Looking for LENR papers showing high energy per nucleon

  • Yes, AlainCo , that one, I have the complete paper. It is interesting because they used a calibrated neutron emission source instead of background for comparing the emission of neutrons of the experiments, they achieved high reproducibility. Theu also used Ni and Pd together in the cathode. But It won't upload here, I don´t know why.

    I certainly Hope to see LENR helping humans to blossom, and I'm here to help it happen.

  • I think about a funny section to create here, why not a "paper of the day", from someone competent who love it and make a nice description of the results, the qualities and weaknesses, a bit like a book review...

    My dream would be that each article have it's own thread, so that people can comment individually, and one can link to the paper critic on social media...

    maybe another thread could be a single discussion thread for the next paper of the day...

  • Just few good synthesis, review... (advised some time ago by Jed)

    Cold Fusion (LENR) One Perspective on the State of the Science - M.C.H. McKubre


    Some slides by Peter Hagelstein for an IEEE meeting


    And a review article by Peter Hagelstein again:



    another direction is to propose replicated papers.

    for example

    Excess heat evolution from nanocomposite samples under exposure to hydrogen isotope gases



    Replication Experiments at Tohoku University on Anomalous Heat Generation Using Nickel-based Binary Nanocomposites and Hydrogen Isotope Gas


    Since I'm not expert, maybe it is not correct, that is only a proposal...

    I enjoy citing few lines of replication that have convinced me :

    • Isoleribolic PdD electrolysis: F&P then Lonchampt
    • PdD gas permeation: Fralick86, Liu 2004(?) Biberian (2005?), Nasa GRC 008 FRalick 2012
    • Thin films: Iwamura 2002 , Toyota 2013

    There are many other possible lines of replication that either I ignore, or some that I don't trust (by ignorance).

    Maybe another game could be the "replications of the week"

    The games I propose are the one I do personally, but it will be better to benefit from the crowd and competences.

    But maybe is it just not useful, became in fact the people who can be convinced are just reading lenr-canr.org, and other will never be convinced.

    My modest optimism is from the surprise to have been triggering interest on LENR for few people who in fact reacted quickly to few data, by searching further themselves, to confirm.

  • I really like your ideas, however from experience, people makes their mind much more by following experts than by reading themselves. If the first thing someone reads about LENR is one of the Shanahan papers, probably will not want to read anything else.

    I think this is the main factor behind the lack of interest in the field, that it was publicly assasinated decades ago with great fanfare and very few people, normally, will look beyond that.

    I certainly Hope to see LENR helping humans to blossom, and I'm here to help it happen.

  • This paper was shared with me by one of the authors, it is not experimental per se but an alaysis of what they call Deformed Space Time reactions, which applies to all experimental observations. I think their work has great insight, specially because with their theroy they were able to progressively improve their experiments, and also because provides a much more general view of LENR and the conditions under which it can happen. I think, but this is just an intuition, that this team has got really close to define a series of conditions that need to be present to observe. They apply their DST approach to other known phenomena as well.