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    My wife has been asked to join the national infection survey. Plan (roughly) is that she gets a PCR rapid test kit every few days, and at the start a standby set of swabs. If she gets a positive PCR test she texts the survey team and posts a swab set to them so they can check for new mutations. She's just waiting now why they check questionnaires sent to all new recruits to ensure (presumably) they get a reasonably well-balanced cohort.

    This programme has been running for quite a few months now - possibly 6-8. This is how the hot-spots are identified early and new variants detected early.

  • In the second wave we had 10x peak cases but not more hospitalization. These people are spreading fake news. The real problem is the lockdown and infected people staying home delivering high doses to their beloved. And of course the missing recommandation for FP98 mask!

    And worst: When will the bribe suckers at FDA/WHO recommed Ivermectin ??

    You forget one important factor, more and more infections are being seen in younger people and as you say, go home and infect others. Simple math, more infections, more hospital activity, more deaths. Just look at the US hospitals, icu running at 98% nationally, never have hospitals had to deal with this high volume for months on end. I agree lockdowns need more study and in the case of this mutation, I don't think it will have a major impact on slowing spread.

  • Report: 1 in 8 Recovered COVID-19 Patients Die Within 5 Months…01.15.21249885v1.full.pdf

    Unluckily the study is a bit careless/superificial. We would like to know more detailed age groups not just <70>. Further the type of care in hospital is of prime interest but not given.

    In the diabetes cases it could also be, that many had it undetected before the hospital "visit". Also the medication most severe cases get is pretty experimental and could run them over the rim.

    But this reports shows that the overall treatment is disastrous when Ivermectin is ignored.

  • A good summary of what a vaccine should do:

    In vaccine design, it has been suggest that the makers of vaccines could keep up with viral evolution by continual alteration of the ‘payload’ - almost all vaccines in development use the spike sequence - to fit currently predominant strains. We suggest vaccines whose efficacies are largely dependent upon humoral responses to the S antigen only are inherently limited by the emergence of novel strains and dependent upon frequent re-design. In contrast, a vaccine that elicits a vigorous T-cell response that is far less subject to changes due to accruing mutations provides a better, more efficient approach to protection. The ideal vaccine would also deliver a second, conserved antigen such as the SARS-CoV-2 nucleocapsid protein, that very likely will elicit humoral and cell-mediated immune responses that will remain effective, even in the face of a rapidly changing virus.

    Obviously Pfizer, Moderna are far from being a pandemic vaccine. There purpose was to make money as fast as possible. Please use a classic vaccine if you need it. The next mutation will potentially make you as sick as the current one, despite a Pfizer, Moderna vaccine in your body did produce a high number of now "outaged antibodies".

    A good summary: maybe if you're young and healthy but this type of vaccine would be a disaster if deployed for covid 19. Cell mediated immune response. World wide vitamin deficenccy would make this type a killer. We have witnessed uncontrolled t and b-cells attacking organs because of an uncontrolled release based on a vitamn D deficenccy. A Bradykinin response! Look for the cause before creating a treatment.

  • COVID-19 exposure is common on flights, new data shows…airline-flights-canada-us

    USA Today reports that new data from Canada public health authorities show there’s almost a daily occurrence of a passenger getting infected with COVID-19 while flying.

    In fact, the Public Health Agency of Canada has found exposure on more than 1,600 international flights and more than 1,400 flights within Canada. That’s more than 3,000 flights where exposure might have happened

  • A good summary: maybe if you're young and healthy but this type of vaccine would be a disaster if deployed for covid 19. Cell mediated immune response.

    You are quite right! ACE-2 is a receptor we need to support our live. Making a vaccine (Pfizer/Moderna) to target this receptor is a gamble with our future as the vaccine will also block our own messengers... For this purpose we have T-Cell responses that develop short time living anti bodies.

    So much about all idiotic experts (natural antibodies decrease... ui ui ) with real deep knowledge about increasing their check/Banc account balance.

