The church of SM physics

  • One of the comments on the expanded M&M experiment was by a Russian researcher who appears familiar with this type of thing. He says this:


    Bruno Pavlov

    Bruno Pavlov9 months ago

    Completely new discovery.. Please wide your knowledge, and I’ll try to help you ) here’s nothing about gravity or daytime, it is only about sensitivity of interferometer itself. So a very very tiny movement source of light caused by vertical position will move waves of lights in both directions. Just for a good example of such experiment I will add the link it is in Russian, but you’ll understand for sure, no doubt. You’re welcome ;)

    I take it that he is saying that movement against gravity is effecting the laser position slightly and causing the interference pattern movement, but I'm not sure.

    Can anyone who knows Russian summarize what he is saying in his youtube video? Thanks in advance!

  • Mark U the relevant are last 30 seconds where he wiggles one of the mirrors and says that even a slight movement of the mirror cases visible shift of the pattern.

    Somebody has to break this to Parkhomov and Bob do it may not be caused by evoneutrinos.