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  • - List of common nutrients and medications that interfere with SARS-CoV-2 cell entry

    Molecular Simulations suggest Vitamins, Retinoids and Steroids as Ligands

    binding the Free Fatty Acid Pocket of SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein…-2_Spike_Protein/13143761

    COVID-19 News: Review of EEG Screenings of COVID-19 Patients Reveals

    Varying Degrees of Brain Damage…g-degrees-of-brain-damage

    Trial Site News - Oct-28

    Dr. Paul Marik: Ivermectin Works and Should be Accepted for Large Observational Studies…ge-observational-studies/

    Potential Role of Xanthohumol in SARS-CoV-2 Treatment…ewed-fulltext-article-NDS

    Phytochemicals containing biologically active polyphenols as an effective agent against

    Covid-19-inducing coronavirus…cle/pii/S1756464620303704

    Britain's vaccine tsar warns first approved Covid-19 jabs may be 'imperfect'

    and admits they may not work at all

  • They use an antibiotic for secondary infection

    The Global Sepsis Alliance has stated that COVID-19 can cause sepsis, the body’s overwhelming and life-threatening response to an infection that can lead to organ damage and death. In the U.S., one in three patients who die in a hospital die of sepsis. Many different types of infections can cause sepsis, but the most common cause is pneumonia. Pneumonia is severe lung inflammation that occurs in response to an infection in which the air sacs fill with pus, making it difficult to breathe. Bacterial, viral and fungal infections can cause pneumonia and therefore sepsis.


  • Do I deed to do any more? Put all the components of ANTI-BAT (Trademark) into 1-2g lozenges which can be dissolved in water. All the dosages can be worked out from all my previous posts on this forum. So its up to you, Team Google to patent it if you like and make a few millions in the process!!! I don't care about money.:):):)

  • As Alan told us yesterday, France is entering for at least a month of lockdown. Fortunately, Jacques Ruer, the president of the SFSNMC anticipated the decision of our president and he organized the next RNBE 2020 meeting online. You can register on the site.

    Coming back to COVID, it is a shame that the government has not ordered from French industry 20,000 tanks of 20 liters of liquid oxygen. It is within the reach of any manufacturer of cans, pans or pots, just build double-walled cans and put plastic foam between the two walls, and rollers underneath. It doesn't cost much.

    The liquid oxygen makers should have been ordered to be prepared to make as much as needed. (Air Liquide, Linde, Messer, etc ...)

    Thus, we could have put an oxygen mask on many patients at home, avoiding saturating hospitals.

    Because in case of viral pneumonia, you have to do two things: antibiotics to avoid secondary infections, bed rest with aspirin (or paracetamol, but I don't like paracetamol, it is too easy to poison oneself with.), a small benzodiazepine to dispel fear and boredom, a sleeping pill at night, and possibly a cough suppressant.

    And beef broth or chicken broth, and possibly a tea of thyme sweetened with honey with a little rum, this is called a "grog" in France, it is very effective for hydrating.

    The second thing is oxygen, as long as the severe respiratory failure lasts. I have seen COVID patients all gray in their stretcher carried by the firefighters to the hospital on oxygen, who would turn pink and cheerful when they arrived and wanted to get up to do the check-in themselves.

    If you are worried, I suggest ordering a liquid oxygen tank from a lab supplier. When the epidemic will be just a memory, you can then use it as a precision calorimeter. In the 90s, I thought I had invented a magnificent calorimeter, the most precise and the most sensitive of all. I had written to Martin Fleischmann at IMRA to suggest the idea.

    And then I realized, quite recently, that an assistant to Marie Curie had had the same idea as me. (Without the laser system and associated electronics, of course). I was both happy to have had a good idea, validated by an icon of physics, and sad not to be the first inventor.

