Rossi threads will remain open for the time being.

  • After much internal consideration, and feedback from the members, we have settled on a compromise that will hopefully make everyone happy. It appears Rossi may be setting up for another demonstration of some sort. If so, we will keep the Rossi threads open until that event happens, and then decide on a course of action. This will be his last opportunity as far as LENR-Forum is concerned, to convincingly show he has what he claims.

    Does this, practically, mean that is confirmed that after 12/31/2019 all Rossi related posts will be banned?

    • Official Post

    Walter Pegeto

    If Rossi confirms something, anything, we will keep all the threads going. If he is up to his old games, then we will probably ban talk of him. Lets just see how this develops. Right now he has again captured imaginations with this announcement. He is like a freight train bearing down the tracks, and we decided to wisely step aside so we do not get run over.

    He said today there should be a presentation after an independent verification sometime this January. That is not too long to wait.

  • Captured imaginations is exactly the force at play. There are 3 groups of people here: strong skeptics who are confident that Rossi is nothing but a con man and has never done anything of value; a handful of die-hard Rossi believers who somehow believe everything the man says; and people who realize that Rossi is a liar and a con man but despite that still think that somewhere along the line he built a functioning LENR device. Remarkably, I suspect that the majority of people here fall into category 3 and if that continues to be the case, it is appropriate to have Rossi conversations here.

  • Well there was always that chance

    that you might have been in 3.

    Maybe in some future time there

    will be a lot of Lenr forum members

    In that category 3.

    Hopefully in a couple of months.

  • Mats Lewan:


    The essential consequence of the SSM version is that he will be able to do a demo pulling the plug and eliminating the input power altogether. That makes verification simple: Any amount of heat produced over a sufficiently long time proves energy production beyond chemical reactions. Done.

    And as far as I understand, he’s ready to do such a test as soon as he achieves a stable sum version. No sigma stuff. Will try to assist him in this.”

    Looks like Mats is ready to be bamboozled... again... if Rossi even gets as far as actually doing another bamboozlement.

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