The church of SM physics

  • Yeah and I think I getting homed in on a good argument behind a super deterministic model that produces the same right QM results,

    If you think I shouled try to publish let me know, the difficulty to get help from academia to do this is enormous, i'm totally ignored when I try to contact them.

    new version here

  • i'm totally ignored when I try to contact them.

    I'm black listed by the SM mafia empire. This is an honor and tells they think that you are serious.

    What I once will do is a small public relation effort to show how CERN/ITER cheats the world. This will include public highly visible adds with a link to a documentation site that explains some very basic stuff.

  • I'm black listed by the SM mafia empire. This is an honor and tells they think that you are serious.

    What I once will do is a small public relation effort to show how CERN/ITER cheats the world. This will include public highly visible adds with a link to a documentation site that explains some very basic stuff.

    Dear Juerg Wittenbach!

    I am proud that you are my contemporary and I am glad that, despite the difference in views on some issues, I share many of your arguments and support them. I regret that I am not on this black list... I didn’t deserve it yet... But I think that their decision is not far off and soon I will also be on this list... It is easy to see that you and I are leaders in the number readers of our topics and our comments ... What do I conclude from this? Those who defend "old physics" will one way or another go to another world, and then a new generation of physicists - physicists, whose consciousness is able to break out of the "network of dogmas" of "old physics", will begin to acquire new knowledge and, on the basis of this new knowledge, they will begin to create latest technology for the benefit of mankind.

  • Some more tomb stones for QM::

    The fairy tale of the double slit experiments....


    I find it funny and sad at the same time when I read similar reasoning in this article - "Another more scientific explanation is that since the energy of a photon is a quantum state, the energy of the quantum state is indivisible and independent of the velocity. According to formula (1), the energy of the quantum state is determined by the frequency. The energy of the photons is the same constant regardless of which medium they are in, so the denser the glass is, the slower the light travels.

    Although a photon's energy cannot be partially consumed, it can be wiped out altogether. As the distance the photons travel in the medium increases, once the energy consumed reaches a threshold, the photons will be wiped out as a whole. As long as the distance traveled is long enough, all the photons will be wiped out en masse. The slower the speed of light in the medium, the faster the energy of the photons is consumed, so the distance the light travels is shorter. The faster the speed of light in the medium, the slower the energy of the photons is consumed, so the longer the distance the light travels. As light moves from a less dense medium to a denser medium, it decreases the speed of light. As light moves from a denser medium to a less dense medium, it increases the speed of light.

    11. Different Factors Determine Energy

    The factor determining the energy of electromagnetic waves is the amplitude, ..."

    There are no electromagnetic waves in nature! Why are they not? They do not exist because such a concept as "electric field strength" is absolutely false. This concept describes the "electric field" that does not exist in nature, and therefore the concept itself - "electric field strength" also has no right to exist ... These simple truths would be impossible if it were not possible to determine Maxwell's fatal errors in the "Electrostatics" section of his Treatise "Electricity and Magnetism".

    And what do we have instead of "electromagnetic wave"? We have a photon wave, which is formed by photons that have mass, or it is the density of the ethereal mass, which is pumped by free electrons... Light has mass - this is the main thing in physics today! This is the starting point from which it is necessary to begin the study of the physics of the interaction of a photon mass or aether mass with free electrons and with bound electrons that interact linearly with their protons of the nucleus. These objects in a substance form the "magnetic system" or "magnetic structure" of any substance, and since the magnetic system of water or glass or air is different, the speed of propagation of "this mass" is also different.

    Despite my criticism, I nevertheless consider this article useful ... Just read this article, keep in mind my opinion, which I presented above. We really misinterpreted these experiments... And by the way, millions of other experiments that have been carried out over the past 120 years... And Maxwell is to blame for this... And we are all just victims of this process...

    This phrase is "According to photoelectron theory, all atoms are composed of the nucleus and the electrons outside the

    nucleus, and the electrons rotate around the nucleus in their own fixed orbit.", is a lie in physics, is a theoretical virus in physics - the electron has no orbital motion around the atomic nucleus! its own electron ... But at the same time, both the proton and the electron precess during rotation on the same axis - for this reason, numerous effects occur in physics ... For example, the birth of a free electron is due to the fact that the electron moves so far away from its proton that he is not able to hold this electron on its axis, since the etherodynamic attraction of the proton is clearly not enough for such a hold.

  • “If you wish to become a philosopher, the first thing to realise is that most people go through life with a whole world of beliefs that have no sort of rational justification, and that one man’s world of beliefs is apt to be incompatible with another man’s, so that they cannot both be right. People’s opinions are mainly designed to make them feel comfortable; truth, for most people is a secondary consideration.”

    Bertrand Russell, The Art of Philosophizing and other Essays (1942)

  • More stuck than they know

    Particle physics is stuck - with Pauline Gagnon

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  • Particle physics is stuck

    In reality particle physics is nowhere: 80 years of nonsensical claims have passed and the culmination was a fake claim that assigned the 4 rotation proton to the Higgs particle...

    The culmination of the above nonsense video is the claim that new particles live in the phase space...The phase space is accessed over symmetries and per definition something you find as being a symmetry is nothing new just a projection of something known.

    But even such simple things did never work out in the standard model as so called projected particles just follow the most simple logic e.g. spin,charge or some fake features called charm or color. But these projections always have unknown rules for predicting their mass or related the live time etc..

    So SM is crap and will end (as a potential contamination...) on the dungheap of history.

  • Have you tried to submit an article describing your SO(4) theory to a peer-reviewed journal?

  • Yes: The editor decided to stop the peer review...A friend of him expected a price for a nonsensical model...

    Can you disclose the Journal? We might be able to suggest a more suitable journal. Many argue that half of the success in publishing is picking the right journal and in my experience I tend to agree.

    I certainly Hope to see LENR helping humans to blossom, and I'm here to help it happen.

  • I agree too.

    Since Wyttenbach's SO(4) theory does not, at its base, involve LENR, a manuscript should not face any extra hurdle on that score.

    I am sure his profile gets Googled and its easy to find out (i.e. Researchgate) that he is highly interested in LENR. Then it doesn't matter anymore what kind of topic you want to publish..... you are simply a persona non grata for "main stream journals". As said, my opinion, since I personally made my experience with a rather mainstream scientific institution.

    I hope this changes, otherwise this is not good news for mankind.

  • No one in physics dares say so, but the race to invent new particles is pointless

    "Ambulance-chasing is a good strategy to further one’s career in particle physics.

    "Most of those papers pass peer review and get published because they are not technically wrong.

    And since ambulance-chasers cite each other’s papers, they can each rack up hundreds of citations quickly. But it’s a bad strategy for scientific progress."

    Sabine Hossenfelder The Guardian

    No one in physics dares say so, but the race to invent new particles is pointless | Sabine Hossenfelder
    In private, many physicists admit they do not believe the particles they are paid to search for exist, says physicist Sabine Hossenfelder

    The real casualty is physics..luckily the physical world does not depend on 'physics'

    or zoology

    " preons, sfermions, dyons, magnetic monopoles, simps, wimps, wimpzillas, axions, flaxions, erebons, accelerons, cornucopions, giant magnons, maximons, macros, wisps, fips, branons, skyrmions, chameleons,

    cuscutons, planckons and sterile neutrinos, etc"

  • If you accept that gravity is an easy derived EM force then you ultimately can stop all research on GR and many other fields like string theory or CERN.

    So do you really think they will allow to kill themselves??

    Yes. I think a paper deriving gravity from EM force would be published if it was well written and well reasoned.

    What did the editor offer as an explanation for not sending your manuscript out for review.

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