    With my best regards,


  • Poor old Jeremy Corbyn has just been suspended from the UK.... Labour party, but one of his supporters Carrie Mendoza put the argument in his support very well. A Cornish, West Country MP. She re-iterated the powerful media smear campaign against him formulated by the one-percent ruling elite managed by Dominic Cumming's spin Doctors. Sorry, couldn't resist being a little political here........but the same control is being exerted by those age-old agents of social control, psychiatrists, general practitioners and nurses working for our glorious NHS. Time we all woke up to these facts!!!!:):):):):)

  • Survival rates have improved, controlling for differences in patients' age, sex, race and health problems. See:…Covid-survival-rates.html

    Death Rates Have Dropped for Seriously Ill Covid Patients

    Survival rates have improved with medical advances and less crowded hospitals, studies say. But the latest record-breaking surge in infections could reverse the gains.…101/2020.07.30.20165134v2

    Improving COVID-19 critical care mortality over time in England: A national cohort study, March to June 2020

  • The ‘very, very bad look’ of remdesivir, the first FDA-approved COVID-19 drug

    The USA and EU are ruled by the same FRJB mafia. On that level the minimum deal size is 500 million $. Gillead science just announce more than 800mio. $ profit for the agony prolongation crap drug Remsdesvir that already in the WHO recovery trial showed less efficient than HCQ in late stage patients....

    I hope the US has still some independent lawyers that will drain the money back from these blood suckers.

  • NIH scientists discover key pathway in lysosomes that coronaviruses use to exit cells

    Researchers at the National Institutes of Health have discovered a biological pathway that the novel coronavirus appears to use to hijack and exit cells as it spreads through the body. A better understanding of this important pathway may provide vital insight in stopping the transmission of the virus—SARS-CoV-2—which causes COVID-19 disease.…onaviruses-use-exit-cells

  • Vitamin D plays a role in lysosomes

    Pathways Involved in Vitamin D3-associated Autophagy

    Autophagy can be induced by cellular stress, including starvation, hypoxia, biologic agents, and chemicals. Some studies have reported autophagy induced by vitamin D3 and its analogs in human myeloid leukemia cells, macrophages, breast cancer cells, and head and neck squamous cancer cells (Table 1) (Demasters et al., 2006; Hoyer-Hansen et al., 2005). The signaling pathways regulated by vitamin D3 include Bcl-2, beclin-1, mammalian target of rapamycin (mTOR), the class III phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase complex (PI3KC3), cathelicidin, calcium metabolism, and cyclin-dependent kinase (Table 1). These pathways are critical in host defense and inflammatory responses. Hence, vitamin D3 and autophagy are associated with innate immunity (Fabri and Modlin, 2009; Jo, 2010; Liu and Modlin, 2008), inflammatory bowel diseases (Verway et al., 2010), infection, and cancer (Gewirtz et al., 2009; Hoyer-Hansen et al., 2010).

  • The ‘very, very bad look’ of remdesivir, the first FDA-approved COVID-19 drug…da-approved-covid-19-drug

    It's a bad look for the FDA, it's a bad look for the NIH and it's a bad look for Fauci (head of the NIAID within the NIH).

    Some may recall Fauci saying in the Oval Office in April that Remdesivir will be "the standard of care" and "proof that a drug can stop the virus" or something very close. This was at a time when the NIH Remdesivir study was still not published or peer reviewed. At the same time, Fauci dismissed a much less rosy Chinese study of Remdesivir, already published in the Lancet.

    People may not be aware that Gilead / NIH changed the "primary endpoints" of the Remdesivir study after the study began, just two weeks before the study ended! The new primary endpoint became "time to recovery". What is perhaps worse is that they did not even report that they had made such a change until other researchers noted the discrepancy.

    People may also not be aware that NIH employees can each receive up to $150,000 per year in royalties on patented drugs. As I recall, the Remdesivir patent has both Gilead and NIH employees listed (not Fauci though). So they are each entitled to royalties AFAIK.

    It seems a little too ripe with potential conflicts of interest if you ask me. Again, not a good look.

