Covid-19 News

  • I see no connection to Ivermectin. Article suggests rural<->urban spread in Turkey is to blame and also closing clinics and then seeing a surge in cases once things open up.

  • Do you think these cremes are bioavailable through the skin? How would you do dosing?

    I would use areas with high blood circulation like fingers, hands inside, face. Yes it goes into the blood!

    Eraquell wouldn't be very effective as it only contains small amount of Ivermectin. Its used as a mild worrmer on farm animals.

    This statement above is wrong. It contains 8 human doses of 20 mg = 100kg body weight! Or 800kg horse!

  • Can you post a picture to the insert or the ingredients?

    You would need to take at least 50 mg ivermectin in pill form to be effective against COVID according to the published dose-response relations. My very simple point is that taken together with the other Ant-Bat components it is highly likely that lower doses acting synergistically with hydroxychloroquine, doxycycline, Zn ions, Avigen etc might well potentiate individual actions since they all act at different attack sites to prevent COVID replication. This approach I think will work far better than any other treatment whether its fancy masks or the mad rush to nowhere trying to produce a vaccine. It cannot work and most eminent virologists would agree with me if they dared to open their mouths against the political bullshit going around the merry-go-round! I'm surprised you did not get moved to clearance @ Wyttenbach for mentioning the NAZIS. I could not agree with you more! But seriously I despair of the greed of the human race and maybe being decimated by a nuclear war might be a good thing - solves the global warming and will kill the virus (all that gamma!) and bring on a New Ice Age!

  • hey guys/gals living in western countries

    here's a little hack, you can get your ivermectin/doxycycline etc.. direct from Aisa no problem with no Rx

    I ordered from here, took ~2 weeks for postal service delivery from aisa

    lol I looked on the dark web first and there were like "ivermectin? that's not illegal enough for the dark web, ask your doctor"

    aisia pharmacy requires no special access or payment, just a credit card

  • ou would need to take at least 50 mg ivermectin in pill form to be effective against COVID according to the published dose-response relations.

    the dose response curves are based on cell cultures...rather than intact humans ..and on plasma concentrations

    the ivermectin probably does not act while it is in plasma

    I believe ivermectin accumulates in cell membranes because it is lipophilic,,

    we don't know the concentrations in the cell membranes ... especially near the ACE2 docking sites

    but they may be much higher than the plasma concentrations

    thanks Jox for the cheap ivermectin info..

    toxicity.. its good it is not so cheap.. otherwise some might overdose themselves

    ..poor old Leo the lion.10 x OD .. but he recovered


  • Try this..... I've never uploaded an image before.

    Good find just ivermectin inside. ivermectin is a bio reactor product with no big contamination risk. So animals version should be safe. In south america they only use the cattle/horse version.

    You would need to take at least 50 mg ivermectin in pill form to be effective against COVID according to the published dose-response relations.

    More exact: Single classical dose is 20mg for 100kg body weight. This is enough for just a simple antiviral treatement like taking HCQ after mild symtpoms. After strong symptoms 2-3 times 4x classic dose is needed over 2 days.

    Never touch your eyes with ivermectin as it is softening the cornea! You will feel it anyway next time you walk on hot stone/sauna...

  • I recently bought 4 bottles 10mg/ml (1 bottle a 10ml) this equals to 400 mg IVM for ca. €25.-

    I guess this is 15 - 20X cheaper than tablets for humans, for which you need a prescription.

    In an act of panic I took 20 drops = 10mg besides vit. D C and zinc, when I found during covid testing there have been a few, close working colleagues been tested positive. That was on 30/10. I did a quick test on 2/11 and 12/11 - negative.

    I already tried the drops in early September at a very low dose 3-4mg / week. Once I went into sauna and my feet burned, now I know - effect of IVM.

    Now I stopped taking it until a case of emergency arises. Close contact with infected person or symptoms.

  • Synergism of TNF-α and IFN-γ triggers inflammatory cell death, tissue damage, and mortality in SARS-CoV-2 infection and cytokine shock syndromes…cle/pii/S0092867420315427

    COVID-19 is characterized by excessive production of pro-inflammatory cytokines and acute lung damage associated with patient mortality. While multiple inflammatory cytokines are produced by innate immune cells during SARS-CoV-2 infection, we found that only the combination of TNF-α and IFN-γ induced inflammatory cell death characterized by pyroptosis, apoptosis, and necroptosis (PANoptosis). Mechanistically, TNF-α and IFN-γ co-treatment activated the JAK/STAT1/IRF1 axis, inducing nitric oxide production and driving caspase-8/FADD–mediated PANoptosis. TNF-α and IFN-γ caused a lethal cytokine shock in mice that mirrors the tissue damage and inflammation of COVID-19, and inhibiting PANoptosis protected mice from this pathology and death. Furthermore, treating with neutralizing antibodies against TNF-α and IFN-γ protected mice from mortality during SARS-CoV-2 infection, sepsis, hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis, and cytokine shock. Collectively, our findings suggest that blocking the cytokine-mediated inflammatory cell death signaling pathway identified here may benefit patients with COVID-19 or other infectious and autoinflammatory diseases by limiting tissue damage/inflammation.

  • I am seeking reliable verification. I am hearing rumors from nurse types that they are start to see young 20-35 that had the virus about 6 months ago now developing blood clots.

    I can get any formal verification of it. I know that Covid often causes blood clots…19-blood-clots-identified

    but cannot find any info about such a delayed response.

    Anyone know about such claims?

    I guess I will make sure I take my aspirins.

  • 1 every other day after pulmonary embolisms in each lung.

    1st time I have been in a hospital in 55+ years, ruptured disc surgery was easy,

    Complications from ensuing blood clots nearly killed me.

    They are nothing to take lightly, felt like an elephant was sitting on my chest, not fun.

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