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  • Laser treatment shows promise in treating COVID-19 symptoms…ovid-19-symptoms/36111395

    Coronavirus vaccine news dominates the headlines right now but as cases and hospitalizations increase, there is still a need for treatments. A small study finds laser treatment may hold promise for COVID-19 symptoms.

    "Of course, we had no idea if this was going to work. I mean, it was a scary time," said Dr. Scott Sigman, an orthopedic surgeon we joined back in 2019 as he demonstrated the cold laser therapy he uses at his Chelmsford clinic to treat chronic pain. Pain that can often be caused by inflammation.

    That reality struck him as researchers learned more about COVID-19.

    "I'm thinking to myself 'The cytokine storm, what is it? It's this crazy inflammation.' What if we could take the laser, which worked so well on the musculoskeletal stuff and try it on the lungs?" Sigman said.

    He got the green light from the Food and Drug Administration to perform a small study at Lowell General Hospital. Five patients underwent laser treatments on their lungs: 28 minutes a day, four days in a row. In one patient, the results were surprising.

    "I'll never forget it. We saw the pulse oximeter increasing immediately as the treatment was going. He was breathing better and he asked for a strawberry milkshake. I was like, 'Oh my God, maybe we're on to something here.'" Sigman said.

    The results of the study were just published in the Journal of Inflammation Research, including chest X-rays taken the day after the last treatment. The before and after images of the patients who received treatment showed improvement, while those in the control group did not or worsened.

    "The virus still has to get eradicated through the normal process but the crazy inflammation that creates that ground glass appearance in the lungs and the patients can't breathe, requiring mechanical ventilation, that process gets blocked," Sigman said.

    The treatment has potential to help those struggling with long-haul COVID-19 symptoms. Rhonda Wojtas was diagnosed last May, but her symptoms lingered into the fall.

    "A lot of it was the fatigue, the exhaustion, but the biggest part at that point was my shortness of breath, coughing," Wotjas said.

    She was already a patient of Sigman's, using a laser to treat shoulder pain. Last December, he suggested the treatment for those persistent COVID-19 symptoms.

    "The third treatment they're like, 'Well how're you doing? I'm like, you know? I'm not coughing. I'm not as short of breath. I can walk up the stairs,'" Wotjas said.

    "I didn't expect it so I wasn't really looking for it, so I was very surprised when I realized it really did help."

    Wotjas' experience is anecdotal at this point. Sigman wants to conduct a small trial to test whether the laser helps with long-haul COVID-19 symptoms. He's looking to enroll interested patients right now. For more information, click here.

  • Is "Stop Funding Fake News" any better than the group they accuse?

    There are hard facts: Like CoV-19 kills. And soft facts, vaccines do help. But the missing part of the equation is always vaccines kill, like any drug might kill you too.

    So it's all about how much money and relations (among FM/R/J mafia) you have, what enables you to spread your facts.

    The most dangerous people are folks like JED that spread blind believes in science and just ignore the facts (vaccine deaths), even if these are given from the same officials they defend...

    So with a broad use of Ivermectin 98% of all 600'000 COV-19 dead American would still be alive with early HCQ 85%. All this with virtually no costs compared to the trillions we will spend now.

    It's all about Caesar's rule divide et impera! Divide (the people) is what enables the ruling over them. Feed them bred & games what today is Fast-food & soap/games. So today a few 1000 fat pigs rule 70% of the world.

    So treated (with Ivermectin) CoV-19 is a "mild" cold. No danger at all unless you are not able to detect that you are sick. This is why I never will vaccinate as CoV-19 is no real danger and I have my personal Ivermectin ready.

  • As the German ruling FM/R mafia the Swiss ruling mafia too extends the lockdown and in parallel tries to promote local developed drugs...(Anti bodies)

    From Monday on Tourist outdoor restaurants are allowed to open... No Gym no Indoor.

    But the Omerta about Ivermectin is upheld. Long Covid people must suffer some more months and possibly live long.