  • Peak Prosperity - Oct-29 THE UGLY TRUTH: Your health isn't their priority

    - but monetized politics is

    - Fortunately BIG TECH can't censor screen shots yet

    - Favorable BCG vaccination and HCQ and Ivemectin trials continue to be ignored

    Dr. John Campbell - Oct-29 COVID, Immunity probably long lasting

    T-cells from those infected with SARS-CoV-1 seventeen years ago may be effective against

    SARS-CoV-2 - exposure to other coronaviruses may provide protection

    Can the Tuberculosis Vaccine Reduce the COVID-19 Death Rates?…e-covid-19-death-rates-2/

    Cetylpyridinium Chloride mouthwashes are virucidal

    Ethacridine inhibits SARS-CoV-2 by inactivating viral particles in cellular models

    "The most potent antiviral drug discovered in current work, ethacridine, showed stronger antiviral potency than remdesivir and very little cell toxicity ... Furthermore, ethacridine is not toxic in various animal models..."…

  • A new variant of the virus has emerged coming from Aragon and Catalonia regions in Spain, COVID 20 (A) having evolved in the bodies of farm workers, then spread via tourist visitors throughout Europe and accounting for 50% of cases in the UK. Which puts paid to the conspiracy theories. The causation is clearly the result of decreasing bio-diversity in areas of the planet such as the Tropical rain forests, which was Sir David Attenborough''s assertion all along. If we carry on reducing biodiversity, then we will have increasing prevalence of superbugs and have no natural immunity to them.

  • Ethacridine is an antiseptic used mainly in veterinary medicine, It cannot be absorbed from the gut so would have to be injected into the bloodstream. Analogous to injecting bleach as Trump proposed!. So not a possible component of Anti-Bat (TM).:):)

    This assessment may be too pessimistic. While it sounds toxic, it may not be.

    Some quotes from the paper:

    "... ethacridine is not toxic in various animal models including rat,mice and rabbits.

    For example, mice treated with 20 mg/kg ethacridine by i.p. injection showed no

    toxicity [21] . While currently ethacridine is mainly used as a topical wound disinfectant,

    it has been applied to patients for treating puerperal sepsis via intravenous injection [22] .

    Thus, it is plausible to validate its antiviral effect in animal models and COVID-19 patients.

    Moreover, because it blocks the coronavirus by directly inactivates the viral particles,

    ethacridine may be complemented with other pathway-targeted drugs such as the replicase

    inhibitor remdesivir in treating COVID-19 patients for a better clinical outcome..."

    And, the effective dose could be very low --

    "...ethacridine has much higher anti-viral potency (EC50 ~ 0.08 μM)..."

    Also, regarding bleach -

    It appears baths in extremely dilute bleach can drastically reduce skin inflammation --

    Topical hypochlorite ameliorates NF-κB–mediated skin diseases in mice

    - which also results in a reduction in systemic inflammation --

    Dilute bleach solution may combat skin damage and aging, according to Stanford study

    - which raises a couple of questions -

    Would extremely dilute bleach baths reduce COVID-19 cytokine storms?

    If inhaled, would nebulized extremely dilute bleach solution reduce lung inflammation?

  • webinar with Dr McCullough Baylor U, Texas

    Rational early (= homebased treatment ) of stratified patients

    Vit D3, Zn, HCQ ivermectin..

    the average hospitalised patient has already been infected for > 7 days…4917079040000/360.mp4?_=1

    Dr McCullough coughs a 34.0

    Of particular significance is that, in the past days, both Dr McCullough and Dr Tyson caught COVID-19. They exchange about the early treatment they are taking to overcome the disease.

  • Rational early (= homebased treatment ) of stratified patients

    Vit D3, Zn, HCQ ivermectin..

    The Ivermectin dosage is wrong on the slide. Typically its 200 micro gram/kg or 20mg (15mg for 75kg.) Covid recommended is 4x standard dosage 2x. (at worst 3x = 3 days). I guess he wantd to write 0.6 ..1.2 mg/kg! what would be 3-6 x dosage. I would stop with a total of 12x standard dosage.