, working on this at the same time. Most importantly, the EVO reality and how a macro-EVO can be produced during the negative resistance regime of a plasma discharge is now OUT OF THE BOTTLE AND CAN NEVER BE PUT BACK IN.

    In all seriousness, this kind of research has already been classified more than once in the United States. But they can't do diddly squat now since it's public knowledge. Go ask Dr. Hal Puthoff and Eric Davis of Earthtech about the project that was conducted at Edwards Air Force Base Research Laboratory. The whole thing was classified, according to the scuttlebutt going around the net.

  • Bob Greenyer will be LIVE STREAMING on his YouTube channel in thirty minutes or less. He will be going over all the presentations and having a Q and A. I urge everyone to attend.

  • The live stream should be starting in seven minutes.

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  • I listened to Bob Greenyer's live stream. In my opinion, he did a great job sharing information and answering people's questions. I won't attempt to summarize the whole stream, but here are a few general themes and bits of information that I remember.

    1 - All of these different systems including the Suncell, E-Cat SK, and a whole bunch of others going back a long time all utilize similar principles.

    2 - He provides an an explanation of how the plasma construct composed of shells of double layers around the Suncell's central anode is in essence a macro-scale EVO.

    3 - He mentions how these plasma based systems in addition to generating various types of output including heat and light will emit Strange Radiation.

    4 - He mentioned that if you don't add materials with a high neutron cross section like boron, lithium, or gadolinium or something that will interact with the Strange Radiation that you will be wasting energy output.

    5 - He mentions how devices to measure and detect Strange Radiation should be utilized as a safety precaution.

    6 - He explains how if you push any cold fusion or LENR system (EVOs are at the core of all of them) too hard you can get secondary reactions that can emit neutrons. This is not from the first reactions via EVOs but secondary reactions.

    7 - A french group has apparently built some type of system based on Mizuno's device and are producing a COP of between ten and twenty. Someone should ask him to specify, because this wasn't extremely clear. Also, due to authorities in France being extremely sensitive about possible radiation emissions, they are being very quiet. He is advising them to be aware of the Strange Radiation that is likely emitted.

    8 - He talked about how one of the presenters from the SAFIRE Project did mention that if they try to utilize the technology for energy production in the United States they are concerned the tech might be classified by the government. So instead this individual is more interested in remediating nuclear waste. I'm personally curious if Puthoff and Eric Davis could have warned them about this due to the claim that Davis successfully replicated an EVO generator but the United States government classified the project.

    9 - He mentioned that moving the macro-EVO in the SAFIRE Project reactor or any of these systems away from the structure is critical. Many methods can be implemented including tuning to resonance or other means.

    10 - He mentioned that he will probably be doing more live videos on YouTube in the future.

  • Director- I'm digesting the plasma oscillator patent you referenced earlier in the thread and find it intriguing. I'll be back in touch. Thanks for the excellent synopsis of your thinking... It has cleared a lot of fog in mine.

  • Hello Shane,

    You are welcome. He also mentioned a few other things I've remembered.

    1) They will be getting an original Yull Brown generator. It will cost about a thousand dollars to ship, but he hopes to take it completely apart, identify all the components, and reverse engineer it completely.

    2) He mentioned how he met the grandson of Victor Schauberger and how he revealed that Earthtech and Hal Puthoff had tested one of his father's devices.

    3) He mentioned that the most important portions of the conference were not the presentations but the meals and the random discussions that took place while walking around. It was during these times that the most information was disclosed from one person to another.

    4) He mentioned that in the SAFIRE Project presentation they showed an image (not sure if it was an actual picture or if it was a CAD drawing) of a proposed heat generator using their technology. Bob Greenyer had the chance to talk to one of their presenters and suggest that they start looking for Strange Radiation and implement various safety precautions.

    5) He mentioned that he may be doing a live stream with John Hutchison in the future.

  • Director- I'm digesting the plasma oscillator patent you referenced earlier in the thread and find it intriguing. I'll be back in touch. Thanks for the excellent synopsis of your thinking... It has cleared a lot of fog in mine.

    You are very welcome for the synopsis. I skipped a lot of details to make sure I was able to convey what was most important. For example, there are a number of different tricks or techniques that might be used to lower the initial triggering voltage. Also, there will be many potential design considerations if a system is built and tested. I don't know if it would be practical, but I'd love to see a system in which the gap between the electrodes could be adjusted in real time during the test. The result of this would be a change in the frequency, amplitude, and periodicity of the ion acoustic oscillations. I think it would help in the tuning of the system into resonance. But what's most important is being able to change the properties of the attached circuit. If we can't get the complex space charge configuration (macro-EVO, fireball, firerod, ball lightning) to detach and float in between the electrodes, it will do damage to the system. If we can't accomplish this by adjusting the distance of the gap and the properties of the circuit, then the next option is to utilize permanent magnets on each end to produce a magnetic mirror effect that should trap the EVO in the middle.

    What I'm excited about seeing is how you can create the macro-EVO, allow it to start producing excess energy to sustain itself, and then reduce the input power dramatically. An EVO is literally a thermo-electric device. It converts heat energy from its environment into electrical current to power the circuit.

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    About the Brown’s gas generator, the idea is to test it, take it apart and publish every single detail of how to build one in the public domain as they think this technology was lost and now that is possible to recover it, needs to be available to the world.

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    Did anyone notice the strange blip at time period 2:09:40

    Someone edited a live stream.

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