  • First, experts never know everything. But, the experts in this subject know a whole library full of stuff that most people do not know. How else do you think they managed to develop the vaccines? By trial and error? With an Ouija Board? They did it with science. That's s-c-i-e-n-c-e, meaning they understand how nature works, and how viruses work, and so on. Also, they have many wonderful gadgets that tell them what is happening, such as the machines that sequenced the DNA of the virus within days of the outbreak. How can you possibly maintain that people who have the complete genome, and who know how genomes work, are not experts? What the hell are you thinking? Try comparing them to doctors and researchers in 1918. This is a lot like saying that the people who send robot explorers to Mars are not rocket scientists. What else would they be?

    Second, I am sure there are experts who have a good idea why some people are asymptomatic, but others require O2. They may not always be right, but they can probably predict the prognosis for many patients.

    While waiting for surgery last spring, I eavesdropped on doctors and nurses discussing COVID-19. They knew WAY, WAY MORE than the self-appointed genius experts here.

    Well, the “experts” that you often quote seem to know everything.

    There is, (are), no experts in Covid 19 Jed.

    They are regular professionals tasked with learning something new about an as yet

    Undefined and mutating virus.

    They are certainly more knowledgeable than you and I, but I will bet the beach house that not 1 person globally would count themselves an “expert” on Covid 19.

  • So if I were to refer to myself as an expert on covid I get the beach house?


    I saw this video some days ago. What struck me most was the pathway of influence to essentially forbid Dr. Gold from administering hydroxychloroquine (and zinc) to her patients. Normally doctors don't interfere with other doctors choice of treatment. But her 'boss', the head doctor/director of the hospital (iirc), put pressure on her to stop. He himself was pressured by (of all things) their insurance company which threatened to stop coverage. Another example of the top down, one-size-fits-all system quashing individual freedom and discretion. UnAmerican.

  • More than 60% of all US Covid-19 cases were reported since Election Day. Now experts warn a variant could further fuel spread…=en-US&gl=US&ceid=US%3Aen

    The stunning numbers follow brutal surges in the past months -- during which the US saw hundreds of thousands of new cases daily, while Covid-19 hospitalization and death numbers reached all-time highs.

    And just about a year since the first Covid-19 case was reported in the US, the country's death toll is fast approaching 400,000 -- more than the number of Americans who died in World War I, the Vietnam War and the Korean War combined and nearly as many Americans who died in World War II.

    And still no approved outpatient treatments

  • Almost one-third of patients who recovered from COVID-19 were readmitted to the hospital within five months and one in eight died, according to a report by Leicester University and the Office for National Statistics in the U.K. Statistics

    That's terrible. I wonder how many of them are elderly people? It says:

    Statistics showed that out of 47,780 people who were discharged from the hospital during the first wave of COVID-19, 29.4% returned to the hospital and 12.3% died from COVID-19 related problems.

    So, clearly the increased mortality is related to COVID-19.

    The article this is linked to says many have heart problems:…atients-DIE-140-days.html

    Here is the paper:

    Epidemiology of post-COVID syndrome following hospitalisation with coronavirus: a retrospective cohort study…01.15.21249885v1.full.pdf

    Okay, here are the conclusions; it is not limited to elderly people:

    Conclusions: Individuals discharged from hospital following COVID-19 face elevated rates of multiorgan dysfunction compared with background levels, and the increase in risk is neither confined to the elderly nor uniform across ethnicities. The diagnosis, treatment and prevention of PCS require integrated rather than organ- or disease-specific approaches. Urgent research is required to establish risk factors for PCS.

  • USA Today reports that new data from Canada public health authorities show there’s almost a daily occurrence of a passenger getting infected with COVID-19 while flying

    What I would like to see are rankings of places where most transmission is occurring - rather than shutting all 'non essential' business down where transmission hardly occurs, which is insanity.

