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  • I don't think this can be done, not in the US anyway. Large scale tests can be done with populations from high incidence areas. And vaccinated test subjects can be "challenged" (given) with inactivated virus to see if they develop antibodies. It would be unconscionable to expose human subjects to live virus deliberately for any reason.

    Mostly true. As you say, the volunteers could be challenged with an inactivated ('dead') virus. Bits and pieces of what once was a virus.

    But they could also be challenged with a weakened, "attenuated" strain of the real live virus. From…t-viral-challenge-trials/


    Although they are occasionally run in sick patients, most viral challenge studies are carried out in healthy volunteers. Subjects are given a challenge strain, which is normally an attenuated virus that, in theory, produces a milder set of symptoms than would the original virus. The investigational antiviral vaccine or drug is administered to the subject, either before the viral challenge is made if the test is for prophylaxis, or afterward if the aim is treatment. Depending on the virus being tested, the volunteer may then be quarantined for a sufficient amount of time to prevent cross-infection, or spreading the virus to the general population.

    I presume they will do at least one kind of preliminary challenge to a subset of the volunteers. If they don't, and a larger vaccinated test population in a high incidence area experiences highly negative outcomes, there might be legal hell to pay, in that the investigators did not take reasonable effort to access and minimize risk.

  • The numbers I am using come from authoritative sources. All of the projections I have made for the past 2 weeks have been spot on. The trend has not changed. This is the easiest kind of projection you can make. It is straight out of 18th century biology. Similar graphs have been published in every newspaper. If this were "playing" with numbers my predictions would be far off by now.

    1. The Exponential model is relevant only to the early stages, and eventually flattens out.

    2. SIR Model



    The population is modeled (using chemical reaction equations, derived originally from quantum mechanics!) as

    S : Susceptible ... people who haven't caught it

    I : Infected ... capable of infecting a susceptible

    R : Removed -- includes Recovered, Quarantined and Died

    This model assumes that S and I people will mix freely and transfer the virus with some probability. Even before everyone is infected or removed, R0 falls below 1 and the curve flattens and decreases.

    3. Population Network Model.

    A Network of N people is generated ... taking into account homes, schools, transport etc. Then a "case 0" is injected, and propagates through the network.

    For example, if one person in a home is infected the others will too. In the New Rochelle cluster this is how it happened.

    Here's a very good, current report (linked and discussed way above):


    They look particularly at the number of ICU beds available, and the number of deaths. (I don't know if they take into account that the

    death rate will be much higher if the ICUs are saturated).

    The Do Nothing case for the UK, with a high R0 (2.6) gives a rapid saturation of hospital beds, and a death total of 550,000

    Implementing a very early total lockdown cuts the deaths to 48,000

    If R0 is 2 then there are only 5,600 deaths.

    They analyze the US partially -- R0 = 2.0

    Do Nothing : 2,200,000 deaths. Quick Lock-down 22,000

    Since the US still has close-to-zero testing, lockdown is the only option. (My county in CA is going into 'shelter in place' at midnight, even though we have NO reported cases)

    Note that S. Korea doesn't have a general lockdown .. they are testing 600,000 per million and quarantining the positives. The US

    is currently testing only 100 per million, so total lockdown is the only option.

    [ Note : the above is copied from a post I made on another site a couple of days ago. I think it's still relevant. ]

  • How the 'spanish flu" 100 years ago changed public health

    "Many countries created or revamped health ministries in the 1920s.

    This was a direct result of the pandemic, during which public health leaders had been either left out of cabinet meetings entirely, or reduced to pleading for funds and powers from other departments. But there was also recognition of the need to coordinate public health at the international level, since clearly, contagious diseases didn’t respect borders.

    The year 1919 saw the opening, in Vienna, Austria, of an international bureau for fighting epidemics—a forerunner of today’s World Health Organization."

    Perhaps there will be changes to public health when this Covid episode is over..

    Apparently there is a good case for the Spanish flu starting in China around 1917…-public-health-180965025/

  • From the front line- a friend working on prevention.

    ....We know now that 50-75% of infected do not have symptoms so we were confused how anyone managed to track asymptomatic cases. (but this) virus changes the pH of your skin/eyes via intracellular Ca+ changes and infects the fine capillaries in the face regardless of fever, etc. It is very easy to identify the corona "blush": 3 rings: one sharp spot on each cheek and a pale ring of light skin around the mouth.

    FLIR, military optics, etc can be used to do this long range.

    We are working on a number of initiatives but...... (the vaccine programme) has not been fully government funded due to misspending, no western countries are investing in high throughput asymptomatic screening and the current plan seems to be just allow total infection so bio-security infrastructure is not required to carry on....

  • Well if we can at last convince our resident sceptics that chloroquine/favilavir/azithromycin treatment will actually work maybe we can now persuade the NHS/to make it freely available to those vulnerable people who want to use it. This as I understand it is the case in other civilised countries that have now the coronavirus outbreak under control (China, Korea, Japan). Wikipedia have updated it all now as corona virus remedy. Interestingly the half-life of hydroxychloroquine which is actually a metabolite of chloroquine produced in the body is very very long 30 days or so in blood plasma which again accounts for why African nationals never succumbed to the virus working in China. When returning from malarial regions chloroquine or analogues like mefloquine or primaquine or indeed quinine itself are taken for periods of up to a month following entry into China. I know this is only circumstantial evidence - but in addition to the still very few reported cases and nil fatalities in Africa, the rapid recovery in regions that are now using chloroquine, the continued worsening of the pandemic e.g. Italy where it is not being used isn't the evidence for using it overwhelming? And further actively discouraging this treatment by pharmacies cancelling orders could be tantamount to mass murder? No new cases today in China! If all else fails all you can drink lots and lots of tonic water which contains about 20 mg quinine per litre (assuming chloroquine analogues have some benefit). Still no discussion in the media even though it's all posted on Wiki-maybe such a simple cheap remedy is being suppressed by big pharma hoping to make a killing out of vaccine sales! Oh no not another conspiracy theory!