    We all live in the "free" but killer ruled western world, where about 1000 mafia members (like Fauci) can destroy the live of 3 billion people.

  • It's a jungle out there, and many supposedly unbiased, non-political organizations are in reality wolves in sheep's clothing

    If you cannot tell whether an organization is biased or unbiased, you are in deep trouble.

    Some organizations are both, depending on the subject. The Scientific American is a reasonably unbiased source of information about most scientific subjects, but not cold fusion!

  • Something went wrong.... Sweden now in pole position in Europe :-(…million-people-in-europe/

    We got the third wave later than other countries in Europe hence the rise is moste exterme here now. Deaths or not as high as before

    But the ICU cases are no on par with the highest peak in the second wave although the patients are younger and has better prognosis than

    before. So the cases are mostly young people as the weakest elderly population is now vaccinated.

  • Why are so many babies dying of Covid-19 in Brazil?

    More than a year into the pandemic, deaths in Brazil are now at their peak. But despite the overwhelming evidence that Covid-19 rarely kills young children, in Brazil 1,300 babies have died from the virus. One doctor refused to test Jessika Ricarte's one-year-old son for Covid, saying his symptoms did not fit the profile of the virus. Two months later he died of complications from the disease.

  • The FDA can effectively block the use of ivermectin but is useless in regulating miracle Covid cures such as this.......

    US company illegally peddling ‘miracle cure’ bleach for new Covid variants…clo-bleach-covid-variants

    Peddlers of industrial bleach who urge Americans to drink the fluid as a “miracle cure” for cancer, HIV/Aids and other diseases have begun touting the product illegally as a treatment for the latest variants of Covid-19.

    Chlorine dioxide, a powerful bleaching agent used in textile and paper manufacturing, is being compounded and sold out of a makeshift laboratory in Miami, Florida. The company, Oclo Nanotechnology Science, is playing on fears of the new strain of the coronavirus discovered in the UK, which is now spreading rapidly and widely through the US.The UK variant, B117, is thought to be more transmissible and deadly than the initial form of the virus.

    The Miami company is invoking B117 to drive up sales of its bleach products, which the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warns are potentially dangerous and can be life-threatening. The front page of Oclo’s website is dominated by a photograph of vials of its chlorine dioxide product billed as an “antiviral” treatment

  • Merck ends development of Covid drug it acquired from OncoImmune…ired-from-oncoimmune.html


    Merck announced Thursday it will end the development of a Covid-19 drug it acquired from biopharmaceutical company OncoImmune.

    Merck disclosed in February that U.S. regulators had asked for more data on the drug to support a potential emergency use authorization.

    Due to "regulatory uncertainties" and the time and resources needed to provide the additional data, Merck said it decided to discontinue the development of the drug.

  • Scientists are using natural-language algorithms to predict Covid-19 variants…ew-covid-19-variants/amp/

    The ability of scientists to successfully adapt Covid-19 vaccines for use against coronavirus variants of concern will turn in part on the ability to spot infectious mutations in the virus’s genetic makeup quickly. For that, a computer that comprehends human language may help.

    Arrangements of amino acids that form viral proteins can be analogized to sequences of words that imbue languages such as English with meaning, according to researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, who are using machine-learning algorithms developed for natural language to assess which mutations hold the potential to evade the body’s immune defenses.

  • The ability of scientists to successfully adapt Covid-19 vaccines for use against coronavirus variants of concern will turn in part on the ability to spot infectious mutations in the virus’s genetic makeup quickly.

    As said already in February last year the Swiss Army lab delivered the PCR software that enables all research-Center to produce the virus on demand. Adding a mutation is just a small change in the PCR code.

    People should be aware of the power of today's technology.

    Also people should really be scared of the folks (FM/R/J mafia) that control this technology to maximize personal profits and block Ivermectin thus killing/crippling millions world wide.

  • If the test is accurate, the real truth of vaccine efficiency is about to be tested

    New test reveals if COVID-19 vaccine has produced antibodies needed for immunity…-needed-for-immunity/amp/

    A growing number of people are seeking reassurance that their COVID-19 vaccine is working.