    Airports and planes would be on the list.

    I think hospitals would be on the list.

    A person I know around the corner, in his mid 40's, has experienced a very bad December. His wife had been diagnosed with cancer two years ago. She had seemed to recover, but a relapse had her back in hospital around early December. Long story short, after some time in the hospital she wasn't expected to survive more than a week or so. Then it was discovered that her hospital roommate had Covid. So the infected person was moved out of the room. They kept testing my neighbour's wife for Covid, but tests were negative. Finally, a few days before she died of cancer, she tested positive for Covid. To add insult to injury, my neighbour was not allowed to be present with his wife at her death! Oh yes, she would have been counted as a Covid death. Wrong on so many levels.

  • What I would like to see are rankings of places where most transmission is occurring - rather than shutting all 'non essential' business down where transmission hardly occurs, which is insanity.

    It would be insanity, but no one is doing that, and no one would advocate it.

  • There is, (are), no experts in Covid 19 Jed.

    The experts now know more about COVID-19 than any other virus in history. The tests of the vaccines were larger, more comprehensive, and better monitored than any previous tests in history. So, yes, there are experts. I suggest you stop posting this kind of bullshit here. Go to a non-science conspiracy theory forum instead.

  • The rollout of the vaccine in Georgia is the worst in the US. Only 23% of the vaccines have been administered. The feds are threatening to withhold additional doses until this mess is straightened out. Rural hospitals are getting more doses than they can use and throwing out unused ones, while some urban hospitals have gotten nothing.

    This is caused by incompetent leadership and by the fact that our healthcare system is fragmented and chaotic in the best of times. The hospitals are filthy and they often cause nosocomial infections. Billing is ridiculous. Some have sent me the same bill 3 or 4 times after I pay it. So, it is no surprise they cannot handle vaccination.

    The county and drug store websites say they cannot accept appointment applications for at least 2 weeks. My doctor's office sent me a form today to sign up for a vaccination appointment. They actually advised me to sign up with CVS and with the county health systems as well! If people do that, there will be double and triple duplicate registrations and many people will not show up for the appointments. I was able to register myself, and I got an email response within minutes. But when I went back to get an appointment for my wife the system did not work. No response. I called the telephone number but they said they could do nothing.

    I do not know why they are having physical difficulty transporting and administering the vaccinations. The news reports have been sketchy. The feds have no idea how many doses they have in stock. They gave the states the wrong information a week ago. In Georgia it seems they have no idea where the vaccines are, how many are needed, or how to distribute them, and they cannot find people to administer them. There may be other difficulties I have not read about.

    I cannot judge what physical problems they are having, but now that I have tried to sign up, I can see the problems with the data processing. In 1979 I was programming 64-KB minicomputers to do municipal applications rather similar to this, such as keeping track of water bills in small cities. These machines could process hundreds of thousands of transactions a month. If you gave me one of those machines today, I could probably set up an effective system to register everyone in Atlanta, and to assign an appointment. It would work with printed text on punch cards, which were mailed out to households. Nowadays the transaction goes over the internet, but the principle is the same. It would collect applications, sort them, assign an appointment, and mail back the confirmation card to the patient, along with a cancellation card. Given the speed of those computers it would probably run many hours overnight in batch processing, and then print out and mail the cards the next day. This task can now be done in real time. But again, the principle is the same.

    I would have a file of patients with names, address date of birth and so on, and a file of providers such as hospitals and drugstores, with the number of vaccinations each is capable of doing per day. I would work out application specific details such as how to contact people after 1 p.m. when some people have not come for their scheduled appointments and extra doses are available. I would use zip codes to assign patients to the closest provider.