  • With reference to my post above the '3 rings' visible in otherwise asymptomatic individuals. which is unverified but based on 'front line' clinical observation by qualified experts, it leads to another hypothesis (mine) that it is possible that live virus can be shed by these people cocooned in skin-flakes shed from the face.

  • With reference to my post above the '3 rings' visible in otherwise asymptomatic individuals. which is unverified but based on 'front line' clinical observation by qualified experts, it leads to another hypothesis (mine) that it is possible that live virus can be shed by these people cocooned in skin-flakes shed from the face.

    that would be a quick screening way, using FLIR cameras to spot potential asymptomatic carriers. The asymptomatics nevertheless shed viral particles AFAIK and are the most harmful part of the outbreak because they spread the virus. That’s why the lock down strategy involves keeping people at home.

    I certainly Hope to see LENR helping humans to blossom, and I'm here to help it happen.

  • Attached (with the author's permission) is a brand-new pre-print paper on Covid-19 symptomology and possible treatments by Dr. Mitchell Swartz, clinician, radiology expert and LENR researcher.



    The respiratory illness called COVID-19 caused by SARS-CoV-2 [Severe Acute Respiratory

    Syndrome coronavirus] is an emergent serious pandemic threat because of its high transmission

    rate (contagion factor, r0 = ~ 2.2), its multiple pathways around the globe leading to pandemic,

    its relatively high fatality rate compared to both the common coronaviruses and influenza

    viruses, its shift of increased affinity for the human receptors in the lung and heart, the longer

    viability of the virus in the air and on surfaces, and the very existence of long-term superspreaders

    with the absence of signs or symptoms.

    First appearing in Wuhan, Hubei Province,China, it has inexorably spread [1,2,3]. While the world

    anxiously awaits a vaccine expected next year and increased testing kits, in the interim, the

    increased prevalence is an opportunity to review new findings, possible palliation(s) and diagnostic signs,

    and to reconsider where medical advantages can be taken, and as this short review suggests, that may include use of

    antihypertensive change, or ethanol and/or other GRAS (generally recognized as safe) materials,

    in vivo.

  • 1. The Exponential model is relevant only to the early stages, and eventually flattens out.

    Yes. That is what I said. We are still in the early stages, because there are not enough recovered patients with immunity to affect the numbers. The curve will flatten when a significant fraction of the population is immune. The math becomes more complicated at that point, and my simple graph will no longer apply. As I said. My graph is simple, but I am not "playing with numbers." It is rooted in reality.

  • Now that I have read this, and even if it sounds like a joke, I understand why I have read a lot of anecdotal reports of medical personnel in Italy working “under the influence” and having Vodka as first thing in the morning: it has an actual protective effect!

    I certainly Hope to see LENR helping humans to blossom, and I'm here to help it happen.

  • This is an article published on German media outlet (Bild). Pasting the google translated link, it’s about the initial cover up of the outbreak by Chinese authorities.


    This is close to a political strand of discussion.

    I'd just say this. We know the Chinese initially covered things up. They have admitted as much.

    Such behaviour is typical of most politicians, or people in positions of corporate power. Where there is uncetrainty, and possible bad news, many will try to suppress the possible bad news in the hope it will go away.

    Sometimes it does go away. This time it did not.

    The appreciation of why this was a medical story of such importance, potentially, is something that again non-scientists find it hard evaluate. Look at how climate change, where the risks are capable of different interpretations, gets minimised.

    In this case we know whether ignoring a risk was wise rather quickly after the initial decision, because things move so fast!

  • Dr. Swartz's paper suggesting that oral ethanol might be useful in preventing coronavirus infections in humans is fanciful nonsense. The recommended concentration of ethanol in water to kill viruses is >60%. In the blood, less than 0.1% makes the patient too drunk to drive. >0.2% is usually unconsciousness and the LD50 (median lethal dose) is >= 0.45%. No practical concentration of ethanol reachable in blood or tissue is likely to affect coronavirus. Not only that, but the idea isn't even original. Kate Chastain, a member of the cast and crew of the "Bravo" channel series "Below Decks" said, "(like a terrible guest on the yacht...) Let’s get it drunk and hope it passes out."

    And BTW, last I looked, tonic water does not contain quinine any more. It contains quinine flavor. I suppose some brands may still have the drug but that would be a homeopathic quantity and useless.

    Alan Smith The claim that one can detect sick patients with COVID-19 because of facial capillary flush is interesting but I know of no evidence for it. Many diseases do cause characteristic facial rashes and color changes but I'd like to see the evidence for COVID-19 doing that in a detectable way. There is no shortage of patients to test on, unfortunately. Thermograms can detect fever but that is well known and a lot of COVID-19 patients have no fever at some or all stages of the disease. Does anyone have any evidence that this works?


    Medicinal use of whisky for colds and flu has been used for centuries so it's worth investigating.

    There are very few approved medical applications for oral ethyl alcohol. Methanol intoxication is one I know of. Whiskey was once used for frostbite and hypothermia but some studies suggest it makes those worse. Do you have evidence for its use in colds? I think all it does is get the patient drunk.

  • Update on chloroquine below. It still feels like Doctors in the U.S. are seeing this and remdesivir as two of the best treatment candidates:…ria-drug-can-be-used.html

    And here are a couple of accounts on the use of remdesivir:…ting-coronavirus-n1158316

    if I or anyone I knew got to the place where it didn’t look good, I wouldn’t hesitate to throw both of them at it to see. Personally I think it would be worth the downside risk.