    A new “Spike Protein Antibody Test” can be used to determine if your body has produced antibodies after receiving a vaccine.

    With a simple blood draw, the test searches for spike proteins which present themselves after receiving your COVID-19 vaccine. Clinics like Any Test Now, Quest Diagnostics, LabCorp and various urgent care clinics are offering the test.

    The key is to make sure you wait at least two weeks after your COVID-19 vaccine.

    The owner and president of Any Lab Test Now said spike proteins may not appear right away for everyone. In those cases, a follow up appointment two to three weeks later is suggested to monitor antibody growth.

    “It will give you a positive or a negative result so you know if you are beginning to develop these antibodies to the vaccine,” said Sarah Toney with Any Lab Test Now. “Everybody’s immune response is different, that’s why some people are responding to the vaccine differently.

    Like the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines, the voluntary test is only authorized by the Food and Drug Administration under emergency use authorization. It runs around $120 and in some cases, is covered by insurance. It’s important you check with your provider first.

    Researchers looked at samples from 33 people six months after they received both doses of the Moderna vaccine during the phase one trial. They found antibody activity remained high in all age groups, although the levels were lower in those ages 56 and older. There are ongoing studies to monitor the immune response beyond six months.

  • Autoimmune-disease drugs may reduce vaccine response; antibody treatments ineffective vs Brazil variant

    The following is a roundup of some of the latest scientific studies on the novel coronavirus and efforts to find treatments and vaccines for COVID-19, the illness caused by the virus.

    Autoimmune disease treatments may reduce vaccine responses

    Immunosuppressive drugs for inflammatory diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and ulcerative colitis can impair the body's response to the COVID-19 vaccines from Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna, according to new data. In 133 fully vaccinated people with such conditions, antibody levels and virus neutralization were about three-fold lower than in a comparison group of vaccinated individuals not taking those medicine, researchers reported on Friday on medRxiv ahead of peer review. Most patients in the study "were able to mount antibody responses in response to SARS-CoV-2 vaccination, which is reassuring," said coauthor Alfred Kim from Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis. It is not clear yet whether reduced antibody levels will result in decreased protection from infection or hospitalization, Kim said. Particularly concerning, he said, is the 10-fold reduction in vaccine-induced antibody levels seen in patients who routinely use steroids such as prednisone and methylprednisolone and a 36-fold reduction seen with drugs that deplete B cells, including Roche's Rituxan (rituximab) and Ocrevus (ocrelizumab). Reductions in antibody levels were more modest with widely used rheumatoid arthritis drugs in the class known as TNF inhibitors such as Abbvie's Humira (adalimumab) and Amgen's Enbrel (etanercept); antimetabolites like methotrexate and sulfasalazine; JAK inhibitors like Pfizer's Xeljanz (tofacitinib), gut-specific agents such as Takeda Pharmaceutical Co's Entyvio (vedolizumab), and IL-12/23 inhibitors including Johnson & Johnson's Stelara (ustekinumab). (

    Most antibody drugs ineffective against Brazil variant

    The coronavirus variant first identified in Brazil, known as P.1, is resistant to three of the four antibody therapies with emergency use authorization in the United States, according to a laboratory study. In test-tube experiments, researchers exposed the P.1 variant to various monoclonal antibodies, including the four currently being used to treat U.S. COVID-19 patients - imdevimab and casirivimab from Regneron Pharmaceuticals, and bamlanivimab and etesevimab from Eli Lilly and Co. Only imdevimab retained any potency, researchers found. The neutralizing ability of the other three were "markedly or completely abolished," according to a peer reviewed report available on bioRxiv and provisionally accepted by the journal Cell Host & Microbe. The researchers also exposed P.1 to plasma from COVID-19 survivors and blood from recipients of vaccines from Pfizer/BioNTech or Moderna. Compared to their effects against the original version of the coronavirus, the plasma and the vaccine-induced antibodies were less effective at neutralizing P.1. In earlier studies, however, they were even less effective against the B.1.351 variant first identified in South Africa. This suggests that the Brazil variant might not pose as great a threat of reinfection or decreased vaccine protection as the South Africa variant, said coauthor David Ho from Columbia University. Real-world evidence is needed to confirm the lab results, he said. (

