НАСА и РАН: 22 года исследований и травли холодного ядерного синтеза. NASA and the Russian Academy of Sciences: 22 years of research and persecution of cold nuclear fusion.

  • The article is making the argument for the Russia Academy of Sciences to be more accepting of LENR. The last paragraph explains how it came to be branded a pseudoscience:

    NASA and RAS: 22 years of research and bullying of cold fusion

    MOSCOW , January 15, 2020 , 21:03 - REGNUM Dennis Bushnel gave a detailed interview to theAmerican educational portal Medium, one week before the New 2020, the chief researcher on artificial intelligence, the colonization of Mars and space flights of the NASA Langley Research Center (LaRC or NASA Langley) on the status and urgent problems of the American project preparation mission to Mars, which has emerged as part of the new space exploration plan (The Vision for space exploration), announced January 14, 2004 President Bush zhordzhem D after the collapse of aerospace of the ship "Columbia."

    Dennis Bushnell, Chief Scientist, NASA Langley Research Center
    Dennis Bushnell, Chief Scientist, NASA Langley Research Center

    The main objective of the project in the next 15 years, according to the scientist, is to develop new technologies that can overcome numerous barriers to the implementation of NASA's Martian mission, which today seem almost insurmountable.

    NASA is planning manned missions to Mars, but many tasks have yet to be solved
    NASA is planning manned missions to Mars, but many tasks have yet to be solved

    The key to further space exploration is energy. For the flight to Mars, other speeds will be required, to achieve which it is necessary to create new, more powerful engines in comparison with traditional, using the energy of chemical reactions. Among several directions for the development of new energy sources, conducted by NASA, Dennis Bushnell considers the most promising creation of an energy reactor based on low-energy nuclear reactions ( LENR ):

    "It is expected that the energy efficiency of LENR will exceed the energy of chemical reactions from 20 thousand to 3 million times, and if we can achieve this, it will really revolutionize space."

    The advantages of LENR reactors, according to NASA's chief scientific expert, also include the ability to extract fuel for them on Mars or to produce it using transmutations implemented in the LENR process from existing chemical elements. In addition, unlike traditional nuclear rocket engines, which are dangerous to use on Earth because of the unavoidable risk of radioactive contamination of the environment (an example is the accident of the new Russian nuclear-powered Burevestnik cruise missile during tests on August 8, 2018 on the White Sea ), during the operation of LENR reactors, radiation is insignificant or completely absent.

    According to Dennis Bushnell, NASA has been researching Cold Fusion and LENR for 22 years, that is, from 1997 or 1998.

    Spaceworks is the NASA 2014 LENR spacecraft concept. Slide title:
    Spaceworks is the NASA 2014 LENR spacecraft concept. Slide title: "Mars is only the first stop: Through thorns to the stars"

    And what happened to LENR in 1998 in Russia? This year, at the initiative of the Nobel laureate Vitaly Ginzburg, a notorious public commission on pseudoscience is established at the Russian Academy of Sciences, which, after the death of academicians of the Russian Academy of Sciences Alexei Baraboshkin and Boris Deryagin , who covered the authority of research on cold fusion in Russia, begins to engage in systematic harassment of this strategic area . Harassing, because, in my opinion, the activities of the commission cannot be attributed to either criticism or examination, it continues today, when the commission became a structural unit of the Presidium of the RAS and was divided into two - the Commission on Pseudoscience and the Commission on the Falsification of Scientific Research. Under the strict guidance of Vice-President of the Russian Academy of Sciences Alexei Khokhlov , the Falsification Commission gained such strength that, with massive information support from the United States, it organized the world show "Russia - the Leader of Scientific Plagiarism", reminiscent of a public demonstration flogging of Russian science in the style of a doping scandal. The significance of the “special operation” is evidenced by the fact that propaganda tools of such calibers as Nature and Science were involved in it. Now it became clear to everyone who in the Russian Academy was in fact the main one, who was laughing last (meaning the discovery of terry plagiarism in the publications of the members of the Commission themselves) and that the orders of the Presidium and the President of the Russian Academy of Sciences for the Falsification Commission were not a decree, but whose decree seems to be everyone also understands.

    The level of incompetence of the latest publications of the Pseudoscience Commission on the “criticism” of LENR research is off-scale, thereby discrediting the RAS as the country's main scientific expert structure. Apparently, someone needs all the scientists who still retain naive patriotic illusions to realize that in Russia no one should hope for a normal scientific examination. The most recent example is related to the “refutation” by the Pseudoscience Commission of the existence of the phenomenon of biological transmutation of chemical elements and the possibility of accelerated decontamination of liquid radioactive waste using syntrophic microbial associations based on two anecdotal experiments, in one of which the microbiological culture was actually boiled, and in the other it was frozen, what the authors of the “examinations” frankly admit (see Bulletin of the Pseudoscience Commission No. 22).

  • President Putin against energy conservation and green technologies (Download)

    Decree of the President of the Russian Federation of May 13, 2017 No. 208 "On the Strategy for Economic Security of the Russian Federation for the period until 2030" Section II "Challenges and threats to economic security"

    1. To the main challenges and threats to economic security relate:

    6) the change in the structure of global demand for energy resources and Structure of their consumption, development of energy-saving technologies and Reduction of material intensity, development of "green technologies";

    So that research of LENR is illegal in Russia in essence...