Crisis in Cosmology and the answers proposed by the Electric Universe (and confirmation that Gravity is also an EM effect)

  • The team at the Thunderbolts project are publishing a series of three videos about what is called the Crisis in Cosmology (which refers to the piling of observational evidence that, taken together, leaves few wiggle room to arriving to the conclusion that is necessary to rethink the current gravity based paradigm) and how the Electric Universe Theory solves the crisis.

    Interesting if you don't know the Electric Universe, and you can also derive a fairly evident relationship to LENR.

    (part 1/3)

    (part 2/3)

    Next week will be released part 3/3


    Please share your thoughts.

    I certainly Hope to see LENR helping humans to blossom, and I'm here to help it happen.

  • Here is my understanding of gravity according to a model of physics that accepts the scalar and vector potentials as having physical reality.

    Gravity is an extreme gradient produced in the scalar potential which constitutes the superfluidic medium that permeates the universe. This gradient can be produced by producing an extreme geometric asymmetry (convergence or divergence) in this medium, an extreme non-linear time based change, some combination of previous two, or the introduction of physical matter. All of these instances will produce a gravitational effect due to the fact that gravity is simply nothing more than an imbalance in the "pressure" produced by the scalar potential. To conceptualize this, visualize floating under the surface of a flowing river of water. The pressure you feel all around you from the water is the scalar potential, and the flow or motion of the water is the vector potential. Now, imagine that you are floating in a universal medium of liquid - which you really are! Within this liquid, you experience a constant pressure from all directions that balance out to zero unless there is an imbalance of the scalar potential around you. For example, if there was a lower density ahead of you and a greater density behind you, which would give you a push forward. On the Earth's surface, since the bulk of the planet slightly absorbs a tiny fraction of the scalar potential and the vector potential (moving currents of scalar potential that penetrate everything), there is a greater pressure from above than from below so you are pushed downwards.

    There's another way of producing a gravitational effect that doesn't require a huge mass. You can manipulate the vector and scalar potentials through modern technology. For example, if you were to produce a toroidal vortex of plasma (using a heavy isotope such as doubly ionized mercury 199 which would have zero quadrapolar moment to increase the spin polarization relaxation time and would also behave as a pseudo-noble gas), you could contain the magnetic field within the torus and produce an external bubble of magnetic vector potential. If you made the shape of this bubble asymmetrical and pulsed it sharply in a non-linear manner, you could create the equivalent of a "warp bubble" around the plasma ball (or macro-EVO) that would experience more pressure from the scalar potential in one direction than the other. If you put the plasma ball in the central column of a craft and allowed it to wrap around it, you would have a spaceship capable of propelling itself via the manipulation of apparent mass, inertia, and gravity - which are all really the same thing.

    Kenneth Shoulders observed how EVOs were capable of picking up matter and then being accelerated to extremely high speeds for very little external energy input as if the vast bulk of their apparent mass, inertia, and gravity had been shed. I believe this technology of mimicking self organizing processes in nature such as vortexes and plasma balls has been utilized by the military industrial complex since the 1960's to produce highly advanced vehicles.

  • Electric Universe funding was I have been told the source of some early support for Monty Child's SAFIRE project.

    My understanding is that the Electric Universe main proposers were able to gather enough interest and a foundation was formed with money from some wealthy people, and that foundation hired Aurtas International (Monty’s engineering company) to design an experiment and run it in different stages. The experiment was aimed to test the electric sun model.

    In the last long interview Monty said it was the equivalent of paying the IRS to audit you, you had to be very sure you had everything in order to take that leap.

    Monty also said that up to some point of 2018 he was still just providing that service, but now he has seen enough to become part of the electric universe people.

    I certainly Hope to see LENR helping humans to blossom, and I'm here to help it happen.

  • Electric Universe Today, tomorrow, yesterday

    As we today use a delay when reporting a live feed to share news story's we use the delay to remove any slip-ups to provide a clean review in the here and now from our presumptive pov

    It's like we put one foot in today and one foot in tomorrow and we can only see the "residual" effects of tomorrows.

    yesterday was a note worthy day for a Clock starting and saving all the slip-up's over reaching temper tantrums to slide them into a slot in the universe's hard drive to only be seen in a thousand years.