  • Jusat for the record, ?I had my second AZ dose at 5 pm on Saturday. At close to 5 pm on day four I suddenly had the shivers, went to bed at 10 still feeling lousy, woke at 2 am rather too warm, shucked off a layer and went back to sleep. Slept like a pussy cat till almost 7 am and got up feeling totally fine.

    I remember from a conversation with an immunologist long ago that day 4 is a popular time for post-vaccination reactions, along with day 1 and days 7 and 11. Perhaps that's what I had.

  • Scientists are using natural-language algorithms to predict Covid-19 variants

    That is a sign of progress in AI. It means they are now designing algorithms that can be applied to a broader range of problems, rather than only the one problem they were designed for. The long-term goal of AI is "general purpose intelligence," meaning the program will produce useful answers for any problem set, without a lot of training.

    Today's AI has two problems on the agenda to be fixed. It is not general purpose enough, and it requires gigantic training sets. Some of the pattern recognition algorithms work with many different objects, such as people's faces, cats, hammers, and so on. But they require very large training sets. Thousands of images of cats. A human toddler can recognize a cat after seeing only a few examples.

    See the book, "You Look Like a Thing and I Love You."…Love-ebook/dp/B07PBVN3YJ/

  • So far, 5,800 fully vaccinated people have caught Covid anyway in US, CDC says…d-vaccines-cdc/index.html

    (CNN)About 5,800 people who have been vaccinated against coronavirus have become infected anyway, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention tells CNN.

    Some became seriously ill and 74 people died, the CDC said. It said 396 -- 7% -- of those who got infected after they were vaccinated required hospitalization.

    This is the CDC's first public accounting of breakthrough cases, and the agency is searching for patterns based on patient age and gender, location, type of vaccine, variants and other factors.

    So far, about 5,800 breakthrough cases have been reported to CDC. To date, no unexpected patterns have been identified in case demographics or vaccine characteristics," the CDC told CNN via email.

    About 77 million people in the US are fully vaccinated against coronavirus, according to a CNN analysis of CDC data. The CDC's reports on breakthrough cases will lag day-to-day reports of vaccines given, so many, if not most, of those breakthrough cases will have happened weeks ago.

    Nonetheless, the total represents a very small percentage of those who have been vaccinated.

    Breakthrough cases are expected. The vaccines are not 100% effective in preventing infections and as tens of millions of people are vaccinated, more and more such cases will be reported.

    Pfizer/BioNTech's vaccine was 95% effective in preventing symptomatic disease in clinical trials, and earlier this month the companies said real-life data in the US shows the vaccine is more than 91% effective against disease with any symptoms for six months. Moderna's vaccine was 94% effective in preventing symptomatic illness in trials, and 90% effective in real life use. Johnson & Johnson's vaccine was 66% overall globally in trials, and 72% effective at preventing disease in the US.

    CDC will be looking for clues about who is most prone to become infected despite having been vaccinated.

    "Vaccine breakthrough infections were reported among all people of all ages eligible for vaccination. However, a little over 40% of the infections were in people 60 or more years of age," the CDC said.

    Most, 65%, were female and 29% of the so-called breakthrough infections were asymptomatic. "CDC is monitoring reported cases for clustering by patient demographics, geographic location, time since vaccination, vaccine type or lot number, and SARS-CoV-2 lineage," the CDC said.

  • The FDA can effectively block the use of ivermectin but is useless in regulating miracle Covid cures such as this.......

    Please stop repeating this falsehood. The FDA has not and cannot block the use of ivermectin for COVID or any other purpose. Off-label uses are allowed. The FDA made that quite clear in the web page I pointed to. And pointed to. And pointed to. Ivermectin is being used in the U.S. to treat COVID-19.