New Sonofusion Patent Application

  • Localised energy concentration -- WO 2014135881 A1 - Publication date: Sep 12, 2014 - Filing date: Mar 6, 2014
    A method of producing a localised concentration of energy comprises creating a shockwave (16) propagating through a non-gaseous medium (4) so as to be incident upon a boundary (10) between the non-gaseous medium (4) and a gaseous medium (6) formed by at least one hole (8) in a barrier (2) separating the non-gaseous medium (4) from a gaseous medium (6). This forms a transverse jet on the other side of the hole (8) which is incident upon a target surface (12) comprising a depression (14) which is spaced from the barrier (2) in the gaseous medium (6). An apparatus for producing a localised concentration of energy is also provided.
    Also see companion:

    Patent Applicant is intellectual property office of Oxford University…out/Isis_Presentation.pdf

  • A new USPTO patent from Oxford U. Innovation related to sonofusion ---

    United States Patent 9,620,247 -- April 11, 2017

    Energy focussing

    ABSTRACT: A method of producing a localized concentration of energy includes providing a series of projectiles and firing the projectiles at a target. An apparatus for producing localized concentration of energy includes: a mechanism to provide a series of projectiles and a mechanism to fire the projectiles at a target. The target is configured such that upon striking the target, a projectile traps and compresses a volume of gas between the projectile and the target. The target and the projectile are also configured such that impact of the projectile onto the target gives rise to a converging shockwave inside the trapped volume of gas.…T/energy+AND+ISD/20170411)

    I believe the UK company First Light Fusion, LTD is attempting to commercial this.


  • I have always wondered about this avenue. But I would think that all shocks regardless of the shock source would be well modelled and tested due to the similarities with nuclear weapons, which are very close if not overlapping in design. And that website is mush 101. My bet is getting something out of sonofusion will be quite the chore.

  • Thought this would be of interest to a few here like Zephir, Axil, and even Mary. Looks like Nanopsire is still around and kicking. They just teamed up this July with:


    Nano's founder (Mark LeClair) made quite a splash with his cavitation induced fusion experience in 2009:

    After writing that, he did some interviews to defend his account, then went fairly quiet. But as I said...he is back.

  • This partnership has nothing to do with LENR.

    As was done with Nanospire, the US government strongly discourages any technology that can produce unregulated neutron production as was deminstated by the nanospire LENR reaction. That reaction was more hot fusion than LENR.

  • I don't think they had any type of fusion, EVER. They've been making what appear to be spurious claims for ten years or so now with mostly hearsay and anecdotes as their supporting evidence. And they have never shown any type of credible fusion test. Their first reference on their web page is Edmond Pope. I won't say anything about him in deference to the strict moderation policy here but why not read the description a reader of his book wrote on Amazon? It's entitled "delusions of grandeur":…l?ie=UTF8&ASIN=0316348732

    This guy is their best recommendation? They have made claims in the past that they were seriously injured by radiation from their sonofusion experiments. I and others challenged them to provide the evidence and to repeat the experiment under proper precautions, with appropriate instruments, and credible observers. What came back was basically incoherent insults. I would try to find that discussion but really, who cares?

  • What came back was basically incoherent insults.

    I would have to agree, although I did find LeClairs insults very coherent. :) Most, if not all, of which took place on PESWIKI in the comments section, after Sterling did a positive piece on Nanospire. LeClair, and his partner Sergio, are no doubt brilliant, have a legitimate company, with a real high tech product, but they did themselves a disservice responding to criticisms. Very immature, and needlessly threatening IMO.

    Why we never heard another word from him about his cavitation/sonofusion (yes Axil, a "hot fusion" device probably), will probably remain another one of those mysteries.

  • From Mark LeClaire:

    The experiment gave off powerful crested cnoid de Broglie Matter wave soliton wave packages that were doubly periodic and followed the Jacobi Elliptic functions exactly, mostly in the form of large doubly-periodic vortices. Hundreds of wave trains and vortices appeared everywhere and are permanently burned into walls, objects and trees surrounding the lab.

  • Eric : ROTFWL!

    @ShaneD: Brilliant is not precisely the word I would use for these two, for Pope, and for their claims.


    Why we never heard another word from him about his cavitation/sonofusion (yes Axil, a "hot fusion" device probably), will probably remain another one of those mysteries.

    Seriously, Shane, a mystery? How about because it never worked? And the claims were errors or lies or delusions or some unholy mix of those three? or perhaps you believe the quote Eric Walker inserted above that the effects of their experiments are permanently burned on the trees, walls and objects surrounding their lab? Is there anything stronger one can say in derision than ROTFWL? Maybe BOL, LMAO and OMG all at once?