Fakers in fur hats.

  • How do we go about being "realistic" in response to this? What is a realistic response? There are no commercial cold fusion devices because of academic politics. If scientists had done their jobs and acted rationally in 1989, we would have had cold fusion automobiles by 2000, and global warming would no longer be an issue today. The problems were never technical, commercial, or a lack of funding. The world is drowning in stupid venture capital money. The way forward has been clear to the experts since 1990. Heck, even I could specify an R&D program that is 95% certain of commercializing cold fusion, given a few hundred million dollars. Okay, maybe a billion dollars. Use semiconductor material R&D equipment.

    The problem is politics and emotion. Such things can change overnight. Or they may never change. How can we be "realistic" about raw emotions? Cold fusion was stopped by ignorance, jealousy, hate, fear of the future, fear of novelty, and other deeply rooted primate emotions. The same kinds of emotions that motivated Japanese leaders to attack Pearl Harbor. You can't make "realistic" predictions about the darkest, most irrational aspects of human nature.

    This post has so much wisdom and truth in it. Also "cold fusion" as the tag doesn't help either psychologically, but may blow up in use as condensed matter reactions become mainstream. Used ironically obviously, as I'm not convinced it is fusion.

  • Storage problems limit wind to around 40%, as in Iowa. Decades ago, experts thought that 20% was the limit. Hydrogen can be used to store wind or solar energy.

    A Swiss company just doing a proof of concept with the construction of the first wind energy storage tower. Elements of used building debris. Up to 90% conversion rate expected. Even 80% would be great.

  • JedRothwell why would I be interested in why Japan bombed Perl Harbor? I am neither a historian no expert in Japan.

    If you want to know how to switch to carbon neutral clean energy TODAY, start from the well-established fact that there is no available commercial lenr reactors.

  • JedRothwell I that instead of writing haikus you may consider writing 30 years of lenr history on a single grain of rice like this might help the cause.

    I did my part this morning. I have a rice grain with the list of companies commercial lenr reactors. I can send you a pound of these as a gift.