    In other words, I could spec out a system for doing this in a few days. I could tell the programmers how to make a better system than we have in Georgia. I could have done this back in April 2020, and we would have had the whole thing up and running long before the vaccine became available. This is Data Processing 101. It is the sort of thing people like me have been doing since the 1960s. It is not rocket science. Bill Gates and I (the same age) were both doing stuff like this in high school. Yet no data processing system like this was ready in December. Not in Georgia, and not in the Federal government. None of this is working now. Not at the state level, the hospital I go to, or any drug store. Problems such as combining the registration and the appointment allocation functions should be obvious to any programmer. They are idiotic mistakes. This is a travesty.

  • The experts now know more about COVID-19 than any other virus in history. The tests of the vaccines were larger, more comprehensive, and better monitored than any previous tests in history. So, yes, there are experts. I suggest you stop posting this kind of bullshit here. Go to a non-science conspiracy theory forum instead.

    The experts now know more....... Really? Doesn't say much for the experts

    The test of vaccine larger? How so?

    More comprehensive? Based on what, it's a brand new type vaccine

    Better monitored, maybe but let's see all the data including reasons for exclusions

  • I got me some of that horse ivermctin….

    now the question is, Does anyone have any ideas as to what dose and rate to use it for prevention?

    A first hand report of Covid 19...

    Some time ago, I posted that it was certain that I would contract Covid due to the fact that I could not 100% quarantine myself away from all contact with the world. I have a life to live, a business to run (that effects others lives/ incomes as well) and live in a highly infected state. (One of the highest, even though this state's leadership supposedly "follows science"....)

    My wife and I both contracted Covid19 3 weeks ago. I was not at all surprised. Those here who think it legitimately possible to not contract the virus is only fooling themselves. Unless you stop 100% contact from the public, you will eventually get this virus at some point. Avoiding 100% contact is not realistic for most individuals.

    I wear a mask at all times in public. (Illinois has had this requirement since 1st quarter last year, yet cases are exploding) I try to maintain social distancing. I avoid unnecessary instances of large group contact when I can. (Illinois has had these requirements since 1st quarter last year yet cases are exploding.)

    I started taking Zinc, Vitamin D and Quercetin in June of last year. I have followed "Safe" practices as much as reasonably possible. Again, those who state one can completely isolate themselves do not live in the world I live in and are posting hyperbole. Those who think government dictates about distance, masks and lockdowns will keep you from getting Covid are delusional. (I am not stating some of these measures should not be done, but priorities are misplaced... see following statements)

    I am 61 years old, have moderate high blood pressure, am pre-diabetic (take no medicine but A1C = 6) and considered overweight (240 lbs at 6'1"), have had sections of large intestine removed twice for colon cancer.

    Other than that, pretty healthy. Am physically active. Yet would be considered a "high risk" for Covid.

    My symptoms started as a slight temperature (99) on a Monday evening. Tuesday I developed a slight cough that felt deep in my chest. Not a bad cough, just odd that it started deeper when normally it would feel higher up. Tuesday night my wife developed a low grade temp as well and a slight cough the following day (Tuesday evening) Wednesday, we both continued a low temperature. My cough had subsided, but hers not.

    We decided to get tested. It cost money to get tested in Illinois. (Yes, in one of the most liberal, Democratic states in the country. All my relatives living in other states such as MO, WI and GA reported accessible, free testing) This state has only a few "free" clinics and most are in Chicago, several hours drive for me. Various inquires to various medical organizations revealed it would could between $200 and $300 for a test. (Had to have a doctors referral(office visit cost plus cost of test) The county health department would do it for $50 but I could not get an appointment until 4 days out. (If anyone states that tests are free in Illinois, I will call them out as I live here and have done it.) I finally found that HyVee Grocery/pharmacy stores gave free tests without a doctor's referral. A few other corporations such as Walgreens do as well, but not in my area. (Yes, an evil corporation giving free tests to the general public. Damn that capitalistic system anyway!)

