Microwave Induced Nuclear Transmutation in Compact Flourescent Lamps

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    Thanks for that- here's a more accessible version...


    The low energy nuclear transmutation reactions were investigated within a

    compact flourescent lamp (CFL), which was irradiated by intense

    microwave energy. A modified microwave owen operated as a source of

    intense electromagnetic field. Solids like glasses or CFLs absorbed

    efficiently microwave energy (E+H field both) resulting arcing, ionization

    and plasma state. We observed and measured possible elemental

    transmutation of the P to Si and S in CFL-s during intense microwave (MW)

    irradiation. Since this phenomenon seems to be very complex, therefore it

    requires multidisciplinary approaches.


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    It's difficult to take seriously anyone who can't be bothered to spell "fluorescent" correctly

    Certainly not helping to build his case. Typos abound in this article, and I agree at least basic spell checking is a must when one wants to publish. That said, when one is not a native English speaker some typos are harder to detect.

    But now, talking about the work itself, certainly trying to make much about the analysis of an initially very heterogeneous solid and finding some changes after such an input of energy is not really compelling.

    Analyzing solid samples is a complex matter in and on itself, the author certainly needs to make a better protocol if he wants this to be taken seriously.