The church of SM physics

  • A pretty Quark model

    something to hang on the CERN Christmas tree.

    I might send a comic book to Paul for Christmas

    or a 4D clifford torus T-shirt .

    Australians are an adaptable bunch..

    "now we've got three valency quarks

    which is the green the blue in the red did you see there

    and then there's a whole bunch of squiggly stuff

    those are our gluons just buzzing in and out

    but those gluons interact to produce quarks and antiquarks

    in and out of existence inside the proton

    and so in essence our proton isn't a sphere with things built in .

    no no it's basically those 3 valency quarks and other quarks

    popping in and out of existence

    and a multitude of gluons buzzing around inside there

    and the only thing that is keeping them on the edge edge here

    is basically the strong nuclear force that's holding them all in together

    in essence the proton edge is the boundary that stops them from going any further

  • a new way to visualize the Standard Model.

    Genesimplex 1.!

    In the beginning God created the Heavens and the Higgs Field..(and the neutrino)

    "When the Higgs field arose in the early universe, it joined left-

    and right-handed particles to each other,

    imbuing the particles at the same time with the property we call mass.

    (Note that the neutrino has mass, but its origin remains mysterious,

    since it derives from some mechanism other than the Higgs.)

    Here’s a cartoon version of how this generation of mass works.

    As a particle such as an electron moves through space, it constantly interacts with Higgs bosons

    — excitations of the Higgs field.

    When a left-handed electron bumps into a Higgs boson, the electron might ricochet off it

    in a new direction and become right-handed,

    then bump into another Higgs and become left-handed again, and so on.

    These interactions slow down the electron, and that’s what we mean by “mass.

  • These interactions slow down the electron, and that’s what we mean by “mass.”

    Unluckily it does not slow down the electron it just limits the speed...

    It's awesome to see how many brilliant minds waste their live time to find the laws of nature inside math. Only dumb engineers like myself look into the data and try to understand how nature behaves.

    The field of theoretical physics already a long time ago has degenerated into an orgiastic math place with absolute no ties to reality. People publish models that they believe are good despite the data is 20% off like in the quark cases or that just fit for two digits.

    Other believe that an hoc seventh order Lagrangian interpolation of orbits is = real physics by neglecting some force terms etc...