    Anyway, the tests came back in 3 days. I tested positive and my wife negative. However, it was absolutely, 100% certain that she had it as well. False negatives are as high as 30% according to certain sources. By this time all my symptoms had passed (thankfully) with the exception of feeling a bit weak. My wife still had a fluctuating, low grade temperature (<99) and some body aches along with feeling a bit weak. On the 9th day, she would wind up losing her smell and taste.

    Other than the above, we were fine. I do suspect that our "mild" case was influenced greatly by our taking the D, Zinc and Quercetin. However, I have no proof.

    By day 9, we both were still experiencing the weakness and my wife the loss of senses. I decided to take Ivermectin at this point. Of course, human variety was not available to me, as doctors would not prescribe it. It was officially listed as "do not use" on the FDA and other lists. This based on calling my general doctor and talking to the pharmacist. The pharmacist stated they could not fill a prescription anyway, if it listed Covid as the diagnosis. So those who post that there is no suppression, do not live in the real world......

    I was able to obtain the horse version of Ivermectin locally and the farm store for $4.99. Enough to treat 1250 pound horse. There was a sign posted on the shelf "Ivermectin for Covid treatment is unfounded and prohibited". However, no questions were asked when I purchased it. After doing some online research, I decided to take the substance and used a relative light dose, partially based on information I read on this site.

    20 mg per 100 KG of body weight.

    I took this dose for two days. Within 48 hours, my weakness had subsided and I felt back to normal. I had no side effects. Yes, this is observatory and not proven, but again, I am glad I did it.

    My wife then took the same and now feels back to normal as well. It did take about 4 days for her senses to start returning. Even after 14 days, smell and taste are still off somewhat. She took only the two doses....would continued treatment return smell and taste faster.... who knows?

    So our story ends well so far. I have been MUCH more ill with standard flu. I had almost no symptoms with this bout of Covid. Slight temp and slight cough for 1 day. My wife a bit longer. The "weakness" did last longer than standard flu bouts i have had. While not debilitating, I would say the weakness lasted for at least 10 days until I took the Ivermectin. If I had taken Ivermectin on day one..... who knows?

    So my final point is.... mask and social distancing are not invalid and should be followed... they can help lower initial viral load. Lockdowns are useless and do more damage than good... IF the government would concentrate on pre-emptive treatment with Vitamin D, Zinc, Quercetin and likely other important and necessary vitamins/minerals and use of Ivermectin. I strongly suspect Ivermectin works as many reports indicate it does and state this from personal experience. I had a very noticeable improvement after taking it. I wish I had done so days earlier, but hesitated because I normally would never take "animal" versions of a medicine and the human version was being suppressed by unfounded "science" of political pressure.

    Will I now be immune?.... Who knows? Will I continue taking D, Zn and Quercetin? ABSOLUTELY... there is ZERO reason to stop taking it. Will I keep my "horse Ivermectin" on hand, just in case? ABSOLUTELY! Until I can get prescribed human version. AND I will take it immediately, if I should test positive again in the future. (yes, I will continue to wear masks etc. as well)

    I wanted to pass my experience along in case someone is interested.

    Other than that, I have pretty much abandoned this forum. The LENR content quality has lowered extensively and the the recent, biased and one sided censorship of FM1 and BruceH, while certain other members can post insult and political crap with immunity has simply turned me off. Sadly, the "Cancel culture" is creeping in it seems. Unfortunate.

  • The experts now know more....... Really? Doesn't say much for the experts

    Yes, really. They developed and deployed effective vaccines far more quickly than any previous vaccine. Many experts predicted it would take 2 years or more. Furthermore, doctors reduced the case mortality rate from 6% down to 1 or 2% with various therapies. That says a lot for the experts.

    The test of vaccine larger? How so?

    In numbers of test patients, and in the number of countries participating, and the range of ages and racial types included in the studies.

    More comprehensive? Based on wh

    Based on internet-based real-time data processing technology, that allowed the researchers to collect detailed data on patients, keep track of outcomes, and correlate the data in ways that would have been impossible even 10 years ago, and unimaginable in the 20th century.

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