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  • You realise that you just posted a numerical version of this, right?

    It's still Trump time... But the graph is per million...what others call normalized...

    We know that masks in average give you 30% protection from aerosols so this would result in a factor two (50% 0.7*0.7 risk) for spreader x victim. Unluckily the age factor for A >74 is 100x so it is more or less no help for persons at risk.

    But masks reduce the burden on the health system. Here a factor of two is great. Unluckily you can just deal in this once and afterwards you get the same exponential increase.

    In Switzerland the death rate was very low until October now its exceptionally high - compared to USA it would be about > 4000/day. Why: To many spreaders as young people have no symptoms and some with faint symptoms don't want a test as this is end of party. This is how the members of a wedding party became death angels...

    So it's up to the vulnerable to protect themselves!

  • It seems that it is back to business as usual in China they seem to have adapted well to the new normal - living in harmony with their new viral pests. Which is all trhey are, but instead the West have adopted a silly attitude by the medical professions of restricting common-sense, cheaply available anti-viral remedies. This is just typical of Western, short-term, election-grabbing and simply individualistic capitalist money is God thinking! Let's face it the NHS and its agencies were simply wrong to only pursue the dominant drug-company advice who cannot abide cheap herbal or other remedies because there is no profit motive. Hence we have the ridiculous sitruation now where there is an impossibly mad race to find a vaccine which everybody knows is improbable because the vaccine would have to incorporate the genetic information of all 700 variants, and more are being born every day!..WE HAVE TO LIVE WITH THESE NEW CORONAVIRUSES! They are now everywhere in the environment, and as is the case with HIV, only treatment with low molecular weight antivirals will work to prevent COVID illnesses both now and in the future. The Chinese are doing it under Xi Jinping, who at least has the common sense to protect his own people. Whereas the West just does not care! Absolute FOOLS!

  • Ah the old paternalistic strategy. This isn't a debate, but a high school punk fest. You've shown your true colors and want to play hall monitor on the internet. Get a real job.

    Insults and ad-homs rather than providing evidence? Classic Navid.

    And, "Get a real job", eh? Good one! XXXXXXXXXXXXXX


    Tell them I want to work from home though - a trans-atlantic commute is a bit of a stretch, after all. (Also, I'm a little nervous about having to continually cross borders when involved in such a scheme).

  • If Your Mask Doesn't Have Three of These, It's Not Really Working…ng/ss-BB1bnIuZ?li=BBnbcA0

    "We recommend now based on this study that people use a three-layer mask," Linsey Marr, PhD, a leading aerosol scientist at Virginia Tech and co-author of the study, said during a press conference on Nov. 23. Specifically, Marr recommends a mask in which "the outer two layers are a tightly woven but flexible material that allows the mask to conform to your face," with a layer made of vacuum bag or filtration material in the middle. If that's the case, your face covering could allow filtration as high as 90 percent, the researchers found.

  • Gerontology is one of the topics I am following hopefully (rather like LENR).

    In both cases whether we reach the promised land is looking increasingly unlikely in my lifetime.

    On the other hand if the gerontology research comes up trumps then I can wait another 50 years for Rossi to finally deliver.

    As is the case in these and many other topics there is a lot of stuff that gets picked up by the media and turned into undiluted guff.

    I find this a good site for news on gerontology research.

    Media Circus Surrounds Hyperbaric Oxygen Study.

  • Edited once, last by Shane D.: Unsubstantiated accusations not allowed.

    Fair enough. Some substantiation...

    re. the majority of profits being withheld from investors:

    re. being unlicensed:…eck_before_you_invest.htm

    Now would you mind replacing my post please? I think I've covered everything controversial. Yes, I made up the part about being nervous to cross the borders, as, as far as I can tell, everything is legal (as long as they only sell to accredited investors). I'm just not convinced by the risk reward ratio on offer, or that they will find many punters.

  • Learn to counter with facts (thread related!!) not question/calling out people...

    Well I'll forgive people for not noticing this, but the rule I live by is to only respond to a personal attack with like, and never to start one.

    And I fully agree it's off-topic. Perhaps a new thread would would be best? Maybe a general thread about investing in LENR, rather than being wholly focused on Navid's offering?

  • Now would you mind replacing my post please? I think I've covered everything controversial. Yes, I made up the part about being nervous to cross the borders, as, as far as I can tell, everything is legal (as long as they only sell to accredited investors). I'm just not convinced by the risk reward ratio on offer, or that they will find many punters.

    No, I will not. They are operating within the law, and that is as far as this discussion will go. He is not here to solicit investors, but only to participate in discussing other topics. If he steps over that line, we will deal with it then. Until then, we would be at legal risk by allowing it to go any further. You have been here long enough to understand that.

    Now let it go, and let's keep this COVID related.

  • As there is a lot of interest in vitamin D, and many of us are no longer young men, I thought this very relevant.

    Vitamin D metabolites and the gut microbiome in older men

    Robert L. Thomas, Lingjing Jiang, John S. Adams, Zhenjiang Zech Xu, Jian Shen, Stefan Janssen, Gail Ackermann, Dirk Vanderschueren, Steven Pauwels, Rob Knight, Eric S. Orwoll & Deborah M. Kado


    The vitamin D receptor is highly expressed in the gastrointestinal tract where it transacts gene expression. With current limited understanding of the interactions between the gut microbiome and vitamin D, we conduct a cross-sectional analysis of 567 older men quantifying serum vitamin D metabolites using LC-MSMS and defining stool sub-Operational Taxonomic Units from16S ribosomal RNA gene sequencing data. Faith’s Phylogenetic Diversity and non-redundant covariate analyses reveal that the serum 1,25(OH)2D level explains 5% of variance in α-diversity. In β-diversity analyses using unweighted UniFrac, 1,25(OH)2D is the strongest factor assessed, explaining 2% of variance. Random forest analyses identify 12 taxa, 11 in the phylum Firmicutes, eight of which are positively associated with either 1,25(OH)2D and/or the hormone-to-prohormone [1,25(OH)2D/25(OH)D] “activation ratio.” Men with higher levels of 1,25(OH)2D and higher activation ratios, but not 25(OH)D itself, are more likely to possess butyrate producing bacteria that are associated with better gut microbial health.

  • Japan Times reports some hospitals reaching maximum capacity...…elmed-resurgent-pandemic/

    Medical care systems are on the verge of collapsing in some regions in Japan amid the ongoing surge in the number of novel coronavirus infections.

    If the current situation continues in some areas in the northern prefecture of Hokkaido and the Tokyo metropolitan region, there will be a grave impact on the local health care systems and it will become impossible to save lives that could have otherwise been saved, a health ministry panel of experts warned at a meeting Tuesday night.

    A member of the panel said, “We can’t say whether we will be able to maintain the current medical treatment systems after two weeks.” There is a “huge gap” in the crisis perception between the government and medical workers on the ground, the member added.

    Echoing the panel’s view, Toshio Nakagawa, head of the Japan Medical Association, told a news conference Wednesday that the medical service system “is on the brink of collapsing.” The pace of the increase in infections is particularly fast in Hokkaido, the greater Tokyo area, the Kansai region, including Osaka Prefecture, and the Chubu region, including Aichi Prefecture, he said.

  • I looked at the wordometers numbers for japan around 1500 new cases and 20 deaths today?? That is not that many for a country of 120million people. What am I missing?